1. HMegaCrafter

    Shared Ender Pearls v1.3.0

    Shared Ender Pearls Wiki Shift + Right Click with an Ender Pearl to Convert it to Bound Ender Pearl that only teleports you Use /sep to configure the plugin Settings: canBeCrafted (FALSE): Can craft Bound Ender Pearls using a players Head: canStealPearls (FALSE): Shift + Left Click any...
  2. ancientone

    Flaw Warps | Warp System Skript v1.0

    This is a skript where you can have access to commands such as /setwarp /warp /delwarp Instructions will be on the skript file you can edit any messages. this come with action bar messages and custom sounds. one of the best warp skript out there on the market is now for free! download it and...
  3. ShadowCorp

    Teleportation System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap Teleportation System This simple system allows assigned players to teleport to places that are pre-set. - Simple To Configure - Easy To modify - Very Customizable Instructions are in the ReplicatedStorage
  4. Billy Rosty

    Cyber - Teleporters v1.0

    What is Cyber - Teleporters ? It is the combination of a unique plugin and 3D models allowing you to create stylish teleporters to easily add a WOW factor to your server. What does the resource contains ? 4 Unique 3D Models of Futuristic Teleporter (.bbmodel) 1 Unique Teleportation Plugin...
  5. Fulminazzo21

    TeleportEffects v3.0

    TeleportEffects is a Bukkit plugin that intercepts every teleport and re-schedules it while creating some particle effects on the start and destination points. Before continuing, this page is a presentation with minimal information of the plugin. If you want a more complete explanation, you...
  6. Classifyed

    FastTP | Action Bar Messages v1.4.1

    SUPPORT DISCORD: /tpa, /tpahere, tpa, tpahere, teleporation plugin, action bar tp plugin, virtualspawner, modernhome, zelpay, zeltuv
  7. MakerbakerYT

    CustomWarp v1.0

    Custom Warps: The plugin enables server administrators to create custom warps at any location in the game world. By using the /setwarp command, admins can specify a unique name for each warp and set it at their desired location. Warp Permissions: The CustomWarp plugin allows fine-grained control...
  8. EndlessGames

    VoidTeleport - Falling into the void v2.4.3

    VoidTeleport adds a new feature on your server Minecraft! Do you want to prevent players' death when they fall into the void? Or do you want to prevent them from falling endlessly? Just install this plugin, set the spawn coords through the in-game command and enjoy it! ⬤ Teleport back a...
  9. astaspasta

    Dimensions | Custom Portals ///DEMO v3.2.4

    If you want extra features for your portals you can check out Dimensions or DimensionsFreeAddons. You can find the wiki here. if you need more help, suggest an idea/request a feature or just chat, you can join the discord server here Dependencies ProtocolLib Feeling generous? If you...
  10. Minesuchtiiii

    UltimateTeleport v1.1.17

  11. J

    [$4.99] WarpMenu | Infinite warps displayed in menu

    Hi mc-market, I'm here today to offer you a warps plugin which can be very interesting in many cases for you. It's very easy to configure and use. It look like that: The plugins offers different commands and permissions to adapt it to your server. For my server I configure it for my...
  12. XZot1K

    HyperDrive | Advanced Teleportation Plugin v5.5.4

    I want to start off by saying thank you to all those who have purchased the plugin and have patiently waited for HyperDrive 5.0. You guys are awesome and I appreciate the support. I hope everyone enjoys the plugin! Also, many thanks to @Sikatsu he helped test a lot of the features and even made...
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