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  1. HoneyMC

    HoneyMC — Staff (Summer 2021)

  2. JaeMCC

    ❇️ Selling ❇️ Vanilla/Bukkit/Spigot 1.16.3 Server & Setup ❇️

    ⚙️ Vanilla 1.16.3 Minecraft SMP Server Setup: ⚙️ ⚔️ Armor Stand Setup ️ Plugin and Datapack Setup ⛔ AntiCheat Setup (If Wanted) ⛔ ️ Shopping Setup (If Wanted) ️ Fully Customizable ⚙️ Generate New World, or send me Yours to Upload! ☝️ Only $25 USD! You get COMPLETE CONTROL over my setup...
  3. JaeMCC

    Vanilla SMP Server Setup 1.16.3

    1.16.3 3GB Ram 3 Months (Afterward you'll have to renew it) Unlimited Storage 36 Slots Reply with your Discord Username and Tag to work out a deal! I'll set up your server with Datapacks and an AntiCheat Plugin, and show you how to moderate from there! I'm an SMP Server owner from back in the...
  4. JaeMCC

    Vanilla 1.16 Server for Sale!

    GGServers Vanilla SMP-Style Server- -1.16.3 World -Whitelisted -3GB Ram, Unlimited Storage, Dedicated IP Adress. -Just under 3 Months of playtime (after that you'll have to renew it by yourself, but if you just want to play with friends for a bit it's perfect) -A little laggy, but works...
  5. AboutU

    Minecraft Youtuber 900+ Subs

    Youtuber based on Minecraft Cheap Prices 300 - 500 views Discord : AboutU#9345 Channel Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTNbmS9bI2oM207n8N5ngTA Uploading Trailers and Videos , also doing streams .
  6. J


    Brand new server with 200 members. We sometimes get around 1000 messages a day 40 online peak time Normal survival server, open to customisation DM Normal#8748 with offers
  7. Your Average Teen


    ———————————————————— AtomMC ———————————————————— Who are we? We are a new server that includes Factions and vanilla at the moment. We are releasing a Tweaked Factions mode very soon ———————————————————— Server IP: Version: 1.8.9-1.15.2 Discord...
  8. Saphirus

    VanillaPod, a new quirky 1.16 Semi-Vanilla Server

    VanillaPod [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.16.1} {LandClaim} {New Shopping District} {Just Opened} {Discord} We have just started a brand new SMP Vanilla Server for the new 1.16.1 Nether Update. With a small community already we are hopeful of building this community! We are focused on keeping the...
  9. QuiiBz

    Client-Side AC who detect Vape ?

    Hello, I'm currently developing my own Client, with integrated mods and a client-side anticheat. I was wondering if there is any client which is able to detect Vape and/or Vape Lite as this time ? Because, I just found a way to detect both Vape and Vape Lite, which works perfectly lmao
  10. realalecmartin

    CookieDO Staff Recruitment

    Hello! fairly new to mc market, so bare with me I own a Minecraft server, CookieDO, and we are a whitelisted semi-vanilla, vanilla gameplay server. (Meaning we host weekly competitions which utilize plugins, but our typical day to day gameplay is strictly vanilla.) I started CookieDO on April...
  11. M

    Developers needed must be active!

    Hi! I'm DesignSpace the Co-Owner of the server Valorousmc. We are still in prerelease and are looking for a long time developer to work with us. The server is a minigames/ vanilla/ parkour server and we will be adding more gamemodes as we go along. If you are interested please add me on...
  12. M

    OPAnarchy | 1.15.2 Paper

    IP: opanarchy.uk.to \ 1.15.2 Welcome to OP Anarchy! Are you bored of 2b2t waiting times? Well come join OP Anarchy! OP Anarchy is a new anarchy server with absolutely no rules, hacking is allowed! We have our own discord now! Here you can: report bugs, share creations, share clients, find teams...
  13. Samuel-LXX

    [1:500][PREMIUM] Handmade Geopolitical Earth Map [Beautiful Oceans, Breathtaking Terrain]

    Size: 43,000 x 22,000 32GB (Premium Server-Side Downloading so you can continue to use your PC and Internet without any performance loss during the download) - Premium version of the standard 1:500 map. - Not currently used in any communities. - MORE Custom Trees, Rivers, Biomes and an...
  14. Riveranda

    Riverland Anarchy - 1.15.2 Anarchy Server

    Hello guys! Have you ever wished you could play an anarchy server like 2b2t but on a more up to date server? Check out Riverland Anarchy! It is a brand new Anarchy server in 1.15.2 with backwards support for all 1.13+ clients. Hacked clients are encouraged Griefing is allowed All major hacks...
  15. P

    survival server] Minecraft 1.16

    Survival server on Minecraft 1.16 Ip: protoxon.com
  16. NetworkDaddy

    ✮✮✮ NEW ✮✮✮ Survival Minecraft Server Built By the Community For the Community

    Hello MC-Market Community! Today I would like to introduce you to the New Survival Minecraft Server in the making! This server is geared towards the vanilla experience of Minecraft however, our server will be designed towards what the community would like to play! Is there something that you...
  17. 2Anarchy4U

    Looking for content creators/players for Anarchy Server

    Hello, I am looking for Youtubers or any content creator to play on my server, 2Anarchy4U. It is a completely anarchy server with no rules of any sort. Hacking, griefing, or anything you may think of are all allowed. I want to see what players will do when given a completely anarchy...
  18. NotesYT

    Demicraft SMP (Hermitcraft Inspired) Vanilla Tweaks | Active Community

    Welcome to Demicraft! Simply put: We are looking to build a community of friends from all around the world, and hoping that we can create something amazing together! 1.15.2 Vanilla server with some data packs added to enhance the gameplay for everyone, This world has only been running a few days...
  19. LiamTheDev

    (Need Players/YT/Stream) MiniPixel 1.15.2 Custom Dungeons, McMMO, GriefPrevention, Purchasable Ranks

    Server Name: MiniPixel IP: play.minipixel.net Discord: https://discord.gg/EhshkpJ Description A classic "semi-vanilla" survival server with a bunch of community favourite features such as admin shops, player shops and mcmmo, as well as some exclusive features we have designed specifically for...
  20. JamesAustin


    XtremeAnarchy | NEW Anarchy Server ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Works on 1.12.2 | Vote rewards | Like 2b2t | Small community | Prize pools | True Anarchy Server...