1. JWilliamsonInc

    [Paid] Looking for Long Term Skilled Managers to Grow a Network to 500+ players

    Looking for a skilled Long term manager who can help get my 8 gamemode network with 500+ custom models (cosmetics, guns, vechiles) & and crossplay. It has been no easy task for me so far but I have a lot accomplished. Looking for someone with skills who wants to help this network grow to 500...
  2. K

    Hiring Staff for Minecraft Network

    Hello everyone, We are a new Minigame network with a great engagement to create something new what has never been anywhere else before. So far we have one decent developer who started coding the server code base and we need more people to help us! 🙂 Currently we are in need of Builders...
  3. WorldLyf

    Looking for head developer [100-200$/month]

    Hey! I'm looking for a head developer for my unique skyblock server. You would be in charge of: Overseeing development projects Creating Custom plugins Configuring complex plugins Assigning Tasks to other devs/configurators Reviewing code and helping other developers Working on the back end If...
  4. jdmallow

    Need Partner Part/Full-Time [Serious]

    Hi, I own Mallow Solutions LLC, a marketing agency that does it all and we're looking to hire a partner/manager part/full-time. Current links: and (all of our links including LinkedIn are at the bottom of my website. I have a lot of...
  5. T

    Looking for youtuber/personal dev/ manager

    looking for managers/personal dev and streamers for my skyblock server releasing soon! if interested dm me on discord @! Hunter#2171
  6. CdawgHD

    SkyMines Staff Recruitment (ALL POSITIONS NEEDED) APPLY NOW!

    ALL POSITIONS FILLED. Requesting Closure.
  7. Hijack675

    Hijack's Management Service! Document Creation| Staff Management | And more! 3+ YEARS EXP

    About Me I am experienced, hardworking, active, and professional. I have a lot of experience which can be found here: What Do I Offer? I offer any and all document creation, discord creation...
  8. 8fw1

    8fw's Management Service

    Hello! My name is 8fw, I am looking to start up a publicly available management service. I have been hired by quite a few networks in the past, but never offered my services publicly. If you're interested in hiring a cheap manager make sure to dm me! Ill be posting a few of my past experiences...
  9. Princess_Emma

    Emma's Professional Staff Management Services

    Hello, I am Emma and i would like to first of all say, thank you for your time reading this and my resume, also for possibly reaching out to me. Secondly, I would love to manage your server, and take care of your staff. Thank you for taking me into consideration. A quick summary of myself is...
  10. Red Machete

    Need a co-owner! Need Management for MC server!

    Hello Readers, I am in need a of another owner, as well as the following roles! This is for an SMP spigot server with datapacks as to increase vanilla gameplay! Server Manager [ Backend Manager ] Community/Media Manager - Creative Director NOTES: Please have some to considerable experience...
  11. WorldLyf

    Verona [] Recruiting all staff positions!

    Verona Recruiting many staff positions! Builder 4x You would be in charge if creating some of the main landmarks of the server (city's, towns, castles, bridges, etc) Lore 1x You would be in charge of the game design. Writing game backgrounds, player backgrounds GFX artist 1x You would be in...
  12. SmokNovo

    Manager (2 years of java, Cheap, Reliable)

    Hey, my name is joey i am a Manager for servers/personal manager as well. I have 2 years of java under my belt. I can make pl,manage staff team, and even get people to invest in your server. discord: SmokNovo#2575 (we can discuss more on there) Prices: Server Management: $10 per week ($10...
  13. SmokNovo

    Manager/Platform Administrator

    Hey, My name is joey (ign cheifer) I am offering my skills for your server. I can be a manager or a platform admin. I could manage the staff team and work on bugs,plugins,builds etc. I am not new to this at all I've been doing this for awhile for my brothers servers in the past. Thank you...
  14. Indeediouss

    Golden’s Management Services!

    Info: Hello there! I’m Eric, a highly experienced Manager in multiple areas. Below are my skills and Discord! If you would like to see my past work, please DM on Discord to see my CV/Resume. Skills: - Human Recources - Community Management - Media Management - Marketing Management About...
  15. abdrahaman

    Core Gaming Looking for staff

    Hello, My nickname is Abode, I am the H-Manager of Core Gaming Discord Server. Currently, we are looking for staff for the new launch, Core Gaming 2.0, we are doing major updates on the server. First of All, what are we looking for : - Manager - Support / Moder - Developer - Designer -...
  16. Kablaa


    Random's Management Services Hello everyone! My name is Random (or Kablaa), and I'd like to offer services as a Community and/or Server Manager and my Configuration Services. I am able to work on almost any server type, as I have held positions on servers ranging from your typical SkyBlock to...