teamspeak 3 host

  1. ModernSolutions

    Premium VPS Hosting Starting at $5/mo | Dedicated Servers | Web & Voice Hosting - Modern Solutions

    Use code MC20 for 20% off your first two months of VPS hosting! Modern CAD, LLC. dba Modern Solutions was founded in 2017 and is committed to providing the best hosting and support to all of our customers. Read our reviews on Trustpilot, we're rated EXCELLENT. Have questions? Reach out to us...
  2. Real Feryzz - High quality services for videogamers

    ABOUT US History Established in 2012 as a virtual community, our company is specialized in online gaming services. Our background allows us to provide tailor-made solutions in a wide range of fields, including server hosting and website creation. Experience WorldonGames is proud to have been...
  3. R

    Teamspeak 3 and Mumble Servers

    We are offering TeamSpeak 3 servers. You have complete control over your TeamSpeak 3 Virtual Server. Upgrade to more slots when you need them. No contract. Verified ATHP: (Link) Direct to our TeamsSpeak 3 Site: - 10 slots for as low as $2.50/month Direct to our...
  4. Chris Ebling

    Mumble/TeamSpeak 3 server hosting

    Hosted on a dedicated node in LA 5$ a month after 7-day free trial. Instant setup uses the pterodactyl panel 7-day free trial mumble unlimited slots PayPal EDIT: NOT HOSTING TS3 Sorry test servers for ping: EMAIL: [email protected] for offers
  5. T

    TS3 Configuration | +1 month hosting (limited deal) | Cheap

    Professional looking TS3 configurations Plans Basic (small communities 2-5 people) 2.50$ Basic Server Basic permissions 5-10 Minutes Medium (normal communities 5-10 people) 5$ Medium server +1 month free hosting (no ads) Normal permissions 10-15 minutes Hard (10+ people) 7.50$+ Complex...
  6. T

    TS3+ Host | Cheap | 25% starting sales | Year Long plans

    TS3+ Host Yearly plans 1 Year 45$ 2 Months Premium support 100% access (console etc...) Domain usable (custom domain) No ads No starting fee 2 Years 86$ 6 Months Premium support 100% access (console etc...) Domain usable (custom domain) No ads RANK CREATION!!!!!+ No fee(free setup of ranks...
  7. Rako

    Teamspeak 3 hosting service very cheap and AntiDDoS

    My objective of this service is that it be accessible to everyone economically, I will offer the following services ... ✔ Yur custom domain ✔ 100% private server ✓ Buy 1 year and get 2 months free...
  8. FantasyFour

    TeamSpeak server hosting

    Teamspeak 3 hosting: Price: $2.50 Slots: Unlimited Unlimited Bandwidth Hosted on Core™ i5-2300 Frequency 2.8 GHz+ Disk space 2 TB Don't believe us? join our test server before you think about anything here
  9. K

    Koala Teamspeak Servers [LIFETIME][PAYPAL][BTC][0.1$ per slot][VC 0/4]

    Giving away 4 vouch copies for members with 150 rep or more
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