1. strom

    AntiDespawn+ v1.2

    Get support for this plugin on the Strom Discord! Ever needed an easy, yet powerful way to prevent item despawn of dropped items after player death, while also preventing despawn of turtle scute after turtle grows up and also for the trident with option of setting...
  2. Ryale

    Survival Multiplayer - DonutSMP Replica v2.6

  3. ItsJan

    MCTiers Tierlist PlaceHolders v1.0.0

    A simple Placeholder API expansion that allows you to fetch the MCTiers ranks of your Players in any gamemode! Running fully asynchronous, with configurable player rank caching times. Currently, the only configurable value is the Cache Expiry time, found under CACHE_EXPIRATION in the...
  4. PixelMine

    Fishing Graphics v1.0

    154 Fishing Graphics Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  5. Cyan Plex Studio

    Cyan Plex Vanilla Survival Setup v1.1

  6. P

    Looking for staff

    Greetings, My name is Ingars, also known as pingars, and I am the owner of Ganomus Server, which is dedicated to providing enhanced vanilla gameplay. Our server focuses on custom items, mobs, and furniture that can be physically acquired from our custom made supermarket. Additionally, we...
  7. MadstonMagic

    Summer Cosmetics | MMD | v2.0.0

  8. Lucian929

    Character Cosmetics Pack v1.0

    This pack includes: Artist's Beret Artist's Canvas Artist's Offhand Delivery Guy Cap Delivery Guy Backpack Delivery Guy Clipboard Diver Helmet Diver Backpack Diver Harpoon Quarterback Hat Quarterback Back Quarterback Football This pack also includes: Oraxen Configuration ItemsAdder...
  9. RubberYet

    Festive Tools & Weapons Set v1.0

    🎁 TIS THE SEASON! We present you our gorgeous Christmas themed tools & weapons pack for your server! 🎁 SET INCLUDES Sword Pickaxe Axe Shovel Hoe 🎁 FILE CONTENT 🎁 TERMS & CONDITIONS No refunds will be provided under any circumstance You cannot resell/redistribute...
  10. TheMeanOne

    Custom Drops Pro v1.0

    Want to revamp your players farming experience? Offer a unique setup with this plugin to your players by Providing Custom Drops such as fertilizers from Mobs or items from blocks that are mined! Version Compatibility: 1.19 - 1.20.2 Features: ‣ Create Unlimited Fertilizers for players to use...
  11. PixelMine

    Extended Stonecraft Models v1.0

    198 Models with Variations Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  12. Peculiar Gemini

    Detailed Chateau Survival Mansion v1.19.2+

    Version: 1.19.2+ Resource Pack: Alacrity (Simplistic, performance friendly, beautiful) Shader: Complimentary Shaders (A new favorite) Mods: None (Plugins = WorldEdit and Optifine) Architectural Style: Renaissance to late 19th century classical/chateau Schematic? Roger! Viable for survival...
  13. Peculiar Gemini

    Large vanilla and custom collection of detailed Minecraft Real Estate!

    I'm a committed single builder with three years of building experience on Minecraft and The Sims 4. If you have any commissions or wish to select a build from my pre-constructed list, you can reach me via these channels- PLANET MINECRAFT PATREON (All premium downloads 1$ - 5$) YOUTUBE I have a...

    Copper Set v1.1

    Shiny copper set prepared for your adventure. Copper Sword Copper Pickaxe Copper Axe Copper Hoe Copper Shovel Copper Bow (pulling stages) Copper Crossbow (pulling, loaded stages)
  15. MadstonMagic

    MMD | Wooden Furniture Set | Volume 1 v1.1.0

    Oraxen Config files by SushiBar, owner of World Of Sushi. Server will open soon!
  16. HesovoDoupe

    VanillaSpawn v1.1

    Vanilla Spawn | 1.19+ Information: Download:
  17. Fulminazzo21

    BeeKeepers v2.0

    BeeKeepers is a simple plugin designed to provide more info to the beekeepers around the world! Features The plugin only provides one feature: the ability to right click on any Bee Nest or Beehive with empty hands (left and right) to display its current state (as an actionbar). In particular...
  18. Crystal Creations

    Vanilla Sets v1.0.0

    6 New Armor Sets 6 New Tool Sets Overview This pack adds new tools & armors to the game. This pack can be used to enhance the survival experience on your server and make it more exciting. This resource contains: • 75 New textures • 6 New tool sets • 6 New armor sets This pack...
  19. TwiiCe

    ⛏ Ores of Fortune | Small SMP with big ideas | looking for people who want to help it grow | Info in thread!

    Ores of Fortune Community first | Mini-games | Creative and Survival | MMO with Quests Do you miss the good old days, when Minecraft was all about building, hanging out with friends and meeting new people? Well, good news! So did I! That's why, after not hosting a server for over six years...
  20. ..Error404..

    SeaCraft MC | Minecraft Themepark (Not Modded!) | Looking for Development Support!

    Welcome to SeaCraft MC, we are a Minecraft server dedicated to recreating SeaWorld parks and more on a 1:1 scale. Currently, we are working on 1:1 SeaWorld Orlando, the first of its kind. Alongside our new creation, SeaWorld San Diego. On SeaCraftMC you can have the real SeaWorld experience in...
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