1. Amp

    Enjin Website

    Hello Everyone, Today I have come seeking for an experienced website developer to help with an enjin website. Pay is involved if the website is good quality. We are making the website for a custom faction server that will be releasing soon. If you are willing to help, please provide your past...
  2. D

    Enjin Portal Page

    Hi there! I am looking for a web developer to create a landing portal for my Enjin gaming network. We have a range of games we are playing and as such would like the portal to reflect this. The portal would also need to be editable for when we add more games. I'd like the portal to have a...
  3. Traveling


    Hello, can anyone make me a website similar to www.opmines.com/forums. I need someone that can do this for under $50.00 USD. Add my Skype: palacio1212 Please reply or add me ASAP
  4. X

    Enjin Webs!

    If you need a web you can contact me, just send tweet me if you want a page and i'm going to follow you, so you can send me a DM, my twitter: @ xxm4ur121oxx. I do it as you want it, just, in the DM, put your information, the server name, ranks, logo, colors, etc. Price: Only $5 Dollars
  5. iHexBee

    Enjin Designer | FREE

    Hello I will be providing a Enjin Designer For FREE All you need to do is add the following skype!: promanhigh
  6. NucleiDev

    TheHolyNucleus' Web Design [Portals, Custom Websites, Enjin Themes, Buycraft]

    Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/PVnsg7g.png
  7. TheTuberX

    Need Enjin Design

    Hello, Im looking for a Web developer that develops Enjin websites. I Have a logo and some ideas for the Website. My Budget is from 5 to 50 . Depends on the work and quality of course! Our Server is a FTB MODPACK 1.4.7 Server called «RedCraft» If Interested please contact me! Thanks More...
  8. TheTuberX


    Hello, Im the Owner of a brand new Server called «RedCraft» . Is currently running a modpack : FTB Ultimate 1.4.7 I would need some help with the Enjin, i wanted to know if there is a Enjin Designer that could make a nice Enjin Website? I would pay something but it has to be cheap as i have...
  9. T

    |Infinity Development| MC Server Setup|Websites|

    Infinity Development Who are we? We are a development team that helps with servers, at a cheap price. What do we do? We help you develop servers...
  10. Mahan


    Knows bugs: None yet
  11. HungryBoy66

    $5.00 Enjin/ Wordpress Setup + Customisation

    I am currently very into creating enjin/ wordpress websites for people or minecraft servers, $5.00 for full setup, customisation including forum catergories staff ranks etc. The website will be created for you within 48hr or you will receive it for free. Not happy with your website, well you...
  12. Micah_

    Set-up Shop | Cheap | Reliable | Fast

    »What I do« Hey! Is your server dead or no longer lively, but you’d like to start it back up again? Look no further! I am here to help you revamp or redo your server! I will redo everything from permissions, plugins, and builds! Don't like the current game mode that you have? No need to worry! I...
  13. Flozz

    Enjin Form page (paid)

    Hey i am currently setting up my new server and i dont have a website yet so i need some one to design a enjin form page. contact me on skype: flozzyt
  14. KubiKraze

    Extremely Cheap Enjin Website Setup/development!

    Hey there! If you need an enjin website setup from scratch, or if you already have one and you need someone to enhance it, you came to the right place! I will setup and develop websites for very cheap, almost twice as cheap as other people will. This includes setting up forums, shops, home page...
  15. G

    Enjin Help

    If you need enjin help Contact me or Skype me Skype: gamerframed_pmc Email: javatown.net -- Thanks, Charles (Java Town Owner)
  16. Isaac

    enjinskins || premade enjin skins || starting at $20

  17. G

    Enjin HTML support

    I have a image on my website for enjin that i would like to center but it will not center! Please PM me or email me [email protected] or my skype: gamerframed_pmc -- Thanks, Charles (Java Town Owner)
  18. KubiKraze

    Custom Enjin Icons

    Hey, I have a new enjin shop, and I am looking for some icons. I saw crafttilldawn, and they have some great icons but they are CRAZY expensive. Is there a way somebody could make me a few icons for the shop? I'm looking to get some drawn ones, for a max of $5 per icon. My website is...
  19. T

    Server/Website Support

    Free Support I am going to offer free server/website support. I know how to do alot of stuff regarding servers and (enjin) websites. So all you need to do is add me on skype: Live:thomasbkhan Tell me what you need done, if i am able to do what you request i will let you know straight away. I...
  20. RaidersUnited_

    Enjin Site designer/developer (Theme and ranks and maybe icons)

    Looking for a designer/developer for the site we are changing around due to being new owners of the site and Server's, Willing to pay a good amount for the work and looking at a time frame of maybe this weekend/start of next week (not 100% sure as of yet, would be in contact with more details)...