1. Teteh

    Selling Plugins Ownerships or Resell-Rights

    Hello BuiltByBit users, today I decide to sell the Ownerships of my plugins. Because I no longer have the time I had before to dedicate to continue improving them day by day. I have to offer you the following plugins / resources. vSoup (SoupPvP Core) has many features, but one of the main ones...
  2. Agrocorp

    🌟Looking to open your server ? Then don't miss this deal💯

    Since I am focusing on some other projects of mine I decided to sell few plugins of mine. If you decide to buy any of plugins you can either buy them only to be used on your server and never sold to anybody else or if you want you can buy resell rights and sell plugin to other people. Currently...
  3. HAN1110

    HypixelUHCChampionsItems - Hypixel Items v1.2

    Do you want to go wild with Hypixel's UHC items, but is it difficult to do so? When you unlock all UHC items and want to play the game, you can't open it because you don't have money? When you want to play a private game with other users, can you bot play the game because you don't have MVP++...
  4. Hyndman03

    MineBadMC 1.7-1.8 | Looking for beta testers on my custom pvp game modes!

    Hello My name is Chase I own a small network server called MineBadMC and Its been in development for about 2 and half years now and we currently have 2 finished game modes and 1 coming very soon you may have heard of them or even played them on The Park MC or MineMen Club. Right now we currently...
  5. Zowp

    zMeetup - UHC Meetup v1.3

    zMeetup is an optimized 1:1 replica of Minemen Club's gamemode UHC Meetup. This plugin can only run one game per server. Join the discord to receive your license & for more updates https://discord.gg/jNXr9X48JW Fully configurable Custom World Generation Bedrock border for 1.7 players...
  6. Ariloxe

    Searching for a community manager (Paid)

    Hello everyone, I have many ideas to create a minecraft server, but I need someone who knows the minecraft community well, in order to help me to find what would work (or not), and who could then manage the advertising and communication when our ideas will be more concrete. I can obviously pay...
  7. LeeGod

    ⚡ [OPEN] Imanity Software | Minecraft Plugin (Bukkit, Bungee) | 6 Years+ Experience | High Quality ⚡

    Discord: https://go.imanity.dev/discord Details: https://docs.imanity.dev/commissions/intro ImanitySpigot3: https://builtbybit.com/ispigot
  8. D

    pUHC | Customizable UHC Core v0.1.2

    Trial Licenses Currently giving out trial license keys for those interested in buying the plugin in discord. Simply make a ticket and @ me in the discord with the tag "TRIAL" and I'll set you up with a key. About This plugin is currently in Beta, and prior to it reaching version 1.0 of the...
  9. L

    Head Developer Needed - Long Term - Java 1.7 - 1.19 & Bedrock

  10. L

    Head Developer Needed - Long Term - Java 1.7 - 1.19 & Bedrock

  11. L

    Head Developer Needed - Long Term - Java 1.7 - 1.19 & Bedrock

  12. L

    Head Developer Needed - Long Term - Java 1.7 - 1.19 & Bedrock

  13. L

    Long-Term Developer Needed for Global UHC Network [1.7 - 1.19 + Bedrock Support]

    Hi there, I am keeping this discrete as we have not commenced our marketing campaign. We are a UHC Network looking for a long-term developer to help us with our vision. If you: • Have good knowledge of plugin development, specifically PvP Mechanics or UHC. • Are keen to take on a long-term...
  14. AzizGunduz

    We are looking for players for alpha testing

    MCLity is a minecraft minigames server founded in 2023. We are working to revive the old theme of FFA, Survival Games, Arena PVP. We are embracing PVP and opening a new sail to this unique competition. What will you provide to alpha players? - We will give alpha players a 1-month gold donor and...
  15. L


  16. L


  17. WhoisVxcents

    Fourtless Network [1.7-1.8]

    Server that is based on uhc host style badlion/ultra/lunar hosted in miami (soon we would be adding eu) where every end of the month or beginning of the month there would be leagues with a monetary prize of $10 USD up to $20 USD Currently only UHC is available, but soon we will add practice...
  18. davyohday

    HELP with an UHC Server

    Hello! It's my first post here so I don't know if this is the right place to ask for help but I'll try. (thanks in advance for the help) I'm setting up an UHC server for an event that should have between 100 and 200 players. I was asking myself how many plugins I actually need to do this...
  19. PixelMine

    Desert Village Factions Spawn v1.0.0

  20. PixelMine

    Zombie Village Spawn v1.0.0

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