1. LynxX

    Rank Tags v1.0

    WEBSITE RANK TAGS INCULDED RANKS -Owner -Co-Owner -Leader -HeadAdmin -Sr-Admin -Admin -HeadMod -Sr-Mod -Mod -Trial-Mod -Developer -Builder -MVP+ -MVP -VIP+ -VIP For extra customization, consider Buying the Add-on "PSD Template"
  2. TanXS

    OtrizSMP | Experienced Co-owner wanted (Founded)

    (Already founded the person I need) Looking for a co-owner for my new server project. It’s a semi-vanilla SMP. It contains various features, for example, factions, regional chat (Player can’t receive chat that exceeds the distance limit), enhanced landscape, and some fun mods (all mods are...
  3. JacobZ

    Looking for a server partner/co-owner/manager CLOSED

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who has experience managing and operating minecraft servers. Looking for someone who has successfully released at least 1 server or has been in managment of multiple servers, successful being at least 50-150 player base servers. I am providing full funding for...
  4. PvP Connoisseur

    LOOKING FOR INVESTOR!!! 1.8 PvP Client & Factions Server

    What is our 1.8 PvP Client? In our PvP client, we have many features that are known to other clients. What makes us stand out is our security, our exceptional speeds and the improvements other clients do not have. We have fully transformed the UIs, from the Main Menu look to the way you change...
  5. Danalytics

    --FOUND-- Don't contact

    Hello everyone :), I FOUND SOMEONE. My name is Dan, and I usually do services for businesses; however, I wanted to have a small "project" to work on for fun and as a passion. I am very good at configuring servers and am looking for someone to help me run a small survival Minecraft server. In...
  6. WorldLyf

    Looking for Co-Owner/Partner

    Hey! Please take the time to fully read the thread if interested! A little bit about Skytopia: Skytopia is a one-of-a-kind server. We are aiming to bring the best parts of many different gamemodes...
  7. B

    ➡️ 𝗡𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿𝘀 & 𝗛𝗲𝗹𝗽 𝗔𝗱𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴? ⬅️

    Hello! I'll keep this short. I run a discord gaming community that primarily focuses on our Valheim dedicated servers, but we're looking to bring in a Minecraft server as there has been some demand for it from our members. I personally don't have time to manage a MC server, so this would be a...
  8. VoidWardon17

    Seeking a Co-Owner for Established SMP Server

    Hey there BBB, We're excited to share that our established SMP server is about to get a big upgrade. We've got a fantastic group of players who are as passionate about Minecraft as we are, and we want to give them an experience that's next level. So, we're rebooting and rebuilding our server...
  9. Schwing

    Looking to Invest or Purchase

    Hello, I'm looking for smaller servers 50-250PB that are actively seeking investors. Also would consider the purchasing of a server with mentioned PB if any are selling. I have a good sized budget for the right server. I have extensive experience running Rust, DayZ, Arma servers with great...
  10. Darth Vitiate

    Mythology Heroes looking for co founder(s) and staff. (Paid)

    INTRODUCTION Hello there! Glad you stopped and took a read! Let me first tell you about myself! I'm a pretty average working joe who decided to start a server that fun and enjoyable for all! The server that I'm talking about is Mythology Heroes an OP Prisons server to start. I've been thinking...
  11. KyleFurst

    Looking for partner/staff for an upcoming Annihilation server

    Hello! My name is Kyle or as some may know me as Orange, and I am currently looking for someone to start a server with. Past Experience I have owned numerous servers in the past, one accomplishment I had however, was owning and managing the server Nexus Blaze. I will provide some videos down...
  12. Tonkah


  13. ShadoTheLunatic

    Looking for Partner / Co-Owner

    Hello, My name is Shado, and I'm here looking for a partner / co-owner for a server that I started development on towards the end of 2021, called One Tree. At the time, the motivation for this server for me was driven by passion. I had envisioned the whole idea for the server and planned...
  14. JacobZ

    Server Idea, looking for co-owner, someone to run the server. I'll provide the finances.

    Hey I've been inactive for a Long time, haven't played minecraft seriously in years. Occasionally I'll get the desire to play the game again, though it is just too easy. Most game modes out there are cookie cutter, and most servers lack polish and creativity. I'm proposing an idea for a custom...
  15. MxLNinjaz

    V2 - Venemous [LF] Co-Founder or Developer

    Hello all who visit this post, Server Information: Region: UK Version: 1.18.2 Game mode: Currently Skyblock however will be switching to an SMP What I am looking for is a Co-Founder/Developer to assist me with my Minecraft server. I would preferably like someone who has previous experience...
  16. DarkFalconRS

    ⭐Mytheral Network⭐ | Hosting Owner Needed!

    Info: Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day today! I was just curious whether or not any of you would be willing to run an up-and-coming pristine Minigames Network with me! The link to our official mcmarket post is here...
  17. byteful

    Looking for a co-owner for a ranked bw server.

    Alright so I thought of an idea that doesn't seem to really exist. It will basically be a ranked bedwars server. The demand for bedwars seems to be pretty good from Hypixel's stats. I think a ranked/competitive mode would be great for the gamemode. I'm able to program and setup the actual...
  18. Jaynormous

    Looking for a Co-Owner | Nations based SMP server

    Found a Co-Owner.
  19. byteful

    Requesting a co-owner for a somewhat special Minecraft server gamemode.

    Alright so I'll get straight to the point. I need someone with skills to market and manage a Minecraft server. I will be handing the development of the server and setting it up, etc. I already have many assets for the server such as the domain, discord server, beta MC server, logo, and spawn...
  20. Pokey

    UpComming MC Server | Looking for Co-owner

    -- TLDR: Looking for a Co-Owner, for a project with proper management and experienced owners with minecraft servers. Hey! If you've made this far in reading this post well then welcome, I'm Pokey, and you're probably wondering welp another Co-Owner post asking something unresonable or an...
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