1. Mistazel


    WEBSITE: https://penzzly.com/ Penzzly offers Builds, Setups, Plugin Development, System Administration, Website Development, Server Management, and soon to be more! For any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me a PM or skype message as listed.
  2. georgefl

    Permissions shop! Cheap fast and reliable! Free options! [Click here!!]

    Hoi! Im George Lord, A not too busy guy who can do almost anything you need with minecraft fast and easy! Platforms I can do atm: Discord perms PermissionsEx Groupmanager Enjin Almost any fourms Prices: Discord perms (check my discord shop thread in profile) PermissionsEx and Groupmanager; 5...
  3. Garrett

    Cryptic Designs - Cheap, Professional Web Development & Design

    We now also offer Buycraft themes! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free post them below or contact us at http://crypticdesigns.org/contact/ (or one of the contact methods listed above)! We also offer free templates of various graphics, which we release every so...
  4. ZorozDesign

    ZorozDesign > Website Design > Enjin Themes > Buycraft Themes

  5. Oakie

    Need someone to help moderate your forums?

    Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there, my name is Oakie, I am 14 years old, and I am a native speaker of English. Which means I was born and raised fully English, so my writing skills are top notch. I have been lost for a while, I...
  6. AlexProfessor

    WebSite from Enjin - Need Update soon

    Hello again Mc-Market! I need someone who can make/update my Enjin website. But first, please provide proof with your page/link from Mc-market, with your portfolio, that I could be sure. Thanks and Regards!
  7. mastervixen

    Looking for good Enjin website designer

    Hello, I am looking for someone re change my whole enjin look to make it break taking. Looking for serious people that has a work of there portfolio. My budget is $50 pm if you are interested.
  8. Facto

    Looking for people good with Enjin website designing

    I'm looking for people good with Enjin website design. The most critical area I need assistance with is Enjin theme design. Maximum offer for this is $50. Contact me through Skype if you are interested in doing this: Facto DoesStuff
  9. S

    Looking for HQ Graphics

    I am in need of a server logo, along with a full banner for advertisement, and some pictures for buycraft. Also i am looking for an Enjin website theme if anyone knows how to do so please PM me.
  10. Z

    Enjin Website setup

    Hello There MC-Market I would Like a Enjin Website theme. Like this http://layersmc.com/home But not the same my server name is ZombieCraft https://gyazo.com/ee92936dc4107f0b2b33cc26ad909700 The Colors can be Really dark gray then Purple how ever you can make it look nice Discord: iiAbusing#0137
  11. Meox

    Need a Enjin Website done

    Willing to pay I recently decided to move from phpbb to enjin due to it being more compatible with minecraft and such, but I want it to look clean unlike the jumbled mess they offer. I would like a neat Nav bar design and a small bit of editing to the pages looks...
  12. G

    Making servers for people! (Setup Included!) (CHEAP)

    Servers Sold: (0) Hi there! I am selling and making servers for a cheap price. You will need PayPal and you will need to send me the money before I create your server. I can also create ANY server of you're choice such as, KitPVP, Factions, Survival, and MiniGames! If you're interested in...
  13. jaxbillz

    Custom BuyCraft|Enjin Ranks Customizer

    My name is Jackson and I am a Enjin/BuyCraft store customizer. What do I do exactly? My job is to customize different server shops to make them look more appealing for your customers. I am fully capable to customize the package’s icon and make the description of the items more appealing by...
  14. S

    Website, and teamspeak domain

    I can make a website that looks amazing for any server. I only use enjin, and can make a teamspeak domain. The price is dirt cheap 15 bucks, 5 for teamspeak domain, and 10 for the enjin setup.
  15. Lucidity

    Lucidity - Server Architects | High Quality Setups | Server Care

  16. Lucidity


  17. Ignacio

    Server or network setup with enjin or buycraft shop and solving plugin problems

    Hello First I introduce myself: I am owner of Servicraft, a small server with towny and economy. I am working with this server since 2013. In the past I have owned a network with 4 servers with different modalities, with are towny (I love that plugin), factions, mods and minigames. There I...
  18. itslyn

    LEANDRO B. - Affordable graphics & web design! CHRISTMAS SALE

    WEBSITE: coming soon ONGOING SALE: HALLOWEEN! 40% Off PRICING enjin websites: $25 - $50 minecraft graphics: $10 - $20 gaming graphics: $12 - $20 HOW PRICING WORKS Whenever you have contacted me and we discussed the details of your order, I give you a quote on how much I charge. 50% is paid...
  19. ItsScootz

    Selling Quality Enjin Website w & w/o Design

    Hey everyone! Today, I'm trying to sell my Enjin website, Minedrix; www.minedrix.com . I am the designer of the website, and I have owned the website for over half of a year, with lots of active users. I'm selling the website, and the design, because I no longer have any use for it, as I no...
  20. Hethempunch

    Premade Enjin Website/Cheap/ with 14 days Advance Plan

    So basically My team made this for a client a while ago but it ended up not going, though. I bought this for $60 so I'm looking for around maybe 20+ dollars, Website Link: http://dulocraftpvp.enjin.com/ Note: All Colors are changeable and I have full permission to sell it of course Bid...