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  1. coreyrulz

    Experienced Professional Builder and World Painter|| Very Cheap Worker

    Hi there! Im Corey, Im 17 years old, Ive played Minecraft for about 4 years and i am a very creative and experienced builder. I can build lots of things from Server Spawns to Space Ships to Medieval Houses to Churches to Pixelart. You name it i can do it. I work very effectively and cheap with...
  2. Abundance

    [White-Listed ][The KnoxsBlocks Network]: Builder & Developer Applications Are Up

    Hello [Insert Your Name Here], If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're interested in becoming either a [builder/developer] for: The KnoxsBlocks Network Minecraft Server. If that is so, it's your lucky day because the application are now up! All you have to do is fill out the applications...
  3. IrishSpring

    Survival Rush (Recruiting Staff)

    Survival Rush is an upcoming (very soon to be opened) server that needs more staff. Website: http://survivalrush.us Buycraft: http://storerush.buycraft.net/ IP: will be given over Skype if accepted We Need To Fill These Following Positions: Enforcers (Admin) Upholders (Moderator) Technicians...
  4. Axelie

    Axelie Build Thread Anything you need Always HQ af

    Axelie Build Thread Professional Builder. Info: I usually just build constructions that I want to build, but after years of building, I've ran out of ideas. That's why I'm making this thread. Instead of building something I want, and sell it to you guys, I'd much rather have you tell me what to...
  5. MajorPlaysYT

    World Painter/Terrain [CHEAP]