1. C

    Kitchen Minigame Setup v1.0

    Setup Features: Scoreboard and leaderboard Economy Support Custom menu Custom models Free cosmetics Minigame map Fully customizable Trailer: Images: Phone Menu: Cosmetics (icon - currently equipped hat): Other hat: Scoreboard & Leaderboard: Gameplay: Lobby options screen...
  2. PG21

    TNT Run | Event Map, Lobby | 300x300 v1.0

    🌟PG21's TNT Run | Event Map, Lobby 160x160🌟 Version -1.17+ -1.20+ Details 300x300 Spectator Area Spawn point Download .Schem MC: PG21 Any questions about the build? feel free to DM me on DISCORD: 04orange 🌟TIP: Before loading the schematic do /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0
  3. PG21

    Arcade Spawn | 200x200 v1.0

    🌟PG21's Tropical Arcade Map 200x200🌟 Version -1.17+ -1.20+ Details 200x200 3 Stage Parkour with checkpoints 5x Minigame Npcs Download .Schem MC: PG21 Any questions about the build? feel free to DM me on DISCORD: 04orange 🌟TIP: Before loading the schematic do /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0
  4. Sradee

    Minigame Island Map v1.0

    Minigame Island Map Animated Cartoon Water Lowpoly Village House Wheel Day&Night System -Background Music
  5. john.slovakia

    SkyWars Minigame Plugin v1.0.1

    Main features: Daily and Weekly Quests Game Kits (buy per game) Game Perks Game Cosmetics Multi-language support 99% of messages can be customized Vault support (not needed though) Spectator Mode Map Vote System Setup Mode Stats and Top Life-Time statistics Hologram Reward System Mutli-Arena...
  6. john.slovakia

    MiniUHC Minigame Plugin v1.0.1

    Supported versions: 1.8.9, 1.20.4 Did you find a bug or need help? Contact me on Instagram or Discord: john.slovakia My other plugins: Crystals minigame plugin: MiniAnni-Run minigame plugin...
  7. Pedro Villarruel

    Destroy The Core v1.4

    Discord | Support COMMANDS: /dtc - view all commands /dtc create [name] - creates a dtc (requires item wand) /dtc start [name] - start a dtc /dtc stop [name - stop a dtc /dtc list - list all dtcs /dtc wand - get the dtc wand /dtc reload - reload the plugin REVIEW: Create endless rewards, with...
  8. antoniova

    Small Lobby for Minigames | 223x223 v1.0

    Features: ● 6 NPCs Zones (you can add many more ) ● Special for mini-game lobbies or whatever you like Information: ● 2 files, a schematic and a world ● The construction has 1.8 blocks ● Map tested in minecraft 1.8 and 1.20.4 ● Size 223x223 Screenshots: By purchasing, you agree to the...
  9. B

    SG Reborn v1.7

    SG: Reborn is a plugin that challenges each player to survive as long as he can and be the last man standing! Survival Games is a predecessor of the famous Battle Royale genre! This gamemode includes looting chests and gaining advantages on others! You can also find a teammate to have an easier...
  10. john.slovakia

    Crystals Minigame Plugin v1.0

    Crystals is a minecraft minigame that has become very popular on one of the biggest CZSK server. The game features four teams, each with one crystal that allows players to respawn. The objective is to defend your own crystal, destroy the enemies' crystals, and then eliminate all remaining...
  11. Fjnxcl

    Rising Lava Simulator v1.0

    INFORMATION Rising Lava is a simple but high quality low polly style Simulator featuring 3 pre made games to play. This game comes with everything you need to start your own simulator, including a thumbnail and icons. FEATURES Scripted High Quality Map 3 pre-made games Player Leaderboard Low...
  12. Boroks Devs

    CastleWars Minigame plugin v1.0.3

    CastleWars is a medieval capture the flag game, where there are two teams battling with each other! The plugin is open source, tell us your thoughts. We made the plugin very customizable and affordable for you and your minecraft server. If you have any questions, contact us on our discord...
  13. D4RKK

    aSkyWars v1.8

    ㅤ • GameModes: Normal and Insane • GameTypes: Solo and Team • Events: Refill and EnderDragon • Customizable chests • PlayerData: MySQL • Arena System: MultiWorld (1 arena per world) • Compatibility with: PlaceholderAPI • SoulWell System. • Cosmetics: Cages, Kits, Projectile trails, Death...
  14. timsixth

    T-MiniGameAPI - feedback

    Hey, I created the library to make creating minigames simpler. I want to get feedback about my library. I would like to get to know your opinion about the systems and add-on concepts. Is the system implementation good or not? What can I improve in these systems? Finally, I have a question for...
  15. PanttherBuilds

    1$ Build Store | The only shop with builds for $1

    Hello, my name is Mitel, and I am honored to present you the $1 project This store was founded in everyone's pocket, we have builds for almost all categories at only $1 If you are also interested, just access the discord link, and buy a build for only $1 Thank...
  16. Krimaa

    Hot Potato v1.0

    Welcome to HotPotato This is a colorful, and very diverse hot potato minigame map, with several ways to escape, and a lot of parkour mixed in, this is the perfect map for those who love great spots to escape. Instructions for Use: If you purchase this product, you will receive a schematic. To...
  17. Krimaa

    Colorful Parkour v1.0

    Welcome to Colorful Parkour This cylindrical-shaped parkour provides a unique and vibrant experience, with a mix of colors and excellent paths that make the parkour experience fun and fluid. Instructions for Use: If you purchase this product, you will receive a schematic. To add the schematic...
  18. MCCharity

    Jungle Ruins KOTH v1.0

    Jungle Ruins KOTH Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at! Notes: Version: 1.20+ Approximate Size: 100x100 File Type: .schematic
  19. SuspectAlien

    Mirage Dungeon - Server Map v0.1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: 3D model viewing here: Click More screenshots here: Imgur Album THE DUNGEON HAS: 1x Boss Room 6x Rooms 1x Trader Room 1x Spawn point Treasures on this map! You need more Dungeons? Click FILE FORMATS: .schematic IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule...
  20. Vextrosity

    15 Duel PvP Arenas | Pack v1.0

    Includes • Aquatic Theme • Arcade Theme • Desert Theme • Farmland Theme • Forest Theme •Graveyard Theme • Lost Ruins Theme • Magic Theme • Mesa Theme • Mine Theme • Moai Theme • Mushroom Theme • Mythic Theme • Snow Theme • Tropical Ruins Theme Supported Versions • 1.19 & Higher ZIP Contents •...