1. Light Designs

    Nice Mobs - Store Icons - Version 2 v1.0

    16 Mob Icon Exports [.png files, transparent backgrounds] Project Files [.psd files for each icon] Full-resolution exports of each mob We do not hide any logo or branding within resources. This ensures you have a professional, customized look out-of-the-box! If you wish to make direct...
  2. Ellie

    24x Key Icons for Tebex - PACK 2 v1.0

    Included keys: Amethyst Copper Gilded Blackstone Crying Obsidian Netherite Demon Red Trippy Rainbow Pastel Rainbow Neon Sign Glitch Celestial Bee Potion Bottle Warden Lush Slime Magma Water Lightning Emerald Currency Diamond Currency Royalty - Purple Royalty - Gold
  3. TGN

    Roblox Vehicle Spawner v1.0

    – Easy To Use – Drag & Drop – Fully Scripted – Great For Car Spawners; Police Vehicle Spawners & More! Need Support? Email Us & We’ll Respond As Soon As Possible!
  4. AlexsGraphics

    AlexsGraphics- Designer and Illustration

  5. Fireblaster819

    Mountain Style Discord Role Icons v1.0

    These 10 Role icons are great for community servers, or just general discord servers it allows members to see in a flash what rank that member has.
  6. Alistair F.

    [URGENT] Helping a friend find art clients

    Hello everyone, A friend of mine desperately needs money to support herself and her daughter, so I'm looking for anyone who needs illustration, graphics, or art in general. She's quite reasonably priced for the quality and gives personalized quotes per request. What payment methods does she...
  7. PixelMine

    Skills & Spells Graphics v1.0

    100 Skills & Spells Graphics Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  8. Day - $500 (limited time price until April 2nd, then 5x)

    Hey all, Do you own a graphics design business? I think you might be able to benefit from acquiring for your branding. Listing price is $2,500, but I am offering an exclusive discount to BuiltByBit users for $500. This is only active for a month. After one month, the price...
  9. Bloxief

    Robux Troll Buttons v1.0

    With the Robux Troll UI you can: - Monetize your Roblox game and make easy Robux Players can mess around with other people Easy setup; Just insert your developer product ids in the folder and that's it! Join Discord for Customer Role, Support, Limited Coupon codes and resource sales...
  10. baconz

    TGE Upgraded Graphics Pack v1.0

    This premade GFX pack includes the following divisions: Storm Trooper Corps, Vader’s Fist, Imperial Guard, Shock Troopers, Death Troopers, Nova Troopers, Scout Troopers, Imperial Security Bureau, Imperial Intelligence, Inquisitors, COMPNOR, Darth Vader, Senate, and Navy. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. baconz

    TGE Graphics Pack v2

    This product includes a Vader, 501st, ST, IST, Storm Trooper Corps, Storm Commandos, ISC, Imperial Intelligence, ISB, COMPNOR, Purge Trooper, Inquisitor, Royal Guard, and a DT GFX If you have any questions DM me on discord, baconz_#0001 If you see anyone leaking or reselling these they do not...
  12. Chewynald


    Hello, I have not been on here in a while, however, I am knowledgeable that there are many talented people on this site. I am looking for someone to revamp my YouTube channel, I am looking to make a comeback and want a whole new look. Discord is azlan#7408 if you are able to help with this...
  13. FredOrSomething


    These server rank icons are very visually appealing for players, encouraging them to buy ranks. They add a nice touch to any standalone server or network. Examples: I will use a rendering tool to create custom ranks to your specifications. If you ever wish to change the text or edit the...
  14. Davecraft47

    Need Website, Store, Discord Server Professionally Done

    Hello, I'm looking for a professional team, who can setup a really unique website, store and discord server done etc. You need to have some good experience! If you good with graphics, great we definitely need that! And some kind of proof of past works! Please read the following below! Should...
  15. PixelMine

    Bugs & Insects Graphics v1.0

    100 Bugs & Insects Graphics Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  16. haloboy

    Too Many Drops | Mob Loot | New Update v1.2

    35 New Mob Drops Information This selection of mob loot will help enhance your minecraft server, with it's basic yet catchy vanilla like mob drops. This pack contains the following: • 35 New Mob Drops • Mob Loot Config (Items Adder) • Vanilla Resource Pack • PNG files This pack contains...
  17. Buzz

    Buzz's Web Development | Price beat promise | Design, Development and Deployment | FREE updates and support for lifetime

    Hi! My name is Buzz. I have over 8 years of experience in programming and 4 years of experience in full-stack web development Whether you need a hosting site, forum site, dashboard, or more, I'm here to make it happen. My skills: HTML, CSS/SCSS & JavaScript React.js Next.js Databases...
  18. LoneDev

    ChestPreview v1.0.8

    ChestPreview Preview containers contents without opening them. Features ✅ No need to install resourcepack or mods ✅ Minecraft 1.19.4 to 1.20.4 compatibility ⚠️Not compatible with 1.19.3 and lower versions Links Test the plugin for free Plugin wiki and guides
  19. uxbyadrian

    Vector Icon Pack v2

    Introducing the Roblox Vector Pack, the ultimate collection of over 40 3D vector icons designed to enhance your Roblox games and bring a touch of style to your projects. Whether you're creating an immersive virtual world or a thrilling adventure game, these icons are here to help you tie...
  20. Artillex-Studios

    AI on BuiltByBit

    Hey everyone! So, that whole text was for support team, but they recommend us to publish it as suggestion, so we can see everyone's opinion, thoughts on that topic. For clarify before you read it: What we want is change, not unconditionally enabling AI art, just re-think the rules...
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