1. VmServices

    Lifesteal Tutorial Menu | Config v1.0

    WHAT IS THIS RESOURCE? This Tutorial configuration is the best that exists. This configuration is very simple to modify. This menu is capable with deluxemenu plguin. This config have everything related to help on a lifesteal server. WHY WE WILL BUY THIS? This configuration allows you to retain...
  2. Awesome_Dante

    📚 MythicMobs courses! + Asset database! Demo now available. 🎓

    Ready to breath new life into your worlds? I am here to introduce you to the fascinating world of MythicMobs with an array of exciting courses that will empower you as an entity control expert! 😎 Save countless months of frustration. NO STRINGS. NO DATA HARVESTING. Why? My name is Dante. I am...
  3. kangarko

    ❤️ LEARN TO MAKE MINECRAFT PLUGINS & MINIGAMES [Course + 1:1 Coaching] [No Previous Coding Skills Needed] [Partnered with JetBrains & Microsoft] 🍀

    If You're Busy Read This - Quick Summary We're the only Java + Minecraft plugin training with live coaching in the world - We're the largest Minecraft educational company on Earth more results than any YouTube or Udemy course with JetBrains program and personalized support (2,000+ students...
  4. flapkak123

    Skript Tutorial - Server Tutorial v2.0

    Create custom tutorial scenarios for your players. Setup a location, scene title and wait time and you are good to go! You can edit each scenario in the config.yml or use our handy ingame editor. Make information easily accessible to new players in no time! Suggestions? Feel free to post the on...
  5. mb1552

    A tutorial on how to add a "Login w/ Steam" button to your site (php)

    Hey friends, I just finished up a tutorial on how to authenticate users with steam using PHP. It's very simple, and you can add it to your site to increase users who engage with logged in features. This is one of my first tutorials, so I would love feedback.
  6. TRA3

    MC-M Dark Mode

    If this isn't allowed please just delete this thread. I was doing some research and found a way to get dark mode on any website including MC-M. If you already knew this then im dumb and just keep scrolling on MC-M lmao. Tutorial: Search this Then search And Enable "Force Dark Mode for Web...
  7. A

    Minecraft Building

    Builder for Hire, my Discord is A1isarus #0826. Won't let me type much.
  8. InternetThing

    Learning how to code

    Hello, I am currently looking to code in java! I have no idea how to code though, I am beginner and been thinking about starting this for a long time already. I do not know anything in coding, That's probably the fun in it. I would like you to give me very simple things to code (minecraft...
  9. bdgaminpro

    How to build a motel in Minecraft (Part 2)

    Today's tutorial is about us teaching you how to a motel in Minecraft (Part 2).
  10. GyuriX

    [FREE] Java Programming Tutorials for beginners

    Latest episode (#13): Learn 10 important file management tactics in Java RIGHT NOW What You get for FREE I am currently preparing a new completely FREE Java programming tutorials series for You. You can find the playlist of all the episodes here: There are some very important things...
  11. A

    Minecraft Plugin Tutorials

    I need a good video tutorial that can help me learn how to make plugins. I found a couple on youtube but they are really old so I don't know if most of the stuff they teach are valid. If you a good place for me to start list them below
  12. Maximvdw

    [FeatherBoard] Creating an advanced scoreboard theme

    Creating an advanced scoreboard theme With FeatherBoard 4 Introduction I've been asked this a lot, so I decided to create a dedicated thread for it. Ever since FeatherBoard 4 there has been a new feature that allowed for settings, scripts and other cool things. However they are not widely used...
  13. D


    Hello! I Darknesslayer, a Java Plug-in developer! I am creating a fully customizable Text Tutorial/help plugin! With a simple command, the player can learn all about your server! If you have a plug-in request, reply on this thread or dm me on discord at Darknesslayer#9504 Thanks! (Might cost $...
  14. Mathias Eklund

    Informational YouTube video

    Hello, I have recently opened up a Minecraft server and It's a bit complicated to explain it to all the players when they join, and its not easy to explain it in a bunch of messages or signs that the player can read. If anyone of you guys have got the time and the hardware to record a...
  15. tchristofferson

    [Tutorial] Multi-Page GUI/Menu

    Introduction This is a tutorial on how to make multi-paged inventory GUIs if you couldn't tell from the title. This tutorial will also teach you how to cycle through inventories like a boss! Steps We need to create an array list to store our inventories. Note that array lists keep their order...
  16. _IDoctorI_

    Custom Tutorial Hints

    Hello, I was looking for someone to develop a plugin where you could add custom tutorial hints per player/permission. This way servers could add helpful hints that look professional and can be completed so they don't show again. I'm wondering if this is even possible- if it is I would LOVE for...
  17. U

    Learn how to code

    What's the best way for me to learn how to make a plugin. Give me a website, tutorial video,etc plz
  18. Feelz

    How to stop scammers from charging back.

    Hello! It's been a long time since I've posted anything on Mc-Market. Well, I am back! I decided to come back because I've started to receive more requests for my free service. To those who don't know me well I used to help people when they got scammed. Usually, I would write a pretty persuasive...
  19. Creatos_

    TUTOR | Learn how to make a plugin

    Tutor Hey, I realy want to learn how to code and have started doing so but I am really in-experienced and would like to know if someone would like to teach/tutor me how. I have seen multiple "tutorials" on youtube but I am not learning from it, it feels like I am copying them more than...
  20. Rainy

    Rainy Studios - Logos, Thread Designs, Icons and more! (50% Off Christmas Sale)

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