1. S

    Coupon v1.0

    Create coupons for your server's promo videos with customizable expiry date and maximum usability. A player can only use a coupon once (this is secured by IP address and player name protection). Every message is configurable! Commands: Create a coupon: /coupon create <name> <expire (in hours)>...
  2. Fusionhub

    ⚡Fusion Skins ⚡Personal Skins ⚡100+ Animated Skins ⚡

    https://builtbybit.com/resources/fusion-skins.35539/ Description Entertain your players with personal skins! We have designed a skins menu that changes the texture of the, item your holding and keeping its data on texture changes! So let say I change my diamond pickaxe to a skin I want well...
  3. Zalbus

    Voxel Vouchers v1.1

    Unqiue Animations with particles. Fully customisable messages/settings. Unlimited vouchers. Actions based system upon opening a pouch. No external dependencies required (Vault is recommended). HEX Support Auto complete Commands Highly configurable Command Permission Description...
  4. Fullpage

    Giftcards for Tebex v1.2.1

    Manage Tebex giftcards directly on your minecraft server! What you need: A Tebex account with api key to insert into your config.yml Commands: » /giftcards help - Shows this page » /giftcards give <player> <type> - Gives player a physical giftcard item to redeem » /giftcards add <player>...
  5. Billionaire City

    BillionaireVouchers | Redeemables & more v1.02-SNAPSHOT

    BillionaireVouchers is your All-In-One Solution for all things Vouchers! It is the ultimate Tool to create the Vouchers you've always dreamt of! From giving Timed Ranks to Money Vouchers & Buycraft Giftcards, BillionaireVouchers can achieve all that with its versatility and flexibility...
  6. DeOpping

    DeltaVouchers v2.0.1

    Be sure to read our conduct before purchasing! Features: 1.8 - 1.20 Support Voucher Box to store given vouchers if the player's inventory is full Custom admin menu to view and obtain all configured vouchers Give all online players any voucher Separate menus for the Voucher Box and admin menu...
  7. Skript.

    KoruptVouchers Optimised Highly Configurable [1.8-1.17] RECODE v1.2

    The third plugin of the KoruptSeries » Voucher plugin » Highly Configurable » Perfect for selling on your server store » Many options to suit your needs » Tested by many people! » Auto generated materials.txt & sounds.txt » Optimised » Well made API No servers are currently using this...
  8. S

    Vouchers config

    Hey, I'm running a smooth faction server and need a configuration for vouchers. if u are up for the job and want to earn some easy money, dm me in discord SirBanana#3531. price can be discussed.
  9. extremall

    AdvancedKits v1.5.8

    If you have PayPal buy on SpigotMC for only 13.95 EUR. Test the Plugin Before You Buy! ✪ IP: test.extremall.xyz Please avoid using Forge/Fabric/LiteLoader/WorldDownloader clients. The test server is safeguarded by the SecuredWorlds plugin. Join now and experience firsthand the...
  10. nicola01

    HQ Vouchers CONFIGFully Configurable - [1.8-1.15] (FREE) v1.0

    VOUCHERS CONFIGURATION Use /Vouchers open for see all vouchers (Dependencies) This Configuration works with: ☛ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/vouchers.13654/ ☛ EssentialsX ▼ FOR SUPPORT AND UPDATE ▼ https://discord.gg/bpwMeWC
  11. mjavery9

    Discord Setup's Free Vouchers! 4/4

    What I offer: I offer a full discord setup, (Roles, Permissions, Bots, Channels, etc.). The discord setup will be fully customized and will not have a setup bot be used at all. I will make sure it is designed to your liking, and that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. Experience: I have...
  12. K

    =====>Plugin Shop

    Hello I am willing to do any small plugin for vouches I need to get my rep up on MCM post your discord or pm me any free small plugin you want developed. These plugins would not be huge as of those would be paid projects but I am very new to Mc-Market because a friend introduced me to it and I...
  13. 21Callcops


    Hi, is there a plugin that allows you to gain a random item from a coupon/voucher? I have tried Vouchers but that did not work. Pleaseeee message me if you know any plugin that does this - DISCORD: callum#2448
  14. BakedPotatoes101

    Vouchers add on need help

    Hello, I am using the plugin vouchers ( https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/vouchers.13654/ ) The problem is when you get it you can just freely apply it. What I want is that when you click it a verification appears that says Are you sure you want to redeem this rank if so click again, Another...
  15. Wolfy_Snipes12331

    -=-Wolfy's Config Shop-=-

    Prices: $0.30 - mini config $0.60 - small config $1 - medium config $5 - large config $10 - EXTRA large config FREE - For any size for vouches Contact me: Discord: Wolfy_Snipes#7819 Email: [email protected] I also will be doing giveaways for free configs
  16. X

    5 Free Plugins! Making plugins for Voucher! 4/5 Left!

    Hey there, I'm trying to build up my reputation with vouchers, so i'm giving away 5 plugins to who ever wants them. P.M Me with the details on the plugin you want, and i will make it.
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