1. L

    Learn how to code for free!

    Hello! My name is lenthi, I Am a coder that`s experienced with java,bukkit,spigot,blueprint and currently learning the advanced bits of html CSS and C++. My goal is to learn everything that can possibly be learn`t of the famous coding programs. It has been a very rough road for me as I Have not...
  2. Sm0keySa1m0n

    Forge mod developerThe developer

    Hello reader, my name is Joe and I am looking for an experienced minecraft mod developer that will be willing to dedicate time to a big mod/game which I cannot disclose the name of. The developer we are looking for needs to be willing to volunteer without pay for the initial creation period due...
  3. S

    Crackshot Configuration [Custom]+[Epic]+[1.12.2]+[Resourcepack]

    Hi guyz im selling my old crackshot guns configuration since i dont have a server anymore.If you want to try it out before buying it,message me here and ill prepare a test server for you. All guns are made for minecraft version 1.9 - 1.12.2 but you can still use this guns for 1.8 just change...
  4. ulovemaddy

    CraftCreation | 1.12.2 | play.craftcreation.net

    Craft Creation is a new and upcoming network that opened on December 26th. The network has 3 different servers such as Creative, Prison and Skyblock. There will be future servers coming to the network such as Factions, Towny, GTA, Capture the Flag, Survival games and Team Deathmatch. Everyone...
  5. U

    Ultra-Factions NEW Faction Server that NEEDS STAFF

    Hey! I'm qBen_Plays the owner of a new server I myself started called Ultra-Factions. As a new server we need new staff to come on board this adventure that this server will take us. We need all types of staff, admins, co-owners, managers, developers, etc. We are in an alpha stage currently as...
  6. N

    Vanilla Server

    Hey, I'm looking for some mature people to join my Vanilla 1.12.2 server, not much done on it so you're not very behind.
  7. Zeuos

    YouTuber wanted! SMP Server!

    Hey there! I'm here to look for an active YouTuber who wants/is willing to record on an SMP server, be it a Let's Play series or streaming on one - that will help us both grow! Info...