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  1. Technobladev3

    Looking for investors for Infinite.

    looking for investors budget must be 200-300$ Type: Practice,Soup & MCTeams like gamemode. you will receive 50% of what the server makes Contact Info: Discord: Technobladev3#6393 Telegram: Technobladev3
  2. Raven1221

    (Requesting) Managers (2) for upcoming network!

    Hello, I am Woahhs. Today I am seeking a manager to help build our network from the ground up and be passionate about the project. I am looking for someone that is willing to put hours into the server whether it be, finding bugs, finding staff, creating documents, or managing the community. The...
  3. AlexWarriorPLays

    ⭐ *RatioMc* [KitPvP] [Need Admins + Mods] ⭐

    Hey! I'm the owner of RatioMc, a upcoming KitPvP server. You might recognize the name as we used to be HCF. The server is well developed and is coded by me. The goal of the server is to be user friendly, including multiple kits, 13+ Events, settings, and more. About Us: To make us different...
  4. AlexWarriorPLays

    Unique KitPvP Ideas [Kit Ideas, Features, etc]

    Hello! So im currently working on a KitPvP server with the intentions of it being very user friendly. What I mean by that is not being p2w, different methods of healing (Soup or Pots) and it being less competitive and more like a chill pvp server. What im looking for with this post is just...
  5. shookenlive

    ✨🍲⛏️Recruiting New Additions to MineRIP Staff Team⛏️🍲✨

    🍲 About Us 🍲 MineRIP is a competitive PvP server featuring unique game-modes such as Rampage, Brawl, Fortresses, Warfare and some known game-modes such as SoupPvP, UHC, and Bunkers. We are currently preparing for a second comeback and hope to release the server to a large and loyal community...
  6. grozaguy00


    I would love to make a soup pvp raid remake of MCTEAMS / MCPVP I was wondering if anyone had a server pre setup with soup, tracking plugins, and a spawn And does anyone have the old map spawn of 1.7? Or if someone could set it up for me I could pay you a few hundred bucks
  7. lan00w

    Blazing Network (New Server)

    Hello MC-Market! Blazing Network is in a need of Players and Media. You probably question yourself, who are Blazing Network? We are a Network trying to bring back the OG HCF community back to the game, as well to attract new players to the real HCF. We are going to have a fast paced HCF too...
  8. Depthenings

    Ownership/Management Position.

    Hello as must of you probably don't even know I exist. I've been rarely known by the name of "SadGraphics" / "Racecourses". I've been looking to create my server for a while. But haven't had time since high school starting soon. I am offering you server owners my experience. I've staffed on the...
  9. Hannes

    [225x225] Sandstone PVP Arena Drop Down Into Combat ONLY $2.99 1.1

    Click here to view all of our products.
  10. Daaz

    Vapor HCF Core | LunarClientAPI Support 2.8.2-STABLE

    Discord Support: Disclaimer: This is a new core, so there may be some bugs, if so please contact us to fix it as quickly as possible. Thank you. Discord Contact: Daaz#1116 | Vapor By Astro Operations
  11. armholeMC

    zSoup | Soup Core with Abilities and Tokens in progress

    Updates will be coming out frequently to purchase contact me on discord armhole#5861 Kits Abilities and Token Shop Coming soon Each Kit expect PvP will have an ability which will be shown below in a youtube video Token Shop Coming soon Optimization Optimization of each version will be fixed...
  12. Bluffers

    Osmium Network - Competitive 1.7/1.8 UHC Server

    Hello, i’m Warbes from Osmium Network We are actively looking for new staff members and a management position on our network with various game modes from UHC, Practice & KitPvP. In order to become a staff member, you must be 15+. All applicants may be considered, please take your time. Rushed...
  13. BlueOrolose


  14. SoloBuilds

    ⭐ Soup Plugin | KitPvP | Koths | Events | Etc. ⭐

    -> Reserved - Sold
  15. Acejr1337

    Volunteer work Developers (Not payed) (Paid with love)

    Hello let me first start by giving you guys a little to know about me, My name is Ace. I am 15 years (On my way to 16) I have a fixation with computers and engineering and my dream goal is to be a computer engineer one day or a programmer. I am currently in the learning stages so I wouldn't be...
  16. JP

    [] MCTEAMS | Teams | Economy | Mob capture | Warps | Spawn Protection | 1.1

    Description: MCTeams is a Hardcore SoupPvP core with Teams, Economy, Warp and much features... You can found rules from here. After purchasing the plugin Join our discord for get the license Depends: Worldguard 6 WorldEdit GOAL: 5 Purchases ✗ (<3) 10 Purchases ✗ ( :)) 15 Purchases ✗ (...
  17. MrVistanation


    Hello! Today I'm selling my Kit-PvP setup that I have been working on for roughly a week and a half now, and this is also the first thing I've ever sold on MC-Market, so I hope it is up to standards. This setup contains absolutely no premium plugins, so there are no hidden costs associated...
  18. Acejr1337

    -(Selling tMain) - Soup Core -

    Hello, Selling the jar to a soup core. from a soup server that was up in 2017 called otherwise known as Video Link: Database Type: Flat File Features, Has custom punishments, staff mode system, teams, warps, admin warps, custom kb, custom soup recipes, tracking...
  19. xjustleo

    KitPvP eZPvP [H-Setup] 5.1.6

    Feature List - over 130 abilities - no repetitive kits - completely customizable - explosion and particle physics - stats menu - team system - kit market where players can sell their kits - settings menu to edit everything in this plugin - kit search function - killstreaks - prestiges - debug...
  20. CUDI

    SkeetCraft - COMING SOON

    ===================== ================= Yeah so basically I've decided to create a Soup PvP Factions Server, I haven't really seen any Soup Factions Servers lately, I mean there could be some big ones out there the only one I know about at this moment in time is rarely...
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