1. Arctic Hat

    SmartStore Financial Tracker v1.0

    Description & Summary Hey savvy shop owners! Get ready to unleash the power of the SmartStore Financial Tracker, the ultimate Excel warrior in your business arsenal. Imagine a world where your shop’s finances aren't just numbers they're a visual feast of graphs and charts that make sense...
  2. xxxtrigger50xxx

    Minetorio v0.43

    Minetorio is all about automation. Heavily inspired by Factorio this plugin aims to add a little bit of its charm into Minecraft. No other plugins are required and it is easy to install and configure with an in game config editor. There is alot of mechanics to learn in Minetorio. Movers move...
  3. U

    ✨ CODING ANY CUSTOM BOT [Minecraft, Chrome, Discord, etc.]

    You name it, I bot it. Software I have experience with botting: Minecraft, Chrome/websites, Discord, HTTPs requests, WebSockets. Price: depending on the difficulty, I try to be as reasonable as possible Process: You describe the commission, I code and showcase it, you pay the price, I send you...
  4. Benjamin

    SteamAutoFriend | Automatically send friend requests while idling | Open source & Free Python program

    SteamAutoFriend sends friend requests automatically and gives you a good overview to manage the outgoing requests. This is a good tool to use if you wish to add users such as st4ck and other high level or well known steam users to your friends list. You can set the program to add multiple users...
  5. Hembessy

    Mixelate - Premium Discord Bots

  6. BlackBeltPanda

    Transport-Pipes v5.4.6-SNAPSHOT

    Transport-Pipes adds several different pipes into Minecraft. Similar to the BuildCraft mod, these pipes can transport any kind of item. Why premium? I took over development of Transport-Pipes after it was abandoned in 2019. I've kept it updated through the different versions since, added many...
  7. scriptable

    ● scriptable - Skilled Python Developer ●

  8. Kream

    FREE Custom Bots On Anything (No Discord bots)

    As title says, i'm offering custom bots for your computer, your game, websites.. ect, in order to achieve a task you usually have to do by hand, i use python with web scraping libraries and computer vision so expect access to anything and everything, i'm pretty good with 2D games, semi-decent...
  9. Adaman134

    Minecraft scripts

    Selling: Minecraft scripts for automation using AutoHotkey Examples: Auto harvest/sell sugarcane farm(multi layered, eat, sell) XP grinder (auto swing with random intervals, eat, and repair) MCMMO (repair, fishing, acrobatics, salvage, alchemy, smelting, etc.) Any other ideas such as wheat...
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