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experienced staff

  1. Plance

    Looking for experienced staff (PAID)

    Hey, I am looking for experienced config workers, administrators, and server economy experts to build a specialized server. These positions are PAID, so I expect hard workers and experienced workers. This is a serious project with a serious budget. If you are interested, please contact me at my...
  2. S


    SpacePvP: Hello, we are currently looking for staff members and media so we would appreciate it if anyone would like to apply for staff or become a media / promote the server! What is SpacePVP - SpacePVP is a PvP network with features never seen before and game modes such as PracticePvP, HCF...
  3. Zednik

    VanityMC | Recruiting Staff

    Hello. My name is Zedn1k and I am the Staff Manager of VanityMC. VanityMC averages 200 players and 400 at peak. At release we peaked at 750 players. Currently, we have a fairly small and US based staff team. We are currently looking for anyone that has experience as a FACTIONS staff member. We...
  4. Stainless_

    Stainless: An experienced staff personal! (FREE)

    My In-game alias is Stainless_, I’am 16 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Right now I play minecraft for about 5 years. However I did take a one year break, but I’m back! In this post I’m going to tell you all my experience as an staff member on any server. One thing that I think is...
  5. Moow

    → RomaMC | Server → Needs Experienced Staff Members

  6. Ghawst

    Experienced Builders Needed, Paid Positions

    Hey guys. My name is Ghawst, and I am a Staff Member for EverwarMC, and the Factions Project Leader. (Everwar is a custom gamemode and custom factions server,l You can visit us at Recently, we have had horrible experiences with our builders. We are in desperate need of...
  7. Skillful_

    Server Administration/Management [Paid] [Experienced]

    Hello there, My name is Kees (pronounced as case) I am a 16 years old Dutch guy. I've not been working on any projects that have to do with server administration/management, but i'd love to get started on some new projects and meet some new people. I've got a decent amount of experience that...
  8. Moow

    MutqusPvP | Staff Experienced!

    —————————————————Staff»Experienced——————————————————— Hello folks, Iam Moow ive been Working hard these days to find an server to record Staff series on what i love to do is helping out The server's community base's ...
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