1. FOGos


    Hi, I have created not surpassed protection against bots! Why is my protection better than at others? My protection create virtual server Node.JS, and therefore on your servers loading from bots won't get. My protection using iptables and ipset (whitelist and blacklist). If the player has...
  2. NewEraStudios

    Is your server getting bot attacked heavily?

    If your server is getting heavily bot attacked every day and you need a fast and effective solution, you can buy BotSentry for just 8.99 EUR!!! It will solve all your bot attacks without problems! YOU CAN BUY IT ON SPIGOTMC! JUST SEARCH BOTSENTRY! I'm glad to tell you that you...

    New AntiBot plugin

    I created a simple antibot plugin that blocks various bots on your server. To view full description and dowload acess the spigot link Link:
  4. Sebastian Morales

    antibot or block ping cmd

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for help in something, I saw that some servers have the ping protected from the cmd and that is a protection against bots and I wanted to ask if they can help me with that, I do not know if it is done with a firewall configuration of dedicated or that, please help me
  5. King95

    Protect my bungeecord

    I want to ask how to protect my bungeecord i tried all plugins and bots went again
  6. King95


    Hello how to protect my bungeecord from bots ?
  7. Eddy006


    This antibot is perfect for large networks, this antibot is a .sh which is responsible from time to time to ban people with more than a certain number of connections (fully configurable) and automatically resets them through the firewall. Interested private message, price negotiable. Video of...