1. djbenny

    Web Tickets w/ Discord Auth v1.1

    $20 OFF! Features: Create tickets Custom platforms/categories Staff Dashboard Ticket assigning and status updating Manager dashboard (to edit staff members and add staff members/managers and ban users CONSTANT UPDATES AND RELEASES FOR FREE Support:
  2. kMagic

    kHelper - AI AutoModeration v1.2.4

  3. S

    dnd256's Tickets and Capture Points v1.1

    DEMO LEVEL: A resource rich ticket management system similiar to the Battlefield series of games. Includes a custom leaderboard, capture points that refill tickets, round over camera, and partial map reset/cleanup.
  4. GPI

    Modern Ticket Scanner v1.0

    Card Scanner Staff Bypass Easy Configuration Automatically moves player through turnstile.
  5. Partydragen

    Forms Module | NamelessMC v1.11.1

    Store Module Requirements NamelessMC version 2.1.x With this module you can create forms where users can submit submissions and can be used such as Applications Tickets Ban Appeals Bug Reports Contact Us Can make whatever you want Installation: Upload the contents of the upload directory...
  6. Dornox

    Kepler | Multipurpose Discord Bot v1.0.3

    Discord Server Support is not provided. Bot is outdated.
  7. Aidaan

    [$5.99] PyroUtilities | The only support bot you'll ever need

  8. Aidaan

    PyroUtilities | A All-in-One Solution v1.0.0

  9. itzk7

    Nix Tickets bot v1.1

    🚀 Introducing Nix: Your Ultimate Tickets Bot! 🤖 Tired of juggling multiple bots to handle tickets in your Discord server? Meet Nix, the solution that can seamlessly replace any tickets bot and revolutionize your support system. features: Nix offer modal menu...
  10. ByCoquito1


    Raven Solutions is completely crazy and until 10 PM EST Time we will have this incredible discount for those who want to take advantage of the purchase of Discord Bots. Raven Bot SRC noObf With Resell Rights Magnus Licenses SRC noObf With Resell Rights Raven Tickets SRC noObf With Resell...
  11. ByCoquito1

    Raven Tickets | Discord Tickets Bot v1.0.2

    Features » Buttons & Dropdown Tickets » Single Button Tickets » Ticket Questions (Modals) » PayPal Invoice System » Create Products » Create a invoice for a specific product (Paypal) » Ticket Rating » Ticket Statistics » Ticket Counters » Transcript » Logs » Claim » Re-Open » User Alert » Add &...
  12. BizBot

    🌙 Lucid Server Bot 🌙

    Explore server moderation, tickets, music, anti-nuke, and so much more. Unlike all of these other bots, ours is easily configurable and cheap. Other Features Not Listed: AFK System Partnership System Warning System Ticket Reminder System And so much more! Get a copy for $15! Discord V8.#6760
  13. Zheity

    Skylar Bot | Multipurpose Discord Bot v1.2.8

    FEATURES: Slash Commands Join/Leave Events MongoDB Support Ticket System (Categories, Transcript, Channel) Music System Moderation Commands Fun Commands Verification System Transcripts (HTML) Fivem Status Advanced Suggestions Minecraft Status Logs System Mod Logs Multiple Configuration Files...
  14. LuukW

    Zyno Bot - Everything you need | 🎶 Music | ⚒️ Moderation | 🎫 Tickets | 🪙 Economy | 🥳 Giveaway and way more

    Support Server: Documentations: Features Go to to see all the features of Zyno Bot Please join the support server or send a DM to Luuk#8524 to get your license or if you're having any questions or problems...
  15. DexterTheDev

    Shop Website Integrated With Discord

    Hello, I am offering a website where you can add your products and their prices and it will automatically create a ticket for the buyer in your discord check the vid Forums Website (Languages/Frameworks): Nodejs, Fastify (instead of express for higher scaling), liquids, tailwind CSS, MongoDB...
  16. LuukW

    Zyno Bot | Advanced Discord Bot v1.8.0

    Support Server: Documentations: Addon documentations: What is Zyno Bot? Zyno Bot is one of the most advanced Discord bots available on the market. Zyno Bot provides tons of cool commands and features to...
  17. ThatGuyHyperz


  18. Swqpping

    [$7.99] Plex Tickets | #1 Discord Ticket Bot | WEB DASHBOARD

    Click here to purchase the bot! Click here to purchase the bot! Click here to purchase the bot! Click here to purchase the bot!
  19. YouSeeMeRunning

    Drako Bot | Multi-Purpose Discord Bot v1.7.1

    1 license key can be used on a max of 3 Discord servers
  20. Swqpping

    Plex Tickets | Discord Ticket Bot v2.0.5

    ⚠️ If you want to pay with Crypto: Join our discord server to pay with Crypto (BTC, LTC, ETH) If you have any problems with the bot, please contact us before leaving a review! Important: This bot will not run without a license key. 1 license key can be used on a max of 3 Discord servers If...