1. Loving11ish

    ClansLite v1.4.4

    ClansLite ClansLite is a light-weight clans plugin for Minecraft servers running Spigot or any of its forks! ClansLite does not support any grief prevention tools such as land claiming, it does support customisable single chest protections. ClansLite supports any Minecraft version from 1.16.5...
  2. Norbit4

    TreeCuter | Cut down trees v1.6.1

    DEAFULT: You need use SHIFT key to cut tree! More efficient tree destruction Async block detection Glowing cut tree Support custom trees Support Jobs plugin (need: TreeCuterJobs) Destroys tools Auto plant trees Permissions Worlds blacklist Min/max blocks to cut down tree Full Configurable...
  3. LorenaNiv


    A big discord community who enjoy playing CSGO, Valorant, Minecraft and alot of games. ASK FOR STOCK I also sell members for your communities.:) $55 $paypal. $Crypto (All cryptos) DISCORD CONTACT always ONLINE: penguinloli ((ask for servers in stock))
  4. LinsaFTW

    FlamePearls - Enhanced Ender Pearl Fixer v1.0.2

    Are you looking for a plugin that can enhance your ender pearl experience? Do you want to customize every aspect of your pearls? If so, FlamePearls is the plugin for you! With FlamePearls, you can: Customize the damage, cooldown, sound and messages of your ender pearls. You can set the amount...
  5. MadPanCake

    GAME DESIGN - Empower your server! [Gameplay | Monetization | Player Retention]

    Discord: MadPanCake#0546 ALWAYS VERIFY! - Discord user ID: 144325300732428288
  6. MrDraqon

    PlayerShops v1.0.5

    Introducing the Player Shops plugin for your Minecraft server! With this plugin, players can easily create and manage their own in-game shops to sell and buy items from other players. Whether they are online or offline, players can easily browse, purchase, and sell items using the simple and...
  7. Seroupe


  8. D

    Skilled Editor Cheap Prices 5-10$

  9. TrollingCake_

    Skywars Maps Pack 1 [5 Maps for 1.8+] v2.0

    5 different medium-size skywars maps, built on 1.8, as schematics (.schematic)! Installation: - Install WorldEdit - Create a "schematics" folder inside WorldEdit files - Unzip the schematics and upload to "schematics" - Restart your server (or reload WorldEdit) - Load the schematics using...
  10. C

    Offer closed

    Hello , my name is COFI and also on Youtube I'm known as COFI . -At this moment I'm recording lots of MINECRAFT GAMEPLAYS and besides that I'm livestreaming ( almost everyday ) . -For you I can make : 1)video (you can provide me with all info that you want to see in top line of description )...
  11. bdgaminpro

    Creating Dad's dream house in Minecraft

    Watch this YouTube video as Dad is creating his dream house in Minecraft. Please make sure to like, subscribe, and comment down below. See you next time B&D Gamers.
  12. bdgaminpro

    How to build a motel in Minecraft (Part 2)

    Today's tutorial is about us teaching you how to a motel in Minecraft (Part 2).
  13. parpar8090

    Why hypixel skyblock is so popular?

    Anyone that reads this, do you know what is the secret recipe of the Hypixel Skyblock? I want to know this to learn about how to make more features for my server. I mean, I don't want to copy their ideas, like the map or else... I just want to see what is making people being like a wildfire for...
  14. centers

    Minigame Maker | Create fun minigames v1.6.4 BETA

    Create your own mind blowing minigames in Minecraft This plugin is meant for experienced server owners & developers that wish to get creative. Please read the wiki and look at the config examples before buying this plugin. Why pick Minigame Maker? Developed Since 2016 Out-Of-The-Box...
  15. A

    ☼[ $9 ]☼ The Library - PvP / Hide n Seek / Murderer PvP ADVENTURE MAP

    The Library - Adventure Map It's complex map for PvP concepts.It can be used as Hide n Seek, Who is the murderer or any adventure map.Theme is complex library with mysery atmosphere. Price is $9 as exclusive Full Album:
  16. I <-- now has moon!! (No mods) Is a new Minecraft server! it has many AWESOME features such as: Moon, Crates, Custom World Generation, Unique gameplay and so on... The Community is very friendly, helpful and is looking for active and honest Staff members! One of the most Unique server in Minecraft...
  17. myokan

    Mob Coins Plugin [☆MEGA HQ☆] [$25] [CONFIGURABLE]

    Hello all, I am selling my Mob Coins/transfer plugin. It is a very well written plugin, with configurable messages, sound effects, inventory items, and mob chances for the coin drops. It also contains an API, in case you wish to add functionality through another plugin (such as an enchantment...
  18. UltrasonicRhino

    [1080p @ 60fps] $10 Trailers/Cinematic [Shaders, After Effects, and Sony Vegas]

    Previous Work: Payment:
  19. UltrasonicRhino

    YouTuber with 2.2k Subs - Cheap

    Hello! I am a 16yr old YouTuber with 2.2k subs and I love to make minecraft videos! One thing I need to say is I don't swear so my channel is safe making it easy to share. Most of my videos are average 12 minutes long. I can make server trailers, gameplays, server reviews, almost everything! If...
  20. AndreiDude

    !MMo RPG Server Staff Hiring!

    Info: Citadels Online is an MMO Rpg orientated server that is about to open 18'th June for Beta testing, Saturday, and the grand opening will be in the month of July. We are very proud of the server we are creating as , a lot of time, effort and money has been invested in bringing our own RPG...
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