troll plugin

  1. timsixth

    T-Troll - 40+ trolling methods v1.17.0

    Plugin to trolling players. 43 trolling methods. Trolling methods (43): Explode the trolled player Give fake admin to trolled player Give fake op to trolled player Freeze / unFreeze the player Send rocket with player into cosmos Give fake crash to player Give fake ban to player Spawn webs under...
  2. Happyuky7

    TrollPlayerChat v1.0.0

    Sponsor: 10% Discount Code Happy Click Banner or Link Here TrollPlayerChat Troll Player Chat, is a plugin which has different functions to troll your friends or users, as if they wrote, they left or entered the server among many other things. Test Server: IP: Bedrock Port...
  3. Minesuchtiiii

    Troll Boss Plus | The one and only Troll plugin you will ever need!

    After over 1 million downloads and maintaining the (now) free version Troll Boss for over 8 years, I decided to take it to the next level. The result: Troll Boss Plus. This plugin aims to be the ultimate troll experience you deserve! Besides 40 other commands, it features some advanced troll...
  4. Minesuchtiiii

    TrollBossPlus v1.13.11

    Command Permission Function Alias /troll [player] tbp.troll Opens the player select GUI or selects a player directly as your target /troll help [page] Displays a specific help page /troll reload tbp.reload Reloads the plugin and its files /troll admin tbp.admin Opens the...
  5. Omidius

    [$4.99 Xmas Sale!] AdminCmdsPlus⚜️| 1.8 - 1.16+ | 60+ Fun & Powerful Staff Commands!

    (Click on the image above to visit the page for AdminCmdsPlus!)
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