1. JoeDon16

    [2/3] Emerald Prison | Looking to Modernize the Prison Experience | UPDATED, Frontend Role

    Hi. I'm Joedon, the owner of Emerald Prison - an OP Prison server that was in operation a few years back. Right now, the server is completely offline and our Discord is barren. I have recently been looking to rebuild and modernize the server in order to create and revive a truly unique Prison...
  2. KyleFurst

    Looking for a Server Developer/Development Team (Annihilation Gamemode)

    Hello, I have been working on an idea for a server for quite some time now, and I am in need of some help of pursuing this idea. I was looking to remake the Annihilation game mode that was once very popular. I am requesting a development team to build onto this idea, make the custom Annihilation...
  3. Wardalicious

    -={PAID}=- Full-Time Developer for Minecraft Server (30-40hr/Week - $15+/hr: Full-Stack) -={PAID}=-

    Developer Needed Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I am in need of a full-time, developer. Someone who is fluent in many coding languages, and seeking a well-paid position, in an up-and-coming server. I will outline most of what I am looking for in this thread. If you need any additional...
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