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  1. Vaspei

    ⭐ Rollerite - #1 Service Team ⭐ Fast & Efficient Bots! ✅ 24/7 Support ✅

  2. ThisLightMan

    ✨ COREBOT | #1 Resource on BuiltByBit | 600+ Features | Slash Commands | Music | Tickets | Giveaways | & More ✨

    Documentation: docs.corebot.dev Demo Server: discord.gg/XQFWgET Addons Server: corebot.dev/support/addons Feature List: features.corebot.dev Support: corebot.dev/support
  3. M

    Custom Discord Bots

    Making Custom Discord Bots! Offering Custom Discord Bots with any function the client wants, example. Moderation Bots/Auto Moderation Bots. Economy Bots. Any game or a especial bot theme. Multi-Purpose bots. The bot also can contain a fully web dashboard. Rules: The bot must not be a...
  4. jjoooo

    Complex Discord Game Bot

    Looking for a developer to help me with my ideas on building a complex game bot. It will be a long term project if possible! The bot will be very complex (with images, economy system and a lot more!) so it will be good if you are experienced. just leave a comment with your discord user and i...
  5. mrpt

    Discord Bot Development [ Vouch Copies [ 1/5 ]]

    Hey there, I'm offering quality and cheap Discord Bot Development! I only have a few things to note that if it's too advanced and out of my skill-set I may decline. Please still contact me, I am doing 4 more vouch copies! Discord: Josiah#7503 or Contact me on-site! Languages: Typescript...
  6. Spimy

    [OPEN] Spimy's Discord Bot Development | ✔️EXPERIENCED,✔️QUALITY

    Introduction Hello there! I am Spimy and I have been a Discord bot developer for 5 years who is proficient in NodeJS. I have been experienced with a vast amount of projects: from a simple moderation bot to complex music bots, giveaway bots and so on! This of course includes use of databases to...
  7. Mr.Khan

    Advanced Discord bots | TheCluster Development

    TheCluster offers discord bots to pre-eminent communities/organizations, and individuals. We have a team of professional and verified developers. We specialize in music, moderation, fun, and statistics bots. Our crew consists of 5-8 developers. We've developed bots for over four years now, and...
  8. I

    Free Discord Bot Developer

    Hi there! I am a Python developer and I've just stumbled upon to world of Discord bots! I am very interested in getting into that field. For that reason, I'll be developing five free bots to build up my portfolio and reputation. I may charge a little if you project is very large. Definitely...
  9. LetsChill


    Hello, I am LetsChill. i program discord bots for major functions and more, for cheap prices!. I code in spigot api too and able to make simple purpose plugins! You can check my github for some simple work, but all of them are simple and old work (when I was learning)...
  10. B

    Custom Discord bots for your server

    "After working with Kevin, there's no one else I would go to for a Discord Bot. Incredible job!" -Tason Hi, I'm Kevin I have tons of experience making Discord bots "No dev is better! He's now the main bot dev in my 3k members server and I love how he's so responsive, patient and gets what...
  11. sluzzy

    Custom discord bots | Starting at $5

    I will create a custom discord bot for you with your requested commands/features. All bots are coded in python 3.8. Examples of things the bot could do: Giveaways Twitter parsing Admin/Moderator features Points/Levelling system Alerts/Notifications API integration Database integration...
  12. SolDev

    Discord Bot Developing 1 Day Waiting or Less!

    Discord Username: SolDeveloper#7124
  13. OiziZ

    Succubus house - Certified discord developer - ✅ Cheap ✅ - Hosting at 1€

  14. zap.

    Custom Discord Bot Development | By Verified Bot Developers | Affordable & Professional |

    LightServices' Custom Discord Bot Service: We can make any feature the following listed are just some examples, contact me on Discord (zap#1886) for a free quote. Feel free to check examples of developed features. Contact me on Discord: zap#1886 About Light Services: We're a new service, that...
  15. SolDev

    ⚡️ Discord Bot Developing ⚡️ | For 7$ |

    I’m Sol I’m Discord Bot Developer I Can Make Bots Using Discord.js and you will need to wait 2 days or more or less ! for it to be done For 7$ Contact Me By: Discord: SolDeveloper#7124
  16. nidzoo

    ⚡ nidzoo's Discord Bot Development ⚡ QUALITY ❙ RELIABLE ❙ CHEAP ❙ FAST DELIVERY

    Hello, I'm Nikola and I'm Discord Bot Developer with 4 years of experience. I'm here to offer you Discord Bot Development, if you need any type of Discord Bot, multipurpose, music, moderation or any other, I'm here to make your idea it into reality. After everything is finished you'll receive...
  17. DoleoHost

    Discord bot connected to Pterodactyl Panel

    Hello, I need a discord bot for my hosting, but it's a unique idea, so I can't tell the whole project here. To create the bot, I need someone who has knowledge about creating Discord bots and Minecraft Pterodactyl(API) Panel. So, if you have this knowledge and want to help me with this...
  18. M

    Discord Bot developer available

    Offering customized Discord bots for your server Have 6 years of experience, so can meet any requirements for your custom bot More than 80 five-star reviews Fast responses & bug-free bots Contact me here > https://bit.ly/mcbotdev
  19. Speedy672

    Node.JS Discord bot - Any!

    Not offering at the moment. Hi there! I wanted to start this thread by introducing a little about myself so you can get an idea of the kind of experience I have. I've been programming for 2-3 years (mainly JavaScript!) I have discovered and understand 99% of the Discord API I have a great...
  20. HaMoOoOd25

    Expert Discord Bot Developer | 1+ Years Of Experience | Affordable

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