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Deluxe Tebex Theme 4.7 STABLE

The best Tebex/Buycraft Theme you can buy!
  • Language selector (Improve ease of use)
  • Fixing css related issues
  • Adding an option to disable bedrock for cracked servers
  • Adding an option to enable by default bedrock
  • Add integration for crypto exchange directly in config
  • Generate icons for pages too
  • Try to improve config generation for rank upgrade addon
  • Added announcements
  • Introduced a new type of navigation
  • Fixed some mobile responsive issues
  • Added a selector for the CSS version of the theme
  • Now you can modify the category icons directly from the panel
  • The ability to upload images for Halloween and Christmas modes has been added

  • Implemented API for steam avatars
  • Fixed error bar
  • Added options for SEO (OG Image, description, embed color)
  • Fixed multiple CSS bugs and responsinve design for packages
  • Added option for selecting how many recent donators you want to show
  • Fixed modals on firefox browser
  • Fixed categories with no description
  • Removed logging for pages
  • Fixed modal if you dont have gifting enabled
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Added Christmas Mode
  • Redesigned Product Popup
  • Fixed css bugs
  • Css file was moved to a CDN to provide up to date CSS even if you don't have the latest version.

Fixed bedrock skins and css issues
  • config in a single file (improve ease of migration to a new update)
  • animations for logo (optional)
  • When you click a category and you are not logged in, it will redirect you to the category after you log in.
  • Fix modules grid
  • Moved the skin api to minotar, fixed bedrock
  • Added halloween mode
  • Fixed searching without logging in
  • Added Vote Page
  • Fixed a bug with login modal

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