1. Jos

    [REQUESTING] Game Designer & Creative Gamemode Lead

    🎨 Looking for a paid creative position? Are you a game-designer looking for a paid position to express your skills on? Have you had cool gamemode ideas you've wanted to bring to fruition and help design / create? We're looking for folks like you to join our team. Creative gamemode ideas...
  2. MathijsMC

    🎮[Play Games] [HIRING - PAID] 🎮In-need of Minecraft Management - All types; GM, SM, CM, EV, MM.🕹️

    Hello BBB Community, Looking to show off your skills and become a great asset to a phenomenal team, and also get paid? Then continue reading! Play Games Interactive is looking to hire many Managers to the team! Yes, its paid. The way you will get paid is via server owners. Our Management...
  3. H

    SkyGuard - We're looking for Staff

    Hello there, I am the owner of SkyGuard a brand new minecraft server currently in development, the server is a skyblock server with boss fights, dungeons, mining and more! We are looking to create a good staff team so if your interested make sure to apply! We are looking for: Moderators -...
  4. HeartBrke

    [Open] PAID | Staff Manager & Backend Manager

    Currently looking for 2x positions to be filled on a new network in development. We will be creating a Competitive skyblock server, casual prisons, and casual survival/smp Staff Manager Ensures staff team is designed correctly, responsible for everything staff related, hiring process...
  5. Promotionify

    [PAID]🌟Join Promotionify - Build Your Career with Us!🌟

    Greetings to all job seekers! We at Promotionify, a marketing agency specializing in Minecraft-related content, are thrilled to announce that we seek talented individuals to join our team. We have exciting vacancies open in the following areas: Team Leads: We require experienced managers to...
  6. CyberWeb Digital

    LuxeID Studios - Quality Discord Bots [NOW HIRING TOO]

  7. CyberWeb Digital

    LuxeID Studios - Quality Server Setups [NOW HIRING TOO]

  8. CyberWeb Digital

    LuxeID Studios is Open! Looking for Developers & Customers

  9. CyberWeb Digital

    LuxeID Minecraft Development Hiring.

    Hey! I am the proud Owner of LuxeID Minecraft Development. I have had a few Development Companies in the past and I now am able to focus more on a Development Company. I am looking for Plugin Developers, Server Setup creators and any other Minecraft Developers. The work will be FREELANCE and...
  10. itsjack

    [OPEN] PAID • Operations Manager(s) for MC Connect

    Hey Everyone! I am hiring two Operations Managers for my Minecraft Discord Community called MC Connect. We are currently undergoing a huge revamp and instant help is required. I need an individual who is extremely active, has prior experience in similar ventures, knows the Minecraft industry...
  11. 1tzEmerald 7

    Xiled Kingdom Network | Lifesteal SMP + Prisons | Hiring Staff

    XILED KINGDOM NETWORK ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Our Mission Statement Xiled Kingdom is a Gaming Community designed to offer players and fans of Minecraft an environment to meet friends, discuss gaming, and have fun. All while offering a safe gaming environment for players to...
  12. M

    Hiring Dev(s)

    Dev Hire Announcement: Join Our Minecraft Plugin Development Team! Attention Minecraft Developers! Picky Tweaks, a leading team in Minecraft Java Edition plugin development, is seeking a skilled developer to join our ranks. We're not just looking for someone to recode our flagship plugin...
  13. severant

    HIRING FREELANCERS SpaceMC Studios v1.0

    ⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃⎯⁃ ➤ A little about us! SpaceMC is a minecraft service which mainly rely on developments and builds, it was founded in June 2021 with a goal to become a safe area for purchasing projects...
  14. N

    [Recruiting] Twister SMP Moderators

    Hello! We are a brand new, natural disaster-based SMP server looking for voluntary Moderators before our release. We are looking for passionate and professional individuals to help the server and provide the best experience for its players! Requirements: - At least 14 years of age or older -...
  15. AtomixCM

    PAID POSITION | Requesting Experienced Manager ⚛️ Atomix Network ⚛️

    To the high energy, awesome candidate reading this... The Atomix Network is set to release on June 24th, 2023 after several years of heavy development. We're a Prison server that also places an emphasis on PvP and PvE. Website: https://www.atomixnetwork.net Discord...
  16. HitherNote

    Staff needed for our up and coming Lifesteal server | MoodyMC {Not a paid position}

    We are in need of Moderators, Sr Moderators, Admins, Sr Admins, and Management staff members for our up and coming Lifesteal Server MoodyMC. If you are Interested join the Discord and create a staff application ticket
  17. W

    GetPokeCraft / Minecraft DayZ Survival Server / Loads to do but I need help

    Staff I am looking for: Admin Developer Moderator Helper All roles are paid but you gotta put in the work I need to see results your working on this.
  18. InfoBlock

    🐉 ExodusMC 🐉 SkyBlock - Prison & Lifesteal soon 🐉 Hiring multiple positions!

    ExodusMC - Network (Skyblock - Prison & Lifesteal soon) IP ➝ ExodusMC.org ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ExodusMC has been around for over a year now and we have 10 Skyblock maps, a couple SkyPvP maps and working on releasing Prison, and...
  19. S

    Hiring Senior Dev $30/hr - OPBlocks

    Full time position, 40-60 hours per week, big cash bonuses every month for hitting hourly goals. Starts at $30/hour. No part-time positions available. Time tracking software + full NDA contract required. Looking to add another senior level developer to our Minecraft networks! We own/operate...