1. iKaros

    WHMCS - Vanity Theme v1.0

    https://billing.universalgg.com/ Vanity is a theme focused on gaming hosting. A modern and intuitive design ideal for a young customer base. It is an exclusive and expensive theme, which will give professionalism to your project. Periodic updates WHMCS 8.7.X and 8.8.X support Product...
  2. Kann

    Modern Hosting Website Template v1.0

  3. Wohaho

    Exploring PteroSync: The Next-Gen Solution for WHMCS-Pterodactyl Integration

    What does PteroSync do? PteroSync is a WHMCS module that integrates seamlessly with the Pterodactyl panel, offering automated server management and resource allocation. It's designed to simplify server tasks, especially for game servers. Why PteroSync? PteroSync excels in managing server...
  4. OxiWan

    WHMCS - ProxmoxVPS DarkMod v1.0

    Introducing the sleek and professional Dark Theme for the ProxmoxVPS plugin on WHMCS! Elevate your user experience with this elegantly crafted, visually stunning theme designed to complement the ProxmoxVPS plugin seamlessly. Featuring a modern and sophisticated design, our Dark Theme offers a...

    Looking for Discord + WHMCS developer

    Hello there, I am looking for a skilled and experienced developer to create a Discord Bot that seamlessly integrates with WHMCS while offering a range of essential features. The envisioned features for the Discord Bot include: 1. Verify System: Implement a smooth verification process to...
  6. Endeavor

    💻⚡ Flame and Feather // Networking and Maintenance - Installs, Setups, and Repairs - Flexible Contracts

  7. Arxtic.

    Legacy Hosting | 🎮 Easy-To-Use Pterodactyl Panel | 💵 Reliable and Affordable Hosting | Use Code: 25OFF

    LEGACY HOSTING Legacy Hosting is a fast and affordable hosting company providing all types of hosting. We offer all types of hosting like Discord Bot Hosting, Minecraft Hosting and more! We have an easy to use pterodactyl panel and we are going to be adding DirectAdmin Website Hosting. If you...
  8. radisic023

    WHMCS Template Summer Sale

    Hello, On the occasion of 5 years of successful work i give 20% of my latest two WHMCS Templates Negro & Ruzenko Link for order
  9. K

    Web Developer Needed for Hosting Company Project Based on WHMCS, Pterodactyl, and Virtualizor

    Hello, esteemed members of our wonderful online community called BuiltByBit! I'm excited to announce that I am currently on the lookout for a talented and dedicated Web Developer to join a thrilling project. Our aim is to establish a new hosting company based in Germany and we need your...
  10. luffy ARK

    WHMCS discord bot - Streamline your host v1.0.1

    Contact luffy#0699 for any questions and do know that I plan to add plenty of more features aligned with client interests. Currently planned features suggested by clients: https://github.com/users/arkluffy/projects/1 todo: Discord SSO on whmcs for linking Invoice remainders on discord general...
  11. radisic023

    WHMCS Template

    Hello, I present you new Gaming & Web WHMCS Template You can preview here
  12. W

    [REQUEST] Looking for matching WHMCS+Pterodactyl Theme

    Hello guys, I am looking for someone to either create from scratch or sell me matching WHMCS+Pterodactyl themes. Can speak in discord dms: Whij#9001 Many Thanks, Whij :)
  13. M

    Looking for Custom Discord Bot

    Hello, I am in the market for a custom discord bot. With the general capabilities of a in depth ticketing system, Auto moderation A few other small features, And most importantly integration between WHMCS and Discord. If this is a service you think that you can provide please leave you're...
  14. wwesn

    WHMCS Ark & WHMCS Minecraft Game Server Themes!

    WebsiteIntegrations.Com has just added 2 new WHMCS Templates to the WHMCS Marketplace! These two new templates are great for Game Server Hosts! They include a new customized home page you can use as your website front page! The two new themes are: WHMCS Ark Theme ...
  15. Pokey

    Looking for someone to make Hosting Main page and WHMCS theme

    Hey! I'm looking for someone to make me a WHMCS theme, looking for people with portfolio, the website would be based upon a space theme, and is for Minecraft servers, but more in the future, looking for a Dark UI as well :D. Please dm me and we can come up with a price. Discord - Pokey#5978
  16. ChickenFlipper

    Requesting Developer(s) [HTML/PHP, WHMCS, Pterodactyl]

    Me and my team are in need of developer(s) who are proficient in web development, WHMCS related development, and pterodactyl panel related development. Payment will be contract basis and will be discussed if we decide to work with you. Pricing will also be discussed when and if we decide to...
  17. iKaros

    VANITY - Modern Gaming Hosting Template v3.5

    IMPORTANT: ONLY 30% OF THE TOTAL CONTENT IS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS. THE BEST IS TO CONSULT ME FOR A DEMO IN MY CONTACT METHODS. DARK STYLE https://imgur.com/a/eBc5oOA WHITE STYLE https://imgur.com/a/Zaq7FPA Vanity is a theme focused on gaming hosting. A modern and intuitive design ideal for a...
  18. TheGameHosting

    WHMCS Template

    Hey! I need a WHMCS template that has a similar look to our website. Send discord or contact us.
  19. TheGameHosting

    Need help with Pterobill and Pterodactyl configuration / Make Offer $

    Hey! I need to setup products in whmcs using Pterobill so games such as, ARK, CSGO, RUST are created by Slots and configure Pterodactyl to not let clients change their slots because we want to sell products by slots. (Only people with Vouches and experience)
  20. radisic023

    rade023 | Front-end Developer [NEW WEBSITE]

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