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youtubers needed

  1. Joelmatic

    Looking for small Youtubers/Streamers

    What is Maticsky? Here at MaticSky, we offer an All-New Minecraft Skyblock experience from the way we run the Minecraft server to countless other stuff! Some of the stuff to get hyped for is ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ --- Is top rewards! --- Stunning starter islands (3 different types !) ---...
  2. L

    [️] Skyblock Network - Looking for youtubers []

    Hey I'm Leeswellenguran an Admin for an upcoming Skyblock network and I'm looking to recruit small unpaid YouTubers for our network releasing Saturday, July 3rd 2 PM EST We aren't offering payment as of right now but you will be given a youtube rank straight off and we could consider payment in...
  3. FutureFries

    Looking for YouTubers / Twitch streamers

    Hey there , I'm owner of Futurelands smp available on java and bedrock . I'm looking for YouTubers and twitch streamers for our server . We have 1200 members on our discord and our MC server . In exchang of videos you may get alot of subs and views from our server . Our discord...
  4. Asperity

    Asperity Network • Content Creator recruitment •

    Asperity Network Asperity is looking to Partner & recruit some Content creators to our server. We are first starting off with Factions, and then moving on to Skyblock Competative, Skyblock Community (6+ months maps), OP Prisons, HCF, and more. Partnership Info & Requirements As a Partner for...
  5. Stelios

    Among Us Streamers / YouTubers

    Looking to sponsor YouTubers and/or streamers that are willing to promote an Among Us related website. Just like getting sponsored by a gaming chair, hardware or headphone company - only you'll be showing your audience something that'll actually interest them. Who knows, maybe you'll like the...
  6. DomMatrix

    [PAID] LetsBuild SMP looking for active Youtuber's/Streamer's

    LetsBuild SMP is looking for youtuber's and streamers to play on the server and make videos.We are a small gaming community that is active on the server and take survival seriously. I work in real life so we can setup a payment arrangement. (Serious inquires only please. Also must be an...
  7. Rambler


    Hello, my name is William (Rambler) I am a Network Manager on a server called GideonMC meaning I make sure the server is in the best shape, and also at it's best place. We are currently looking for Youtubers with a decent amount of subs, along with a good average per video. We are a factions...
  8. Rambler


    Hello, RetroMC is currently looking for Small and not paid youtubers and Streamers, and large and paid youtubers. Please keep in mind the server will not be releasing for a while but we do want to get the Youtubers for Skyblock, Factions, and 2+ Custom gamemodes. Youtubers from 300-5000 Subs...
  9. Smurrffy

    LeafMC [Factions 1.15.2] is requesting for any YouTubers!

    Hello people of the MC-Market, My name is Smurrffy, and I help run a fairly new, but fully functional/organized and promising factions server, the one and only LeafMC (*crowd applauding*) Since we are new, even though we have completed the server's staff team (more applications will open soon...
  10. Sachin

    Youtuber Needed!

    Hey I'm currently looking for a youtuber for my minecraft server. The server I own is called GTA-M. It is an entirely new experience of gta in minecraft and comes jam packed with cool features such as: - Upgrade-able homes - Gangs - Quests - Cops - & More I am currently looking for a youtuber...
  11. E

    **New** Dragonia | Requesting Builders | Looking for Youtubers

    About Dragonia: - Fairly new - Small consistent player base - Currently have Survival and Creative but also plan on adding an mmoRPG server What we're looking for: Builders - Non paid position - Access to all gamemodes, W/E, ArmorStandTools and Custom Heads - Skilled at a variety...
  12. RickyHMine

    Minecraft Faction Youtuber's and Factions $$

    I am interested in kicking off my player-base for my new Factions 1.8.8 Server . Ip: , Im interested in paying any Minecraft Youtuber's for a small gameplay video of the server . Another idea I had is to invite and discuss with any decent size factions to join the server and start...
  13. Zayth

    MC-CLANS | Hiring YouTubers

    If you want to get a firsthand look, you can join it with: Server discord: Personal discord: Zayth#0001
  14. Jami

    YouTubers needed for a Battle Royale server

    Hey! I am in need of minecraft youtubers to record on an upcoming battle royale server! The Battle Royale server is called "RoyaleMC", for more information about the server click on here. - English youtubers are preferred. - High budget. - Payment depends on your channels stats (view count...
  15. ItZDraGoNSLaYeR

    Paid/FREE Youtuber(Server Advertisment)

    Hello! We are looking for a Youtuber that will like to Advertise our Server, The server is not ready yet but it's going to be soon! We are going to OPEN with Factions and later on more gamemodes will be added. We can offer everything listed below as payment. CraftStore/Buycraft Items/Ranks...
  16. C

    Youtubers Needed - Skyblock Server

    Hi MC Market, I need youtubers who can promote the Green Cloud Skyblock server. The youtubers will receive a rank which they can access to commands like /vanish, /broadcast and more. I will not be paying the youtuber(s) but you will get a special rank and almost OWN the server! (But in some...
  17. WTBro

    Dexterity Factions [1.7-1.13] $500 Buycraft FTop Prize

    Dexterity Factions is currently looking for Players, Staff members, and Youtubers. Dexterity Factions is a new factions server that consists of a lot of exciting features that is soon to be released. We are a small community right now but we are looking to growing and need those certain kind of...
  18. Burgerino

    ($200 BUDGET) HCF, KITPVP, and UHC server, PrestigeMC

    I am the owner of a server called prestigemc, and I need English youtubers to record, and build a player base on it. I will pay up to $200 paypal depending on the size of your youtube channel. I perfer you to be a UHC youtuber, and also start a hcf series, and be able to get a lot people to...
  19. lebelle

    YouTubers / Advertising for Vanilla SMP Server

    Hello MC-Market! I'm looking for small YouTubers (5k or less subs) and any other forms of reliable advertising for my recently opened server. YouTuber Budget: $10 Obviously my budget isn't very high. I'd prefer a small YouTuber to record for free in exchange for perks on my server...
  20. Jami

    YouTubers needed for factions server!

    Hey everyone, title says most. Basically just looking for youtubers with over 500 subs (can make exceptions though) that will record on my server. YouTubers are gonna be paid however it really does depend on how many subs and views you get. IP: Contact me in discord @ Jamiy#9590...
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