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Looking for Co-Owners and Server promoters


Hello there,
I am currently looking to remake a server with a fully custom gameplay. We are looking for Co-owners who can help a bit with funding the server and also helping it to become better.
As of now we are a discord group of over 200 members and a staff count of 10.
Requirements for this role [Co-Owner]:
  • Above 18 years of age and must be mature. There is no hard-cap on age limit however if you demonstrate that you are capable of the role we will still consider.
  • Previous experience with managing servers and moderating public communities.
  • It is highly appreciated if you are skilled in any of the following fields but it isn't a must. (Plugin development/Web development /Building/Graphic design)
  • Willing to fund the server
Join our discord for info on other staff roles.
Please note : The server is planned on being an Eurasian server with hosting in Europe and Asia.
: The name , Gamemode and other details are subject to change as we are still in development and not finalised with the project yet
: Feel free to just come hangout on our discord and/or apply for Staff if this thread doest fit your interests.
My past experience;
[Developer] Pixelheim - Current (Looking for co-owner)
Moderator] Kings-craft
[Developer] For my college server.(Private)
[Developer] CraftHaven
[Admin] PirateMc
[Admin] Haven-realms
Few of these servers have an active player-base of 400+ people at peak hours. Also in addition to this i have made custom Minecraft plugins and bots for multiple servers and have knowledge about Custom Model Data, Plugin Setup, Java (For Custom Plugins) ,SQL(For Database calls) and Python (for Discord bots and machine leaning applications).

Please Join our discord - and Pm me (Sherr#3741) or Night Slayer#6455
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