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  1. ArnorF

    Pearl Theme | Stand Alone Website 1.0

    Standalone modern responsive website This resource is a standalone website coded with Next.js and Tailwindcss, It's responsive and lightning-quick, and is perfect for any new or already established servers. This is our first product in our Pearl Theme lineup and will in the end also include an...
  2. Mcthemes

    Vita | Modern BuyCraft/Tebex Theme 1.0.0

    Please contact us after purchase.

    ShopGuiPlus 45 Menus | Unique Design 1.0.0

    ShopGUI+ Setup | Textures | 45 Menus | Unique Design Allow your players to have an amazing shopping experience with these modern menus. What is included? 45 ShopGUI+ Menus 8 shop Categories 3 Menu Textures 25 Total Textures Full Resource Pack with all prepared Icons & Menus Full shop setup with...

    Jobs GUIs V2 | 7 Job Types | DeluxeMenus v2

    JOBS GUIs V2 | 7 JOB TYPES | CLEAN DESIGN | DELUXEMENUS SETUP INCLUDED Let your choose from a wide variety of jobs. What is included? 7 Job menus DeluxMenus Setup 8 Total Textures Full resource Pack with all prepared Icons & Menus How to install? #1 Install plugins: DeluxeMenus #2 Restart...

    RTP GUI v2 | Clean Design | DeluxeMenus 1.0.0

    RTP GUI V2 | WORLD UNLOCKING | CLEAN DESIGN | DeluxeMenu | SETUP INCLUDED Allow your players to randomly teleport over multiple dimensions. What is included? Unlockable Worlds DeluxeMenus Setup 7 Total Textures Full resource pack with all prepared Icons & Menus How to install? #1 Install...
  6. ThaMango

    The Lab Hub 1.0.0

  7. MelonServices

    Small Modern and Tropical Auth Spawn/Hub 1.0

    Small Tropical Modern Spawn/Hub Dimension: ≈150x150 Supports servers using 1.8 and above Map ideal for small servers or hubs used for verification/authentication purposes A 3D Model of the map can be found here: In case...
  8. ThaMango

    Sci-Fi Crate Key Icons 1.0.0

    5 Sci-Fi Crate Key icons to use in your server's store! The download includes a non-watermark copy of the icons.
  9. SAWO

    Non-Exclusive Build - Modern Lobby for 3$

    Cozy and small lobby in a modern style. without interior in houses; 1 spawn point; place for 10 NPC's (can be managed by you); two boards (can be managed by you); two portals.
  10. Yonut

    Sellix, Shoppy, Sell app - Website 1.0.2

    Easy to setup Fast support Optimized Modern design Responsive Fully configurable Live chat 👀 LIVE Product images & Hero illustration from images / live are not included. The package besides the website contains also an installation and troubleshooting guide.
  11. thomaskeig

    [$16.99] FFA SETUP 🪓 Quests 🪓 Custom Arena 🪓 Modern Versions 🪓 Duels 🪓 Crates 🪓 No Premium Plugins 🪓 Custom Menus 🪓

    CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE RESOURCE PAGE & BUY This FFA Setup is the best one out there with ZERO premium plugins so you won't have to buy any extra plugins. The native server version is 1.19.3 Please check the README.txt after purchasing so you can install the required dependencies. You can...
  12. Epic Central

    EpicBuild // Fantasy Hub 1.0.0

    Benefits Download the FastAsyncWorldEdit plugin and install it, Put the downloaded .schematic into the FAWE schematics folder and type /we reload, Type /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0, then load the schematic and type //paste -a. Done! Showcase
  13. VexJS

    Lobby Setup | Level up your network 2.0

    Thunder Lobby - Revamped Are you looking for a good Lobby Setup on the market? You are in the right spot. Thunder Lobby levels up your network with a new design and custom, unique features. 1. Crash protection - Protect your server from exploits 2. Sleek design - Custom TAB, HOLOGRAMS...
  14. Epic Central

    EpicChatPRO // Configuration 1.0.5

    THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN, IT’S CONFIGURATION FOR A PLUGIN EPICCHATPRO What's included? Two custom resource packs, one built on faithful (HD 32x32) and second one default, both wih 15+ custom icons. Three types of rank icons, you can choose which you want. EpicChatPRO configuration file integrated...
  15. Folium Construct

    600x600 - Futuristic Cyberpunk Spawn v1

    CYBERPUNK SPAWN AND WARZONE - 600x600 Modernistic 200x200 spawn with a variety of detailed terrain and flora within the warzone Information: Futuristic cyberpunk spawn with extremely detailed structures as the centrepiece of a 600x600 warzone with alien terrain and lush vegetation. Can be...
  16. BreadBuilds

    Hub - Modern Age - 860x860 0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ The coolest modern city ∎ Size: 860x860 ∎ Interiors: Yes (1. floor only) ∎ Versions: 1.16 - 1.19+ ∎ 38 NPCs (editable) ∎ Nether portal can be created behind you under the arc ∎ Area for store ∎ Beautiful first floor interiors ∎ Spawnpoint ∎ Huge buildings ∎ Many streets ∎...
  17. BreadBuilds

    ⭐ [Hub] - Ultra Sci-fi - 420x420

    [Hub] - Ultra Sci-fi - 420x420 Size: 420x420 Ultra detailed Sci-fi lobby [BUY HERE - CLICK] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © BreadBuilds
  18. BreadBuilds

    ⭐ [Lobby] - Pixelmon Spawn - 500x500

    [Lobby] - Pixelmon Spawn - 500x500 Size: 500x500 A lobby where pokemons come to reality [BUY HERE - CLICK] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: ©...
  19. BreadBuilds

    ⭐ [Lobby] - Huge Modern City - 450x450

    [Lobby] - Huge Modern City - 450x450 Size: 450x450 Welcome to huge modern city, surrounded by water where is electricity provided by wind turbines [BUY HERE - CLICK] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter...
  20. thomaskeig

    FFA - Premium Server Setup 1.3.0

    Need premium server hosting for a budget price? Check out FabitHost This FFA Setup is the best one out there with ZERO premium plugins so you won't have to buy any extra plugins. The native server version is 1.19.3 Please check the README.txt after purchasing so you can install the required...
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