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Hello BuiltByBit users, today I decide to sell the Ownerships of my plugins. Because I no longer have the time I had before to dedicate to continue improving them day by day. I have to offer you the following plugins / resources.

vSoup (SoupPvP Core) has many features, but one of the main ones would be that it is a replica of Lunar.gg Soup.
Attached is a list of other features that it comes with:
■ 4 Different Branches on GitHub Repo (1.7 version, 1.8 version, Development version & master).
■ 30 Kits (Rarity System).
■ Free Kits Mode (Lunar Replica).
■ Kits Preview.
■ Perks (From Tier I to Tier III - 27 Perks in Total).
■ Kill-Streak System + Rewards.
■ Item Shop.
■ Coin Flip System.
■ Bounty System.
■ Clan System.
■ Challenges / Quest System.
■ Cosmetics (Kill Effects).
■ Juggernaut Minigame / Minigame.
■ Minigame / Events System (Sumo, Corners & Brackets).
■ KoTH System.
■ Timer System.
■ Warp System.
■ Placeholders for Leaderboards + Stats.
■ Statistics System (Leaderboards).
■ Nametags Hook (For Ranks Core + LunarClientAPI).
■ Module System.
■ Configurable (Messages, Scoreboard, Clan-Module, and Main Config).
■ Player Settings.
■ MongoDB Support.

Gather (UHC Meetup Core)
It is a core of UHC Meetup, with the essential functions to enhance the modality. It has the following Features:

■ Fully Configurable.
■ Friendly Use.
■ Rating System.
■ Editable Kits.
■ Multiple Scenarios (7 Scenarios).
■ Scenarios Vote.
■ Cosmetics (Kill Effects).
■ Scoreboard Configurable (Per State).
■ Profile System.
■ Automatic World Generation + Regeneration.
■ World Border System.
■ MongoDB Support.
■ Leaderboard System.
■ Elo System (Per Win).
■ Tablist Configurable (I can include the TablistAPI src for a small extra payment).
■ Spectator System.
■ Automatic Server Restart + World Regeneration for UHC Meetup after the Game Ends.
■ Worlds Adapted for UHC Meetup.

Security System for your Plugins (Setup Guide + Loader + Backend + Terminal + Discord Bot)
■ You only need to send the Loader jar file to the Customer.
■ Loader compiles the Plugin jar.
■ You can Add or Revoke Access with the Discord Bot.
■ All Logins notified in Terminal and Discord Bot.
■ Backend Security Plus.
■ Only Depends on MongoDB and RabbitMQ Service.

I also have Resell Rights from a Custom Ranks and Permissions Core with many features.
■ Bungee Plugin & Bukkit Plugin.
■ Supports 1.8 - 1.19.
■ Maintenance Mode.
■ MongoDB & Redis Support.
■ API For Developers.
■ Chat Channels, Chat Control, Chat Filter & Chat Commands.
■ Rank Config Converter from Other Rank Cores (Alchemist, AquaCore, LuckPerms & Phoenix/PxCore)
■ Discord Sync (Automatic Boost Reward configurable via discord.yml)
■ Essentials Commands.
■ Nametag System.
■ Level System with Configurable Rewards.
■ Jail System (Similar to ViperMC, you can Mine to get coins and purchase unban).
■ Coin Shop System (For ChatColors, Tags/Prefixes & Ranks).
■ PlaceholdersAPI.
■ Profile System.
■ Player Settings Menu + Commands.
■ Social Media stuff for Players (You can add your media on the profile Menu).
■ Server Management System.
■ Rank System (Configurable via Menu and Config Files), also you can Import and Export ranks on a File.
■ Tip System.
■ Vault Support.
■ Visibility System.
■ Media-Team command (/stream).
■ Friendly Use.
■ Custom Permission System.
■ Disguise System (Configurable).
■ Notes System.
■ Staff Mode.
■ Timeline for Ranks.
■ Inventory Log System.
■ Player Snapshot System.
■ Ignore System.
■ Freeze System for Staff.
■ Friend System.
■ Coins System with Management.
■ Grant System (You can grant a Permission, Rank, Chat Color & Tag/Prefix)
Also, you have almost everything configurable, every module has own config.

If you are interested you can send me a MD by Discord (oddfede) and we can negotiate a price for the Plugin that is of your interest.
Without more to add, good night and thanks for your time.
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