hClaims - GUI Based Claim Plugin v3.1.7

    hclaims.max.mainclaim.<amount> - hclaims.max.mainclaim.1 hclaims.max.chunk.<amount> - hclaims.max.chunk.8 hclaims.max.claimtime.<second> - hclaims.max.claimtime.5184000 hclaims.max.member.<count> - hclaims.max.member.20<number>.<money> -
  2. geckl0


    🌟 Welcome to PowerMC - Where Adventure Meets Community in the Ultimate Survival and Towny Experience! 🌍 Are you ready to immerse yourself in a Minecraft world like never before? Look no further! Introducing PowerMC, the latest and greatest survival/towny server that brings together the best of...
  3. Oceanic Lab

    Superior Towny Beta - Oceanic Lab v1.0.0

  4. William27528

    HuskTowns | Cross-Server Towny Claiming v3.0.2

    GitHub — Setup — Docs — Discord HuskTowns is a simple and elegant proxy-compatible Towny-style protection plugin for Spigot-based Minecraft servers. Let players form towns, claim chunks and carve out a thriving community. Built into HuskTowns is a robust and beautiful chat interface with a...
  5. NitroSetups

    ⚡SEASON 2 - Premium Towny Setup - NitroSetups⚡

    Click Here To Purchase The Setup! Join our test server to view and experience all our unique features yourself! Copy the IP Adress below to start playing! If you want a detailed run-through of all the features in the setup before joining the server, click the...
  6. S

    [SELLING] EarthSMP server

    It is an EarthSMP server with a lot of plugins, vote siters, webstore, ranks and more. it has an established staff team and discord. The problem is we have ran out of funding so need someone to take it over. Please message Snicket66 on discord for more information, the price is negotiable...
  7. PremadeSetups

    Towny Setup

    Click here to purchase! Click here to purchase!
  8. TheMeanOne

    Epic Towny Setup | OP v2 Fix

    Enjoy this fantastic, reasonably priced Towny Server! It provides everything you need for a simple Epic Towny Server to get started! View the details and pictures below! [/SPOILER] Need help? Join our discord! Failure to install properly...
  9. PremadeSetups

    Towny Setup v1.1

  10. DandyLP

    DandyCraft | Towny Server | STAFF NEEDED

    Hello, I'm looking for staff experienced with the towny plugin. If you are interested, contact me on discord DandyLP#7114
  11. NitroSetups

    Towny Setup v3.1.0

    Join our test server to view and experience all our unique features yourself! Copy the IP Adress below to start playing! If you want a detailed run-through of all the features in the setup before joining the server, click the extension button below to view a...
  12. cnn

    🏰 Looking to fill positions on upcoming RPG/Towny Server 🏰

    Hello everyone, I have been developing an RPG/Towny server for a little bit now, and think its time to expand my workload between people. I am looking for people that have experience in building/texture design/plugin configuration. I am also open to some alpha testers, as I will open an alpha...
  13. DarkLordDLDL

    Weldonia | A Survival Towny server | [1.16.5 - 1.19.3]

    Introducing Weldonia: The Ultimate Minecraft Towny Survival Adventure [BETA Release] Server IP: Discord: Website: Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind survival experience with a little extra? Your quest ends here! Our Towny-based...
  14. UnforgivableSins

    CizzoRealms | Looking for staff | EarthSMP | Towny Server

    The title says it all to get more information join the discord below!
  15. UnforgivableSins

    CizzoMC EARTH SMP TOWNY SERVER | Looking for voluntary staff, management team, media

    Hello! CizzoMC is currently looking for Voluntary staff, management team, media, configurators We are in need of these, currently they are not paid as since we only just bought the server hosting we need help to setup the entire server!!! Join the discord server create a ticket...
  16. ethoseconomy

    •●Ethos Economy Looking for Staff●• LGBTQ FRIENDLY

    Ethos Economy is a unique Towny /factions pvp server. You may have heard about us from when we launched successfully back in 2015. Over the years we have opened and closed Ethos to find and develop a unique experience unlike ever seen before on Minecraft. After 4 years of jotting down ideas and...
  17. EliteCreatures

    Towny Set Volume 1 v1.0

    Included in the Towny Set Volume 1: Free Diving Pistol Free Diving Oxygen Tank Free Diving Glasses Captain Love Hook Captain Love Hat Captain Love Cannon Buccaneer Turban Buccaneer Sword Buccaneer Backpack
  18. EliteCreatures

    Towny Set Volume 2 v1.0

    Included in the Towny Set Volume 2: Air Fan Baggage Grip Lantern Hay Bale Backpack Leather Pilot Hat Mineral Baggage Mining Helmet Pilot Deagle Pitchfork Straw Hat
  19. EliteCreatures

    Towny Set Volume 3 v1.0

    Included in the Towny Set Volume 3: Captain Hat Captain Jetpack Captain Rod Professional Digger Helmet Radiant Baggage Radiant Pickaxe Sunflower Hat Sunflower Pot Sunflower
  20. ReactDev

    [CLOSED] Server Staff Needed to Help Server Grow - SuperSMP Towny - Java Towny Server

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