1. 1pick_

    [REQUEST] Builder Needed!

    Looking for a long term, permanent builder or two to be apart of our staff team! This is a paid position, we can discuss pay privately. Currently I am looking for someone good at terraforming and terrain creation, custom biome and exotic designs. The builds will need assets such as archways...
  2. Robarm

    FREE Tree Repository over 300 Schems v.2.0

    CLOSE UP PICS GALLERY: NEW UPDATE: V2.0 - SAKURA TREES UPDATE Now including Sakura Trees, Shrubs & Logs! (More coming soon!) All for the same price! Stay tuned for more updates! [Robarm] Ultimate Tree Repository I've been making maps for over 10 years now. I've done it professionally for the...
  3. Geitenijs

    KeepChunks v1.7.1

    PRIVATE SUPPORT - BUG REPORTS - FEATURE REQUESTS PLEASE DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION FOR SUPPORT Overview KeepChunks allows you to select chunks to keep them loaded in the Minecraft server memory, even when there are no players around. This can be useful for large redstone circuits...
  4. lukariosmen

    PlayerWorldEdit v0.13

    Introducing "PlayerWorldEdit" Minecraft Plugin! PlayerWorldEdit is an exceptional Minecraft plugin that grants players the power of WorldEdit, enabling them to reshape their Minecraft worlds effortlessly. With its streamlined /pwe set command and intuitive functionality, PlayerWorldEdit...
  5. Neaza

    WorldPainter/MCEdit Experience Needed.

    I am looking for someone/multiple team to help me create a 1.8-1.19 Maps, That knows how to do simple edits in World Painter that can make me some decent worlds with unique generations but also plan/custom Super Flats. Will also need/need someone new with experience in MCEdit so that we can...
  6. ZAS Reaper

    RKore v1.5.7

    Discord - Reap#0001 Development Server GitHub Schematic Builder Add schematics that place with a set duration and you can rotate the schematic via right clicking after placing the schematic a gui will appear to change the direction and you may also cancel the placement and it will return the...
  7. Darkover

    LevelZone Addon AlonsoLevels v1.2

    LevelZone allows you to create zones that are only accessible to a certain level ------------------------------------------- Config: Dependencies: AlonsoLevels, WorldGuard How does it work? Add the flag using /rg flag <region> min-level <level>
  8. G


    Hi this is Sokkos the owner of we NEED builders for our new kitpvp map.Our server is Kitpvp and the ip is discord is Sokkos#9197. We need people with atleast 3 years of building experience and over the age of 13 Please come soon thanks Sokkos
  9. danirod12

    WorldEdit Frames NTD | 1.13 - 1.17 v1.0.2

    ntdWorldEditFrames - plugin that allows you to set with frames using command //frames This plugin need WorldEdit 7.0 or higher New command for WorldEdit //frames that allow you to set with frames Async placing (Reduced, delayed placing) Fully customizable! Speed, amount per tick, all...
  10. Folium Construct

    ✨ Folium Construct - 💫 Cheap & Quality Builds | ✨ 110+ Reviews

    Our Links Twitter: Discord: Portfolio: #showcase in our Discord + Twitter Expected Quality
  11. Carrot_Cat27

    Pro Builder Looking for Work

    Hi, I'm looking for anyone who needs anything building. Whether it is building help, advice, or to just in need of a build, I can help. I am familiar with World Edit, Voxel-snipper, and most general mods. I can pretty much build in almost any style. Money won't be an issue, as I do not really...
  12. MrGamingOG

    Question for minecraft builders!

    Got a simple question for you guys who deal with building and pasting schematics in the Minecraft servers. Question: How do you blend the terrain efficiently when pasting a spawn or lobby schematic into the world? Note: I know you can use the //brush with worldedit but is there any new METAS...
  13. Sean147299

    DeluxePrisonCoreYour all-in-one prison solution! AutoMiner NPCPick Levels , Rewards & more! v1.0.9-Alpha

    Test live in-game by joining "DPC" refers to DeluxePrisonCore. DeluxePrisonCore was designed to drastically improve the end users gameplay experience for their prison servers. DPC is an all-in-one solution with many powerful features whilst also keeping performance at the highest...
  14. AkiiBoii

    Steampunk/Medieval Type Ship v1.16+

    a Steampunk styled Flying ship, which can be also placed in water. using /mask and /material u can completely style the colors of the balloon yourself
  15. cs_bro

    SkyBlock WorldEdit

    Hey I'm looking for someone that can make me a WorldEdit plugin for SuperiorSkyblock2 It's a full remake of this plugin Skyblock WorldEdit which can be found on spigot (Click here to see the plugin) it has been abandoned and the dev no longer will work on it. If you think you can do this please...
  16. TheWonder111

    (-20%) CREATIVE SERVER - WorldEdit / Custom Menus ENGLISH / ESPAOL v.1.2

    * Version Inglesa. Para la versión Española pulsa AQUI Premade server of Creative for your server with custom maps. ✶Custom Maps ✶Plots 300x300 ✶Warp PvP and Warp Plots ✶Limited World Edit for Vip users ✶Custom Menus ✶Chairs ✶Optimized server ✶Flags menu ✶Armour Stand creator...
  17. NutellaAndGo

    Minecrates 1.8 || Perfect for Prison Servers!

    VIEW THE PLUGIN : MineCrates By Nutella (Horizon Devs Owner) Hello viewer! This is a Minecrates plugin that I have made for my server, and thought other people might be interested in too! This plugins includes the following: - Infinite Rewards - Crate...
  18. Sharp8Xer


    ╔══════════════════════════════════════════╗   AstroCrafters Minecraft Server ╚══════════════════════════════════════════╝ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ INFORMATION ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ᐅ Discord: ᐅ Server IP:
  19. TrollingCake_

    Skywars Maps Pack 1 [5 Maps for 1.8+] v2.0

    5 different medium-size skywars maps, built on 1.8, as schematics (.schematic)! Installation: - Install WorldEdit - Create a "schematics" folder inside WorldEdit files - Unzip the schematics and upload to "schematics" - Restart your server (or reload WorldEdit) - Load the schematics using...
  20. K


    You need more builds? Donate my world <3 PayPal:
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