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  1. birthdates

    VampMC - Community Manager

    Hello MC-Market, I am looking for a community manager for my server VampMC. We will be releasing later this month, putting a huge fund into our advertisement. Our servers are developed with pristine condition in mind. What we will be asking of you as a community manager is to organize community...
  2. R

    SuperBin 1.9

    This plugin allows your players to open a trash where they can throw away unwanted items from their inventory (click) 1.8 Version (click) Previews: Features: Allows you to open an empty inventory when player drops an item! Fully customizable! Translations available Permission system Sign...
  3. T

    Disable trashing threads in the Giveaway/Contest Section

    I recently saw an user trashing his own thread in the giveaway section when the end date was near, to prevent payout. Example: After he received several 100x100 spawns, he trashes his own thread to prevent paying out $20. Thanks for reading, - Toler
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