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We also have an optional FTOP Addon for our Supreme Spawners that sells at $10 to go along with its system, it includes tracking of stacked supreme spawners, the upgrades that have been put on the spawners, and the potential value of their spawners if they're all upgraded. This FTOP is the fastest publicly available FTOP plugin you can get on the market, even privately. Able to calculate 17000+ Spawners in 583ms with no lag whatsoever on a live factions map with 180 online.



- Silk/Pickup costs per mob type
- Built-in automatic spawners backup system
- Server Wide & Per-Chunk spawner statistics
- Async game mechanic checks
- Built-in mob stacking support
- Powerful built-in API
- 15+ Optimizations made to vanilla spawners mechanics.

Spawner Stacking
Fully thought out spawner stacking system that works flawlessly with our upgrade system, spawners that aren't the same level cannot be stacked and upgrade prices scale with how many spawners are in that stack. Adding and removing spawners from a stack can be done seamlessly through a menu. You can even choose what you want the max amount of spawners in a stack to be.


Mob/Item Stacking
Fully laid out Mob Stacking system that works flawlessly with the rest of our lineup. Mobs will spawn stacked, and will be instantly added to the stack before they ever actually spawn to have the minimum amount of lag possible. Includes configuration options to change what each mob drops, and how much XP they drop as well.

We have also included a super fast Item Stacking system as well to make it even easier to integrate SupremeSpawners into your server.

All spawners have the option to be upgraded, all values are fully configurable for each type of spawner. The speed upgrade reduces the time it takes for each spawn cycle to occur from that spawner. The amount upgrade increases the amount of mobs spawned each spawn cycle from that spawner. Each with configurable costs, time/amount each upgrade level, and how many levels you want for each upgrade.


Statistics and Cleaning
We have implemented commands to make moderating your server even easier. Some of the commands include, checking how many and what types of spawners are in the chunk you are currently standing in, checking how many spawners are loaded, active, how many spawned mobs last spawn cycle, and cleaning broken spawners from your server.


Supported Plugins
- xSpawners
- FactionsKore
- GalacticStacker
- Factions (UUID, Massive, Savage, Saber, Supreme)
- Skyblock (A, B, Iridium, Goliath, Superior2)

Looking to test? 1.8.8 Test Server » `supremedev.us`
Questions, Comments, Support? discord.supremedev.us

( We only take PayPal payments indirectly through our own ReSellers )
( We only directly take Card and BTC/ETH/XRP/TRX payments )
( None of our products support windows OS )


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