1. NeroCore

    ✔ 24 HOUR AUCTION✔ Fantasy-Medieval Hub/Lobby ✔ Starting price $10 | +Resell rights.✔

    We present to your attention a cuttie medieval themed server lobbie. Welcome to my Auction! Includes: 1. Resell rights. 2. Render 3. 2 Crates 4. 5 places for NPC (Can be Edited.) 5. Parkour 6. Spawnpoint area. Lobbie sizes ~120x120. You will get: Schematic: 1.12 (Can be Edited.) The winner...
  2. Legendarified

    Promoting my Minecraft Server Discord

    https://discord.gg/9QJsMkPJQs Brand new upcoming Minecraft Prison server! Server information: SERVER IP: theapexnetwork.org (Java Edition | 1.12.2) DISCORD https://discord.gg/9QJsMkPJQs Features: 26 Ranks A-Z 20 Prestiges, allows replayability 5 CHEAP Donator Ranks Exclusive features, such...
  3. scraft0807

    PVP FIX for 1.12.2 server.

    Hi, I'm searching someone, who can implement the old pvp (knockback and hit delay) from vanilla 1.8 version, to 1.12.2 paper spigot. I'm offering 25$ for this patch, also i'm able to deal. If you are interested, you can leave your contact information here, or add me on Discord: Scraft...
  4. RedSkyStudio

    Auction Western sky wars 12 islands 1.12.2

    The initial price is 1$ The purchase price is $15
  5. HexainTheDev

    Looking for staff for a new skyblock server(NotPAID)

    I am looking to make a skyblock server and have not decided the name yet Ranks open! Helper - Help moderate chat, and trys to help any in any ways they can! Builder - If we need any help building you will be the one we go for! Dev - Makes plugins for the server or may help configure plugins...
  6. Levitate


    Hey, I'm going to be selling my minecraft server, unfortunately due to school work and many other problems in my personal life I don't have the time to manage the server anymore, the server made over $450 dollars in the month that it was running. Included: ‣ E-Mail Account...
  7. Falconator

    RetronixMC | $600 in sales | Everything Domain, Host etc.

    Hello, I am officially selling RetronixMC. It comes with a bunch of things please dm me on discord for an IP for a test server. (Test server ends April 4th not renewing after that) Do not know what to price everything at but most of the custom plugins cost a lot of money and a lot of time and...
  8. Directoire

    play.vanillaminecraft.eu | 2021's 2b2t | Java | 1.12.2

    Hello there! Are you looking for a Minecraft survival server with no rules, a place where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want? In that case, Vanilla MC is the place to be. Vanilla MC is focused on giving you the best Minecraft vanilla experience as possible. We have an amazing...
  9. Directoire

    Anarchy server promotion

    Closed! :)
  10. Rj Gameing

    Developer to help update McHeli

    Heya, all! I'm looking for a developer to help me update an existing mod by EMB4 called MCHeli. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mcheli-minecraft-helicopter-mod/files Version: Current Mod Forge Version: 1.7.10 - Updated Mod Forge Version: 1.12.2 -
  11. HulkDoesGaming

    Creative Server Setup v1.1.3.2

    ✦ CREATIVE SERVER SETUP ✦ This Creative server setup contains many great Features. Main server version is 1.12.2 but is joinable using 1.8.x - 1.16.x. I aimed to offer you the best without having to buy much else, in this case the server is made 100% of Free Plugins, Except, Citizens, TAB, &...
  12. Rj Gameing

    Minecraft Mod Developer need to update a mod

    Heya! I'm looking for a developer to help update an existing mod to Forge 1.12.2. For more information and the mod please direct message me on Discord. William T.//GCS#3984 I have gained permission to decompile and edit the mod by the original author. Do not edit other people's works without...
  13. cronu

    Showcase Plugin || Color Support, Formatting Support, Lore Support, Enchant Support || FREE v1.0

    Commands /showcase (while holding an item) Permissions Showcase command: showcase.use Feel free to report any problems you may have, if you would like to see any additions to this plugin then feel free also.
  14. cronu

    Rename Plugin || Color Support, Formatting Support, Lore Support || FREE v1.01

    Commands /rename [text] /lore [text] Permissions Lore command: lore.use Rename command: rename.use Feel free to report any problems you may have, if you would like to see any additions to this plugin then feel free also.
  15. ahhyourbad

    EFT 1.12 sponge plugin creation

    Hello, I’m a Manager on a modded network and wanted to see if there is any freelancers here that can develop a sponge plugin for me? I will pay for your services just get in contact with me if your interested. 1.12.2 spongeforge has to work with out any api's and need to work with mods My...
  16. Lars110304


    This is a survival server with alot of cool features! you can play with your friends and play alone. Its a pve server! there shops, custom enchants, keys, ranks and alot more to make fun! go join now! Play.LJSurvival.tk
  17. ProbablyTrue

    [WILL PAY] Simple Lighting/Ambient Occlusion Fix

    I would be ecstatic if someone were able to fix a very simple lighting issue which has plagued the game since the very addition of smooth lighting to Minecraft. Due to this sites anti-spam rules, I can't post links or images/videos of said lighting issue until I have made at least 3 threads...
  18. S

    We are Hiring for our new Bungee server (MineCraft)

    Welcome to Eutopia our brand new server is now open and we are wanting new players to join our family. Our servers currently hold 20 players per server which will be increased depending on player size. We have 3 servers available which again as players grow I will add server I aim to add a...
  19. Kateroni

    Modded Minecraft network discord (Arcane Oasis)

    Arcane Oasis is an adventure based modpack put together to enhance your Minecraft experience. It adds magic, animals, plants, technology, and tons of new food and agriculture to your game. We have a server set up with voting, plugins, NPCS, and much more. Come join us and bring your friends!
  20. O

    Pre-Made Survival Server

    Hello, My name's Alex and for the past few days I've been working on a server, I decided to sell it since it's not easy to get players, please note that if you do buy the server, It will not come with a hosting service, just the files Price: We'll talk about it in DMs Discord: EyeKilledYou#6666...