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manager for server

  1. ItsRedLion

    [⭐] Looking for Manager (KitPvP Server)

    Introduction Hey! My name is Jordan. I own a new server and I am looking for a Manager to assist me on owning (yes, I purchased the assets off of someone). I have ran little to no Minecraft servers before but I have in person experience with customer support, retail, and other sorts of...
  2. Rechargings

    Rechargings | FREE Management Services for ALL GAMEMODES + Discord servers!

    Resume: Discord: Rechargings#8546
  3. LiamMck1

    Volunteering Managers |

    Before you read everything below. Please note If you have nothing good to say about this post, Please don't say anything at all. Thank you! Hello, My name Is Liam and I am looking for some Managers that are willing to help me grow my Survival Server. Currently, we have the following: - A Hub...
  4. LunalaMC

    LunalaMC | ISO Marketing Manager

    My name is Matt, Im the founder of LunalaMC. I am looking for someone with a good resume and portfolio and has a lot of experience in minecraft server management. I need someone who can get players to join our discord, our server when we release as well as make content to bring new players in...
  5. Depthenings

    Management Position.

    Hello. My name is Vape. And i am offering a management position for any server owners that are in need of a well-matured manager. And can find and recruit well experienced staff members! I get most of my experience from small decent sized kitpvp/hcf servers with atleast 50-80 players. So I know...
  6. Exotic_Wastaken

    PIRATEPVP looking for a new Manager

    Im looking for a Manager for my server I would like a experienced one Minecraft 1.8.8-1.8.9 Bedwars and Practice //Regards PIRATEPVP Exotic Exotic#0071
  7. QueenRose_

    Community Manager, Staff Manager, Content Designer

    > no longer offering.
  8. lilbopbops

    Manager Services

    I have been hired! Ignore this post
  9. ComboingYou

    Combos Manager Service FREE

    Hey! , I'm looking to build my resume and portfolio in order to start being a reputable manager for servers. I want to build my experience and give you the knowledge and experience I already have. I have been staff and even managers on a multitude of servers, I just want to start getting...
  10. LemonNinja

    Management services || Cheap || Reliable || Understanding ||Experienced || Available!!

    Contact me if you have any questions or to view my resume! Comments would be much appreciated!
  11. jef112

    Operator/Staff Manager

    Hello Everyone, My name is jef112, I'm offering my services as an Operator/staff manager to you guys. Now you must be wondering what does this guy offer, and for what price? Well, price wise I'm FREE!! Yes I know that is weird for a position like that, the reason I am free is that I believe...
  12. James Deloitte

    Server Manager - NationMC (A Towny/Conquer Server)

    Hello, I am James Deloitte Founder/Owner of NationMC We are in development and are looking for a server manager who would set up most of the server going forward and configure plugins and such. I am not looking to pay but once server is up we can work out a payment. (More like a partnership) If...
  13. Maxbp

    Advertising Manager

  14. Bennys

    HunterMC Manager

    Title says it all , looking for a really dedicated manager that has a vision of success and wants the server to do well, must be knowledgeable of server managing and has time on their hands. About us: HunterMC is a new and upcoming skyblock server, you may think its just like the rest, but over...

    Hiring manager (paid role)

    My network Are hiring a Manager to Oversee Youtuber contracts, Forums, Advertisements, Server Events and Discord Announcements and posts You need to Be Knowledged on this role and Know what you are doing and know how to use time Wisely Also if you have good contacts that would help...
  16. M

    MapCenter Plugin - Pterodactyl Addon v0.9.1.2

    THIS ADDON FOR THE PTERODACTYL! Please install "python" on your system. (because i write the zip file lister prog. in python language (it's need map adding)) I update every week this plugin. Map modify, ServerType management is next version (v0.9.4) If you have any problem of the install...
  17. Hylix


    Please Delete
  18. RonanAshMancer

    Server Manager / Developer / FREE

    Hello, My name is Joshua. However, I prefer people calling me Ronan, my ign is RonanAshMancer. So let me get into the chase. I am willing to use my time to help potential servers become more successful. I will be helping a single server or many depending on the work load, if someone arises...
  19. David_

    Server Setups/Network Setups/BungeeCord Setups/Manager services

  20. Zvoo


    Hello, I'm currently looking for a manager for my server (SkyLands Network) Previously known as Zonemc. Last launch we got over 150 people and we're currently looking for a manager who can find a staff team, setup discords, manage forums, find youtubers and is very professional. Pay will be...
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