1. StellarMine

    Stellar Bungee - Enhance your Network 0

    You need to install this free plugin manually! UltraStaffChat (Hypera):
  2. T

    Discover Scrappey: Your Ultimate Web Scraping Solution

    Hey there, fellow data enthusiasts! Are you tired of struggling with the complexities of web scraping? Do anti-bot measures, CAPTCHAs, and rotating proxies make your head spin? Say goodbye to scraping headaches and hello to - your ultimate web scraping solution! At
  3. Cyan Plex Studio

    Cyan Plex Velocity setup v1.2

  4. Evry_

    tier Velocity Setup | AntiBot, Firewall v0.1

    tier Velocity Setup | AntiBot, AntiVPN, Firewall The setup includes: Advanced Anti-Bot and Anti-VPN system Optimised velocity configuration Firewall security (iptables) - ready-made scripts (Only support linux) Automation with the discord server. Everything is configurable
  5. JacobShroyer

    🚀 ⭐Nebula | Advanced DDoS Mitigation & Bot Prevention | Starting from $5.99 / mo ⭐🚀

    Nebula DDoS Mitigation & Anti-Bot Services By Astrum.GG What Nebula offers? - Advanced DDoS Protection (Tbit/s Bandwith) Bot Prevention (100+ Bots per Second) Multiple Server Locations (US, EU, AU) 24/7 Support Cheap & Reliable Services Free built-in System Administration Services What...
  6. Diekieboy

    Antares Proxy | Waterfall v1.0

  7. Diekieboy

    Antares Proxy | BungeeCord v1.0

  8. SfenKer

    AntiBot | Interactive Challenges v1.2.1

    ABOUT Do you have problems with bot attacks on your server? Our AntiBot Solution should help you filter suspicious traffic and block it. INTERACTIVE CHALLENGES We offer verification based on challenges completion, for example Collect X amount of wood, Use furnace X times and more in future...
  9. Project Fiery

    LionSpigot | Special Server JAR 0

    LionSpigot: The Legendary Powerhouse for Minecraft Servers LionSpigot stands as a tour de force in the realm of Minecraft server software, offering server owners the keys to optimize and customize their Minecraft realms like never before. In the world of Minecraft, LionSpigot is the server...
  10. forennx


    Hello, I offer mitigation of DDoS attacks, and large bot attacks at affordable prices for your Minecraft server. It also offers the possibility to test the service for free. We use one of the better antiddos ( with protection up to 12Tbps. Why exactly us? Layer7 mitigation, which will...
  11. forennx

    Velocity Setup | AntiBot, Firewall, Bans v1.0

  12. Sage Development

    SAGE Velocity Setup v1.1

  13. Mr-Crys

    NullCordX - Configuration v3.0.3

    You are new to configuring NullCordX, and you want a good configuration? Well let me introduce you to NullcordX Configuration. To initiate the proxy, you will need a license. You can obtain the license from the Discord server of NULLCORDX support. CLICK > LICENSE If you need support with the...
  14. R

    LagFixer - Ultimate Performance Solution v1.0.10

    LagFixer is the ultimate performance boosting Minecraft plugin designed to optimize your server and eliminate unnecessary lag. By fine-tuning various server aspects and streamlining redundant features, LagFixer ensures a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for all players...
  15. LinsaFTW

    Offer: FlameCord - The ultimate antibot and performance BungeeCord fork

    Hello, I am offering a plugin called FlameCord, which is a fork of BungeeCord and Waterfall that protects your Minecraft or Spigot server from bot attacks and exploits with its advanced set of antibot filtering features. FlameCord also fixes bugs, improves performance and adds new...
  16. Shivam9864

    💥RYZEN 5900X (24) 💥 INDIA INDORE LOCATION 💥 2.5$ PER GB 🤝 Fast Support

    GIGA NODES AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Minecraft Server Hosting DDoS Protected We Also Provide AntiBot Protection In Our Plan You Can Have 1 Test Server For Testing Purposes Too Thanks Discord - Website - TypeOfferingKind VPS Minecraft...
  17. LinsaFTW

    🔥Flamecord 1.19.4 support is here!

    Hello everyone, We are excited to announce that Flamecord, the fork of Waterfall that provides extra security and performance features, now supports Minecraft 1.19.4! This means you can use Flamecord to connect your servers running on any version from 1.8 to 1.19.4, and enjoy the benefits of...
  18. LinsaFTW

    🔥🎉 Introducing Flamecord: The Hottest Way to Ignite Your Server! 🔥🎉

    Are you tired of bots and exploits ruining your Minecraft server? Do you want to improve your server’s performance and security without sacrificing features or compatibility? If you answered yes, then you need FlameCord! FlameCord is a fork of Waterfall, which is a fork of BungeeCord. It is a...
  19. Diekieboy

    Bungeecord - Premium Proxy Setup v1.2

  20. Diekieboy

    Velocity - Premium Proxy Setup v1.2

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