faction plugin

  1. ihoopie

    Looking for someone to custom code me a factions core.

    Hello so i am looking for someone to make me a custom factions plugin/core.
  2. Rahul.

    FactionEssentials v2.0.6

    Support Discord: https://discord.gg/7zZCwVT
  3. ClassicNova

    |FatalKits| Pre-Made KitPVP Server [SoupPVP]

    Hello, their people! I am going to selling my server called "FatalKits" i don't want to own the server anymore. the plugins are fully custom the main plugins... I want to sell this server because i don't want to own the server anymore. for me its too much work! and also i'm in-need of money...
  4. A

    Classes Custom Plugin

    Im looking for a classes custom plugin for sale and also that the one selling it can install it on my server so it can be good to go. I have already a ranks system with group manager but i want there besides the ranks you have a classes system similiar to desertia XD. For example...
  5. A


    Hello im looking to hire a developer(really experienced and mature) and also with skills to administrate my Factions server. I want him/her to be profesional and skilled. Will get payed every month 50 USD but he or she will be helping me on developing plugins like 1 want for example a class...

    Envoy Crates

    Details I need a plugin that will drop crates from the sky into war zone with random items in it , for my factions server. This plugin will need to happen every 20-40 minutes and admins are able to do /envoy to summon this event and players should be able to do /envoy timer to see how long till...
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