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Hello everyone my name is Ceremonious. I have been making Minecraft servers since 2011, so I know a thing or two about the process of creating a server.

Here is what I am capable of doing:

I've created several networks before, so I know what needs to be done in that sense. This includes the usage of Waterfall rather than typical BungeeCord. I have the ability to also set up network-wide plugins using BungeeCord or MySQL.

In the past I have created the following servers types: Vanilla, Survival, Towny, Factions, KitPvP, CTF, TDM, Skyblock, Bedwars, Creative, Parkour, Minigames, Custom. While this is an extensive list I am willing to learn how to make any genre of server you may have in mind, this includes gametypes not created before.

I know sometimes it's annoying to configurate plugins, believe me I once spent a day creating 40+ BossShopPro shops. So I have the ability to learn and config practically any plugin you can give me. As well as recommend my personal suggestions to eliminate the potential for "unnecessary plugins". I've configurated ban plugins, permission plugins, protection plugins, minigame plugins, small plugins, big plugins, etc. I make sure to go through every line in a config file to make sure nothing is missed. This also includes setting up MySQL databases.

I am a plugin developer mostly. Java is my main language, I can create basic or decent size plugins. This includes BungeeCord/Spigot/NukkitX plugins. I have written well over 40 plugins from small auto-broadcast plugins to complex minigames. I have also noticed that some people on here are interested in learning Java. I can help set you up with learning java and give you some help to get into learning how to make plugins specifically.

I have used Enjin before and have the ability to create decent themes and some custom code. I have a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and created websites from scratch just using those languages. I'm not the best for website development (besides Enjin), but I can get around if you just need a little help.

I can setup Discord ranks, permissions and bots as well. I have ran several discord servers before.

As for prices it's hard to say because there is such a wide range of things in each category, but I will try to give a rough sum.

Network Creation (Depends on what you need): $5+
Server Creation (Depends on what you need): $10+
Configurations (Depends on size): $3+
Custom Plugins (Depends on size): $5+
Website (Depends on what you need): $10+
Discord Setups (Depends on what you need): $5+

Like I said it's really hard to pinpoint a price exactly for what you need, these are just rough values and price can be negotiated. Some of these might be lower or higher than what I have listed, it just depends on your situation. But I will try to be fair and follow through with as good of a job as I can. You can contact me through a PM on here or through my Discord. Thanks!
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