1. B

    Web Development, Enjin Paid

    Hello, im shadows, we are lookin for a paid web developer to build us a enjin website, you will need to setup the theme, all pages, and all modules, please provide a quote in discord dms. (I promise we can offer a fair amount) Discord: Shadows#0069 (note: I am not active on mc-market, so I...
  2. Y

    ENJIN GAME DEV ($) (or other blockchain/crypto game implementation)

    Hello there! I'm seeking a developer to implement a digital trading card game. The mechanics of the game are very close to a simplified "Magic The Gathering" with a few original mechanics. The mechanics are all worked out, and there are about 350 cards made, which are still going through play...
  3. Chrisspy

    Engin Theme Importing assistance (Not paid)

    Hey I purchased a enjin forums/website theme and I wanted to import it but there's no tutorial from the seller and they haven't been active since 2019 on here so I was hoping someone would guide me in the process. don't need it done just need someone to show me how to do it! DM me on discord...
  4. P

    Enjin Developer

    Hello, my name is StinkyPete2019. I’m looking for an enjin developer. I have a website that is already done has everything you need to help modify it for me. I need someone who I can give task and will complete it on time. It is an easy project. I need a hub portal that will direct my...
  5. Preppy

    Someone VERY good at making custom Enjin setups

    Hello, I am looking for a person who can make our site portal page more custom. https://www.syncreticmc.com Feel free to reply here with your discord or add me Preppy#9999. Have a good day
  6. Emlar

    Enjin website design

    Willing to pay for someone to design a website, currently with Enjin. Please add reply below with your discord name and I’ll be in contact. ~Emlar
  7. Monlotron Design

    MyMinecraftDesign ⭐️ HAND DRAWN ART ⭐️ Logos, Avatars, Icons, Requests + More

    Join our server here: https://discord.gg/wxekFBr
  8. P


    Hello, I am looking for a graphic designer to create a simple Enjin website design for my new minecraft server network. Depending on pricing, I would like a full site design done or possibly just a new top menu and footer to better match the current theme I have on the website. If you're...
  9. McPharaoh

    Enjin Website

    Hello all, I’ll keep t short and sweet I’m looking for someone to setup a professional enjin website for my Factions server due to release soon. Add me on Discord or DM me here if you’re interested in working for me. Many thanks, Pharaoh. Discord: Cre8r#0610
  10. V

    Enjin Developer

    Hello i am new to MCM and i am looking for a Enjin Developer if u can help me please add TheGirlGamer#8880 on discord xoxo Much love TheGirlGamer
  11. H

    Enjin Website design

    Hi, Looking for someone that can design a custom good looking enjin theme for my website. Paid project. Please do include portfolio if you're interested :)
  12. TickleMeEdwa

    Enjin / Xenoforo / Tebex (BuyCraft) Theme

    I am looking for a website design from scratch (preferably an Enjin theme). However, if an Enjin themed website is not possible, both Xenoforo and BuyCraft themes are also possible. A website that I would like to have a similar theme is shown below: https://manacube.com More details will be...
  13. MeticMc

    Enjin - Adding a premade custom theme?

    If you have an idea of how to add a custom theme (premade) with CSS & HTML to the website, please message me on Discord. Hymythic#9319
  14. H

    Server logo / Enjin website theme

    Looking for a designer that can create a good looking server logo, and design a theme/template for my enjin website. No deadline, just quality. This is paid work.
  15. PoppinDesigns

    [OPENED] • Poppin Designs • Hand drawn Logos, Icons and More ✮✮

    PORTFOLIO Click Here Server Logo - Starting at $50 Others - CONTACT ME UNFORTUNATELY I DO NOT CREATE FREE VOUCH WORK 1. Contact me through DISCORD or by sending a private message. 2. Once you've contacted me we'll discuss the project information. Thi s includes: Details, Pricing &...
  16. LivinOG

    Enjin website setup & Tebex

    First, this is a paid job with really no set budget just looking to get quotes and go with the best that fits the job and price! Looking for: (Will have Ultimate for Enjin and Tebex) - Setup Enjin website pages - Create custom theme for website and Tebex (buycraft) Here is an example of an...
  17. RawrMaoster

    Tebex / Enjin Theme

    Im interested in someone who can pull off something like mineplex.com or hivemc.com or any known network with a good looking site not like hypixel. I like how friendly they look to the eye and such and i'd be interested in someone who can create something similar but very different with a colour...
  18. ItsScootz

    Enjin Web Design, Logo Design and More | Affordable and Experienced

    INTRODUCTION Hello, I'm Harry and I enjoy making stuff that looks good. I have been creating customized Enjin websites for around four years, and have been involved in graphic design for the last three years. My rates can be found below, and I believe I work efficiently and with good...
  19. C

    Ceremonious - Networks | Servers | Configurations | Developer | Websites | Discords

    Hello everyone my name is Ceremonious. I have been making Minecraft servers since 2011, so I know a thing or two about the process of creating a server. Here is what I am capable of doing: Networks: I've created several networks before, so I know what needs to be done in that sense. This...
  20. G

    Need experienced enjin webdev, will pay

    Add me Ganged#9218
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