1. Yamiru

    Recruiting helpers/moderators/admins for Minecraft and other Gameservers

    STAFF RECRUITMENT Are you passionate about gaming and want to be an active part of the AvalonCS community? This is your chance! We are looking for committed and enthusiastic individuals to join our team as head admins, admins and mods. Requirements: Passionate about gaming and familiar with the...
  2. obsidianhost

    Hiring Sales and Marketing Supervisor @ obsidian.host

    Hello BBB, ObsidianHost is looking for a marketing and sales supervisor! Our Website Our Discord Responsibilities: Create plans to boost brand visibility and attract new customers. Oversee advertising, social media, and content efforts to drive sales. Implement strategies to find and engage...
  3. VactumPlays

    Nvm - thread closed

    Hi I'm searching for youtubers & Tiktokers, who would be up to make & post a video about my Discord Bot. It has a really unique theme, and I think once people see more youtubers trying it out, everyone will love it. What I'm looking for Any size youtubers, I'm mostly looking for people who can...
  4. Spark Studios

    🌟 Spark Studios | ❤️ Hiring Mod Developers - Regular Commissions and various perks! 👑

    Spark Studios is hiring Mod Developers! How to apply? - Join our discord server using the link below and create a support ticket to apply! Why Spark? - Here at Spark, We care deeply about our clients and freelancers. We strive to ensure freelancers earn what they deserve through us and provide...
  5. S

    PvP server hiring staff members

    Minecraft pvp server seeking for active and dedicated staff team members. Are you ready to dive into the ultimate Minecraft experience with Solar Network? We're building something truly special, and we want YOU to be a part of it! However, to realize our vision, we understand the importance of...
  6. S

    Seeking Marketing Expert for Minecraft and Discord Server Promotion

    Hello everyone, we are a dedicated collective of Minecraft enthusiasts gearing up to launch an exciting server, complete with its own Discord community. Our mission is simple: to forge a dynamic and immersive space where players can delve into exploration and forge connections with fellow...
  7. NopeImVox

    Hiring minecraft builders for Dwarven City project (for free)

    Hello, I am Vox. I'm the head of a building project on a Wrynncraft alike server called Azarinth. We have all the things we need to make a Minecraft server except many builders. The current build project is a dwarven city inspired by Moria and Erebor. And I am the head of thus project. I need...
  8. ValhallaLAT

    We are looking for a Developer for our Minecraft Network / Buscamos un desarrollador para nuestra Network de Minecraft

    VALHALLA Our team is currently expanding and we are looking for a new team member! Valhalla is based on the nordic mithology, and it will have multiple RPG game modes, which are the ones we need help with. We need a long-term developer who can compromise to us and our project. We need someone...
  9. M

    Looking for staff! ⭐ Highly Needed! ⭐

    Hello, I am the owner of a Minecraft Server. We are a small server in need of help. Anyone willing to help us out would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Info: Survival Themed / Wanting to add more gamemodes Looking for any role (Developers highly needed) Paid services. Contact: My1Legocraft...
  10. PvP2Max

    Vague Studios | BRAND NEW Minecraft Service Provider | Hiring Freelancers

    We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our wide array of services tailored to meet our clients' creative needs. With a team of dedicated experts in fields ranging from web development to video production, graphic design, and even specialized writing services, we ensure top-tier quality...
  11. DillyDee

    MCCADE | Recruiting Professionals | Looking for Writers, Developers, Game-Designers & More!

    Greetings, BuiltByBit Community! At MCCADE, we are in search of exceptional individuals to join our dynamic team as we embark on an exhilarating mission to craft a bespoke network, brimming with distinctive mini-games and premium features. Our vision is to elevate the gaming experience...
  12. P

    Luckperms, TAB, Dynmap - Hiring - Paying! $$$

    I need the following done: Luckperms: Owner tag in BABY PINK. Moderator tag in baby BLUE. Members (default) tag in pastel YELLOW TAB Installed & Configured Dynmap Installed & Configured I will pay $10-$20 depending how quickly and nicely you can get this done. I use Apex Hosting so let me...
  13. Yuuki

    [LOOKING] // Looking for Trainees & Helpers!

    Looking for Staff // Join The Team! <3Greetings Axolotls! We are super excited to announce that we are looking for 6x Trainees and 4x Moderators to join the AxolotlSMP team. But before I get into the application process I would like to tell you more about our commitment and our standards...
  14. L

    OctagonMC.com NEEDS YOUR HELP!

    Discord.GG/OctagonMC | Play.OctagonMC.com 🥳Join now and be among the first to experience the magic of Octagon MC when we open our doors! 📝 At Octagon MC, our journey begins with you - the players. We're a server just starting out, but we're fueled by the feedback and passion of our community...
  15. yangog

    Parodox Studios: hiring staff for huge project

    server unnamed we will have all staff help choose the name if we decide you are a good fit for the server! we are hiring for all roles. This server will be one of the biggest setups since hypixel and mineplex. We are here to build a more positive and monitored community for YouTubers to record...
  16. FabledRealms

    FabledRealms Is Expanding Its Development Team

  17. Jos

    [REQUESTING] Game Designer & Creative Gamemode Lead

    🎨 Looking for a paid creative position? Are you a game-designer looking for a paid position to express your skills on? Have you had cool gamemode ideas you've wanted to bring to fruition and help design / create? We're looking for folks like you to join our team. Creative gamemode ideas...
  18. MathijsMC

    🎮[Play Games] [HIRING - PAID] 🎮In-need of Minecraft Management - All types; GM, SM, CM, EV, MM.🕹️

    Hello BBB Community, Looking to show off your skills and become a great asset to a phenomenal team, and also get paid? Then continue reading! Play Games Interactive is looking to hire many Managers to the team! Yes, its paid. The way you will get paid is via server owners. Our Management...
  19. H

    SkyGuard - We're looking for Staff

    Hello there, I am the owner of SkyGuard a brand new minecraft server currently in development, the server is a skyblock server with boss fights, dungeons, mining and more! We are looking to create a good staff team so if your interested make sure to apply! We are looking for: Moderators -...
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