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  1. TwiiCe

    ⛏ Ores of Fortune | Small server looking for people who want to help it grow | Info in thread!

    Ores of Fortune Community first | Mini-games | Creative and Survival | MMO with Quests Do you miss the good old days, when minecraft was all about building, hanging out with friends and meeting new people? Well, good news! So did I! That's why, after not hosting a server for over six years...
  2. ..Error404..

    SeaCraft MC | Minecraft Themepark (Not Modded!) | Looking for Development Support!

    Welcome to SeaCraft MC, we are a Minecraft server dedicated to recreating SeaWorld parks and more on a 1:1 scale. Currently, we are working on 1:1 SeaWorld Orlando, the first of its kind. Alongside our new creation, SeaWorld San Diego. On SeaCraftMC you can have the real SeaWorld experience in...
  3. MrMax

    Looking to purchase modded or vanilla server

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing a mc server from someone. It can be vanilla or modded. My budget is $1### (Four figure range) Discord: MaxSaleh#0001 Requirements: We must agree on having a middle man to make sure no one on either end gets scammed. Server must be an already open server...
  4. samixshady

    🚀Offering Cheap Game mode Setup & Configuration🛠️

    ================================================================= Accepting commission for creating Minecraft server from scratch according to your needs! If you are just starting a server or creating a new game mode I can help set it up for you according to your needs or vision. I'm offering my...
  5. ..Error404..

    SeaCraft MC | Recruiting All Roles | Minecraft Themepark (Not Modded!)

    Welcome to SeaCraft MC, we are a Minecraft server dedicated to recreating SeaWorld parks and more on a 1:1 scale. Currently, we are working on 1:1 SeaWorld Orlando, the first of its kind. Alongside our new creation, SeaWorld San Diego. On SeaCraftMC you can have the real SeaWorld experience in...
  6. Diekieboy


  7. Lib77

    [Selling] Lifesteal SMP Server │50-100 Players Daily │1.5k Discord & 23 Boosts │Active Community

    Hello there! I'm selling Lifesteal SMP Minecraft Server! 50-100 Players Daily, 1.5k Discord & 23 Boosts, Active Community What do we offer? - PvP, Economy, Clans, In-game shop, Auction house & more! - What do we use for hosting? - We use Hetzner Dedicated server (we installed the Pterodactyl...
  8. minexle

    🔥MINEXLE🔥 [⚔️TOWNY⚔️][👑ANARCHY👑][1.7 - 1.19.2] 🚧OPEN ALPHA🚧

    Minexle, a mature Towny Semi-Anarchy server that aims to take a refreshing approach on the familiar gamemodes. We're an LGBTQ+ friendly, 4/20 friendly, 18+ Minecraft community! Connect with us through our discord, join us on, or for more information visit
  9. Efrain P

    Vanilla 3D Tools v1.0

    Vanilla 3D Tools | This texturepack recreates all the Minecraft tools in 3D models keeping the vanilla style Content information: 3D models of Wood tools 3D models of stone tools 3D models of Iron tools 3D models of Gold tools 3D models of Diamond tools 3D models of Netherite tools High...
  10. R

    [1.18.2] SMPCentral - Public Minecraft network.

    Home to the amazing: OneBlock, an epic RPG based in the sky! SMPCraft, BRAND NEW, SEMI-VANILLA, UNIQUE. Creative, a place to build with friends. The only limit being your imagination! (and the default 3 plots, haha!) Events, such as spleef, splegg, tnt run, hide & seek, and many more. The...
  11. A

    Prime [Hardcore]{PvP}{Vanilla}{1.16.5}{24/hr Death Ban}{Coming Soon}

    Prime Ultra Hardcore PvP The prime Minecraft PvP experience is coming very, very soon for selected players. This server will be the ultimate test. Aiming to bring back the greatest PvP experience in Minecraft - 1.16.5, while providing players with an ultra hardcore experience. We are...
  12. M

    Selling small survival vanilla server

    Hi, I currently run a 13 month old small survival vanilla server. I am not necessarily selling for money but I want to sell to someone who will put effort into the server and continue what is already there. That doesn't mean I'm going to tell you how to run the server, that is 100% up to you...
  13. Polygon

    Semi Custom 6k World | 1.8+

    Semi Custom 6k World | 1.8+ "Semi custom terrain." Contains: • 6kx6k Semi Custom Terrain Description: •Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. •Built using 1.8 blocks. •File is compressed as a .zip. •Perfect for building, exploring and adapting. •Slightly boosted ores. No...
  14. G

    Vannilla SMP

    I made a vanilla SMP server called PedroSMP. It's pretty chill but there are 3 rules. 1: NO HACKING 2: NO HARRASEMNT 3: Have fun lol. The IP is: if you wanna join. Btw I don't care if u swear just don't be mean to people.
  15. P

    Looking for a server to own

    Please send me any offers on provenfrog#0001 and we can work something out. Modded or Vanilla looking for all game modes!
  16. SW-Team

    sSleepPercentage | Sleeping Porcentage | Change of day with few players v2021-08-18

    SLEEP PERCENTAGE: With this plugin you can change the day with a personalized percentage of sleeping players. FEATURES: ALL minecraft versions. FULLY customizable messages. CUSTOM percentage COMMANDS/PERMISSIONS: /sleep reload | Reload the plugin config, - (sleep.admin) If you liked...
  17. TheSaintOfGames

    Buying Vanilla Server

    Hi I'm looking to buy small a vanilla server with playerbase around 10-20 Has to be vanilla with little to no custom features Doesnt need graphics or domain just want something to do over easter Budget is $25-50
  18. X

    RLCraft or Vanilla Admin Application

    Ok so my username is XDRaichu08, I am 12 my birth day is at September 17, I know I am young BUT I do keep my temper and have always wanted to be a helper, I know some things have a discord (mic but I don't get to use it much)XxWaterMasterxX#5366 I am fine if your looking for a older person just...
  19. 1kps

    Se busca Owner para realizar un servidor Anárquico

    Buenas, en ésta ocasión estoy tratando de hacer un proyecto de un servidor Vanilla Anárquico SA y estoy buscando a alguien que esté dispuesto a ayudarme a pagar el host y administrar el servidor, la idea es hacer un lugar donde la gente de South America pueda jugar a buen ping, crear sus reinos...
  20. Directoire | 2021's 2b2t | Java | 1.12.2

    Hello there! Are you looking for a Minecraft survival server with no rules, a place where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want? In that case, Vanilla MC is the place to be. Vanilla MC is focused on giving you the best Minecraft vanilla experience as possible. We have an amazing...
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