1. Bloxief

    Robux Troll UI's v1.0

    With the Robux Troll UI you can: - Monetize your Roblox game and make easy Robux Players can mess around with other people Easy setup; Just insert your developer product ids in the folder and that's it! Join Discord for Customer Role, Support, Limited Coupon codes and resource sales...
  2. _Neko1

    Extreme Troll Plugin v1.0

    What is Public trolls? Every random time will server troll all online players. Commands: - /troll - Will open you a troll GUI - /troll reload - Will reload a config.yml Permissions: - troll.admin - Variable in config.yml Main Menu - Option to manage Public Trolls & GUI of online players...
  3. Happyuky7

    TrollPlayerChat v1.0.0

    Sponsor: 10% Discount Code Happy Click Banner or Link Here TrollPlayerChat Troll Player Chat, is a plugin which has different functions to troll your friends or users, as if they wrote, they left or entered the server among many other things. Test Server: IP: Bedrock Port...
  4. Minesuchtiiii

    Troll Boss Plus | The one and only Troll plugin you will ever need!

    After over 1 million downloads and maintaining the (now) free version Troll Boss for over 8 years, I decided to take it to the next level. The result: Troll Boss Plus. This plugin aims to be the ultimate troll experience you deserve! Besides 40 other commands, it features some advanced troll...
  5. Minesuchtiiii

    TrollBossPlus v1.10

    Command Permission Function Alias /troll [player] troll.troll Opens the player select GUI or selects a player directly as your target /troll help [page] Displays a specific help page /troll reload troll.reload Reloads the plugin and its files /troll admin troll.admin Opens...
  6. Omidius

    [$4.99 Xmas Sale!] AdminCmdsPlus⚜️| 1.8 - 1.16+ | 60+ Fun & Powerful Staff Commands!

    (Click on the image above to visit the page for AdminCmdsPlus!)
  7. einTosti

    Troll Time to have a blast! [1.8-1.15] v1.2

    This troll plugin - which is based on that of off a German server, but with even more features - is perfect for having a fun time with your friends (however, maybe only for you). SCREENSHOTS With the command /troll and the matching permission troll.use you'll receive the troll item...
  8. basicl

    TrollToolsPlus v1.2.0

    Troll your players with lots of fun commands! To see the commands type: /ttp help My discord: Robert#7217 Suggestions are open! This skript requires: -Skript: -SkQuery: Features:
  9. RichTheLord

    VoxtilityVoodoll v1.0.0

    With this plugin, you are able to control other players, this plugin is designed to use it in survival mode and gather the empty dolls by different ways, in the plugin I offer the owner a command that can be used to give the dolls to their players. The command can be used by the console...
  10. Justin132

    I'm looking for a Troll Minecraft Plugin

    Hello there, About 2 weeks ago, I started my own Spigot Minecraft Server on 1.12.2 . I'm looking for a good troll plugin that can fool a few players. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for but it should be similar to Punishmental or IControlU. If you can show me a video on yours, I may buy...
  11. calabasas

    Discord Msg Crasher || Troll friends

    Few my my home boys did this to me lol If you want to learn how to do it letssssssss gettttttt rightttt in to the crashingggg! It's simple just go on to "Firefox" or "Discord Mobile" or even "Discord Desktop App" then after go to your settings > text & images > link preview > disable it and...
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