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  1. Sharkz

    Looking for a developer & a graphist

    Hi everyone, I'm a freelance developer releasing plugins from time to time on the different marketplaces. I start to have a lot of work, between the development of plugins for the general public, plugins for clients, client research, communication or the graphics of the plugins I'm starting to...
  2. A

    I Want to learn how to code a client in C++

    If you can help me code a client in C++ then I will pay you 20$. But you must get me good knowledge of it. u cant just tell me what to do. Describe everything so i understand it.
  3. C

    Looking for Client developers, some knowledge required

    CrisPlayz#2817 Requirements: > Good knowledge on java Extra: (Not a must) and exploiting watchdog 1st requirement is needed 100% 2nd one is there.
  4. call911

    Minecraft clients that allow external mods

    Hey, I was wondering, Does anyone know any pvp clients that allow external mods? If not, Any good open source pvp clients? So far everything i heard of is strict to just the mods that they provide
  5. S

    Professional Development Team | ZedBin Development

    Hello and welcome to Zedbin Development, my name is Toasted and I am management at this Development Team. We take pride in our work and we offer completely custom offers taylor to what you would like. If you do not like your product or you do not get what you want we offer free revisions to make...
  6. Boycot

    Input on Potential Rented Hardware

    Dear Potential Clients, We are currently looking for your input on whether you would be interested in the hardware that is listed below. We are currently considering the type of hardware that we would be offering our future potential clients. Your input would be greatly appreciated as it...
  7. Ow3n

    Need Marketing Manager

    Hey there! I need a marketing manager for a shop I am making. Payments would be negotiated via DMs. Please add me to get more info Owen#0420 Thanks!
  8. NeneaSpeed

    Loking to a join build team, or clients

    I need a team building or clients. Contact Discord: NeneaSpeed#3935 Portofolio:
  9. NeneaSpeed


    Loking to a join build team, or clients.. i need a team building or clients. for mor, contact me please! Contact Discord: NeneaSpeed#3935
  10. Enteron.World

    Enteron.World >> Announcement for Hosting

    After being here for 2 months we have decided to make some much needed changes to the design of hosting. Join here for our new Announcement on July 3rd! It is going to revolutionize everything. Visit us here Enteron.World
  11. Daynah

    Selling Custom Coded Clients

    Hello Today i'm selling custom coded clients! Reach Clients Misplace Clients Autoclickers 0 strings , 0 logs ! 100% safe Im selling all my stuff for cheating bc i quit mc Price: 10$ (can be down) Add me on dc: daynah#8886
  12. King_Tije

    Icy Build Team - in need of multiple staff positions, and clients!

    Who are we? We are a build team that builds for servers. We are a paid build team and after we get started everyone will get a cut of the building pay depending on what the client chooses. So if they choose a 15 dollar item the builders take and split 70% even and for funds the owner takes the...
  13. Z

    Action AutoClicker 2017-02-27

    Overview: Action clicker is custom coded by me and a few buddies, it is designed to be undetectable by anti-cheats and can easily bypass SS's through being disguised as a script to the popular recording software, Action. Inquires: Add my skype: AutoClickers Send me an email...
  14. Incrility

    Looking for Professional Staff for my Hosting Company

    All of the following services which I ask for below are going to start out with no pay until we get more clients. If you have any hate comments or anything of that sort please keep them to yourself. If you would like to apply please leave a message on this thread or message me on Skype...
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