1. kangarko

    Protect - Anti-Exploit & Anti-Dupe v1.1.8

    Testimonials: IMPORTANT: If you bought Confiscate, you're entitled for a free license to Protect. ✅ High-Performance: Runs in the background and performs database queries async. ✅ Dependency-Free: Doesn't require any dependency to run. ✅ Frequent Updates: Quick update when a new exploit...
  2. Diekieboy

    Vulcan Config | Ph4ntom Series v1.0

  3. slz

    Xrai - AI powered Xray detection v.1.3.2

    Xrai is a state-of-the-art AI powered Xray detection tool built to help you administrate your server by automatically catching cheaters with suspicious mining patterns by using it's dataset of mines, and running programmable actions when they're found. Xrai even has support to send a message to...
  4. n0rthmaster123

    Flux Anti-Cheat v4.1-Beta

    Flux AntiCheat is free anti-cheat solution by MCGenerals. Website: Src: Github Test Server: This anti cheat only support 1.8.x This Anti-Cheat is packed based and running on async-thread. It can detect Fly hacks, Speed hacks, and some blatant cheats...
  5. T

    Looking For Anti-cheat Dev

    Hello everyone, my name is VLone i am the owner of Infinite Network and we are looking for a good anti-cheat dev. (we are fine with you forking the anti-cheat) Features: 3.1 Reach checks (it should be fast enough) Some good autoclicker checks (it should detect most clickers like...
  6. J

    Looking for an anti-cheat developer

    Hello, We are looking for a reputable anti-cheat developer for a 1.7/1.8 practice server. Of course, this is gonna be paid. Please add nazuro#1015 on discord if interested. Thanks
  7. noname2345678

    ⇸ [[INSTANT DELIVERY 75% off first 2 orders]]Top Tier | Advanced | 35(for the first 2 buyers)euro | Premade Server |Free anti-cheat⇷

    Here <-preview of the server 75% off first 2 buyers + the first one gets an anti-cheat! Why so cheap and those offers? i make Minecraft servers but some of the servers just didn't get popular and insta died and i don't want to lose money on hosting so i just sell them for cheap...
  8. teehKeh

    Anti-Cheat Developer (Serious Only)

    Hello fellow Marketers, again. I am TK and I am interested in contracting a developer to become my AC developer for a long term project. I currently have a main developer so you two can work together if wanted. My discord is: tk#6790 , so contact me whenever. Payments are very flexible, so...
  9. Hydrogen

    (Coming Soon) Fume Anti-Cheat | Advanced cheat detection [$8/mo]

    Custom coded Custom coded from the ground up (with help from some others <3). Code snippets (DM Hydrogen#0001 for more) What's Smoke/Injector? Smoke is our security system to prevent cracking. It has multiple stages to guarantee the utmost security. Injector is one of them Discord Join...
  10. Ma1de

    Looking for Good AntiCheat (1.8.9 Duels)

    Hello, I'm looking for Good Anticheat. Version: 1.8.9 GameMode: Duels Budget: 4.9k RUB ($60) What I need from AntiCheat: Detects reach (3.1) Detects blatant cheats (Like killaura, speed, fly, etc) Detects Vape's AimAssist (Legit AimAssist) Detects Vape's AutoClicker (MantheClicker) Have ban...
  11. Vagdedes

    Spartan AntiCheat for Bedrock/Geyser vPhase 536.5

    Get the Spartan.jar file from the site. After you get it, move it into your server's plugins folder. Next, restart your server or use PlugMan to add it. You're all set, have fun! To set up Spartan how you prefer, click here for the setup guide. Just go to to...
  12. V

    Anticheat for practice server (SERIOUS NO FALSEBAN)

    ADD ME DISCORD: VITA#0028 looking for: Anticheat for practice server (SERIOUS NO FALSEBAN)
  13. LumaMajor

    Iris Configuration

    Hello! I'm starting up a network based on 1.13.2 servers, and I installed Iris on them. Unfortunately, players tend to get flagged by 4 different checks for doing things such as: - Running - Jumping - Walking On Slabs - Run-Jumping On Slabs I tried the Discord but all they do there is talk about...
  14. Vagdedes

    Spartan AntiCheat for Java vPhase 536.5

    Get the Spartan.jar file from the site. After you get it, move it into your server's plugins folder. Next, restart your server or use PlugMan to add it. You're all set, have fun! To set up Spartan how you prefer, click here for the setup guide. Just go to to...
  15. Nort721

    GodsEye AntiCheat | Advanced Detection

    Note currently recoding the plugin, that means that we are going to be off the normal updates schedule for a while (there will be updates, but they will be slower than normal) Note 1.19 support is experimental What is GodsEye GodsEye is an Advanced Modern Cheat Detection System. GodsEye's main...
  16. Diz

    Lancer AntiCheat - The 1.7 / 1.8 AntiCheat

    All credit for development goes to Clyde Pm me for pricing! No sales trashing only post on this thread if you have actually used the spigot, if not any questions or concerns should be done via PM's.
  17. UrbanSomething

    Looking For Good Custom Anti-Cheat

    Looking for custom quality anti-cheat. Will pay first but only if you have a good reputation in the community. I Would like to test The Anti-Cheat before buying It. Serious business dm or reply.
  18. UrbanSomething

    Buying An Anti-Cheat

    I am currently looking for an anti-cheat that is reliable and works for HCF. Which means that it can be confined to auto-ban and can stop Phaze,Bhop, And flag if someone is using an auto clicker or is reaching a certain amount of blocks not possible for the average Minecraft player. Please pm me...
  19. Wurst Games

    All In One [Plugins For Factions][+Anti-Cheat][Custon]

    Hello guys, today i am doing a cheap deal, I am quiting minecraft and coding, i am selling all the plugins listed below for $7.50! A Crate Version of Saico Masks (Contains various masks you can put into crates) Cactus hopper (this Cactus hopper collects all cactus broken in a chunk!)...
  20. Lil Skies

    ----> Full-Time Developer Needed <---- ZunoMC- HCF Network

    Hello, my name is Yeug. I am looking for a full time developer who can tend to all of our server needs. These include: a custom HCF Core, a custom anti-cheat and just other small plugins that will make our server unique. Please contact me via Skype: sblake_01 We are looking for a Developer...