1. ItzShaddy

    Teaching Anti-Cheat

    Hello, I have been looking for ages a good tutorial or someone who would be willing to teach me how to make a Anti-Cheat and how to improve a Anti-Cheat. A the tutorials are either in Dutch or are from 2013. If someone could help me that would be great.
  2. ConorIsDaBeast

    Author for SitesWithoutCo.de

    Hey everyone! Today I am looking for Authors for the website www.siteswithoutcode.com I need several authors to write one article per week in a tutorial style for many different websites. The role will be unpaid at first though that may change later. There are staff needed for: Weebly...
  3. 0

    SlenderBird's 2D Elements Pack [HUGE]

    Introduction Do you want to make stunning 2D Motion Graphics, but you're too new to Adobe After Effects? Feel no fear! This is a package full of many pre-made assets. Very basic AE Knowledge is needed! It comes with a tutorial on how to edit the opener. There are easy color controls in every...
  4. Lakkie

    Development Helper - Closed

    Hi reader, This is going to be about my offering to you for help of making a plugin using the Java programming language. There will be no catches or payments or anything like that. It is not a limited time, I just want to help out people who are starting. I will message you more information once...
  5. Dhruv Gramopadhye

    Make your own website! Full web development course! Get certified and make money! Private lessons!

    Hello! I am providing free lessons (over skype) for Web Development (backend uses PHP5, PHP7). I can teach anything from basics to OOP, and industy-standard advanced programming. You need no experience to learn. I have 5 years of experience in Web Development. You are required to take (and...
  6. T

    How to get an OG Minecraft Username! [TUTORIAL]

    Step 1: Go to https://namemc.com/upcoming?length=&lang=en Step 2: Find a name you like. Step 3: Go to https://www.mcsniper.co/ Step 4: Purchase (1) credit for $2.99 Step 5: Snipe a name (you're not guaranteed to get the name, but if you don't they'll give you an extra credit) Step 6: Sit back...
  7. Tradusor