1. WilliamIndustries

    KLTV v1.0

    Kia Motors of South Korea released the Kia Light Tactical Vehicle (KLTV), a light military tactical/utility vehicle. It went into full production in 2016 and was deployed by the Republic of Korea Army the following year.
  2. JaredMinecraft

    Placeable Walls v1.0

    This plugin adds placeable walls as the title would suggest. The item used to place a wall is a brick. The bricks will be renamed "Placeable Wall". The placeable wall doesn't allow you to place it if it is going to break other blocks.
  3. koqel

    cAntiXRay | Discord Bot Hook | Autoban v1.0.0

    Get alerts when players mine certain ores! Note: You will have errors if you are not on 1.17+ because of deepslate blocks. You can ignore them and it will still work fine.
  4. koqel

    cAbuseProtection | Discord Bot Hook v1.0.2

    Protect your server against abusive staff by sending an alert to Discord when someone might be abusing! Hooks directly with cCore!
  5. koqel

    cCore | Server Core | Discord Bot Hook v3.3.0

    cCore is a multipurpose Skript core that has tons of commands and functions! cCore is extremely configurable and hooks in with a Discord bot! If you need any help or have any questions, join our Discord here
  6. AegisCo

    Rules GUI Type 2 v1.0

    A Rules GUI with 2 modes (Open on spawn/Open on button) + Beautiful UI High Quality Customisable Fully Scripted
  7. VineStudios

    vAutoMessage - Advanced auto announcer v1.0

  8. Nacht

    Zephyr License Bot v1.0.4

    Zephyr License now supports the following integration: Javascript Java Python & C# Documentation: https://docs.omegastudios.site Support Server: https://discord.gg/4BAZN4vTQA IMPORTANT You need to claim your license key on our discord server and open a support forum in order to start the bot.
  9. Firestar311

    StarLib v1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    StarLib A general-purpose Java Library that provides simple utilities. This resource is not a plugin or mod and does not run on any of those directly. This is a developer resource and tool only. To use this Library You must add JitPack as a repo, below is for Gradle repositories { maven...
  10. ByCoquito1

    Mega Big Discount on Discord Bots

    We are very pleased to announce our October super discount on our Discord Bots. You can find it here: Raven Bot: Click here Raven Tickets: Click here Magnus Licenses: Click here If you have some questions or doubt you can find me on our Discord Server. https://dsc.gg/ravendev Discord Tag...
  11. J

    VoteKick Pro v1.0

    Overview VoteKick is an easy-to-use voting plugin with many cool features to offer and has a lot of configurations for features from this plugin and you can edit any messages from this plugin along with custom placeholders and HEX color code support! Plugin Features Hex Color Code support...
  12. KevinSidd

    CoreStickies | CoreBot Addon v1.0

  13. KevinSidd

    CorePolls | CoreBot Addon v1.0

  14. KevinSidd

    CoreBooks | CoreBot Addon v1.5.0

  15. afternode

    General v2.2.0

    Issue Traker | Releases | Spigot BETA Server side multi-module management component THIS IS AN EARLY BETA VERSION Modules AntiCheat Providing a simple AntiCheat system to detect common cheats Customization Providing custom features (menus, MOTD, bossbars) Management Recording information...
  16. NorteX

    Helpdesk Bot | FAQ Board Creator | v2.4.0

    Now free! Please do note that we don't guarantee support to people who download this for free. Our helpdesk bot is a simple to use bot to create a great way to minimize support tickets and moderator pings by creating a questions/answers helpdesk board on your server. The bot features an...
  17. LoopBreak

    Region Interaction v2.0

    WARNING: ONLY WORKS WITH 1.19.4 OR HIGHER, NOT 1.19-1.19.3 WIKI (Soon) Create hidden places for puzzles or quests Expand and abstract armorstands to a higher level Create animations or actions as result of just clicking the air API example
  18. illunious

    [Request] Utility Mod Development

    Not sure if this is the place to ask, but I'm looking for someone who is able to develop a utility mod that contains the following features: Utility mod basics, and ViaFabric implementation, allowing the mod to be able to connect to several clients. Must be Fabric-based for 1.12.2, and before...
  19. NikKing97

    AwesomeToDo's - GUI based ToDo-List | 1.14 - 1.18 v2.2.2

    AwesomeToDo’s is a ToDo-List plugin for Minecraft servers (Paper, Tuinity, Purpur). You can easily create your own categories with many ToDo’s which have to get done. If you have many projects going on this plugin is helping you out to get some structure to your plannings. Thanks to the GUI...
  20. PeterTheMango

    BungeeMessenger v1.0.2

    BungeeMessenger Are you in need of a plugin that allows your users to message each other across your server? If so, BungeeMessenger is the plugin for you! Introducing a fully customizable, feature rich messaging plugin that allows your users to message each other through out your network! The...
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