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new server

  1. DisQuest

    Disquest Minecraft Server

    A BRAND NEW VIRTUAL DISNEY EXPERIENCE COMING EARLY SPRING 2023 This project is going to attempt to create a Disney theme park experience that has not been done (successfully) before. What is going to be our twist? We want to create a recreation of the Disney Parks and incorporate fun storylines...
  2. M

    Looking to create a server

    Hello! My name is Mazeology and I am looking to start up a brand new server with a bunch of custom unique gamemodes, however I am looking for a few people to help me with getting everything up and running for the server. Currently, I am looking for about 5-10 people to help me with...
  3. DeOpping

    [Passion Project] Looking For Builders

    Hello, in this post, I'm looking for builders. I am not looking for some random build team, I'm not looking for a builder that's offering their service. I am not looking for someone who is just in it for the money! This is a new server idea, a concept, so I do not have a lot of money to put into...
  4. Doffu


  5. AsterPvP

    AsterPvP | Beta Testers | New Server | Factions Custom Enchants |

    Hello, looking for players and beta testers for my server, so I can fix things before it launches. You will gain a one-time #Beta tag as bragging rights. Which other players won't be able to obtain once the beta ends. You will also have the Beta role in our discord server if you have the #Beta...
  6. N

    Looking for investor/s

    Hello, I am currently looking for people to invest in an upcoming network, being developed by the Developers. We are after people who are able to invest $400USD-$1500USD monthly, in return for a percentage of profits. Other conditions can be discussed. If you are interested in...
  7. Bleyou

    PvPSchool Practice Server!

    PvP School Network Release: Saturday January 22nd 1PM EST General: PvP School Network is an upcoming PVP practice server. You will be able to test your abilities with 10+ different gamemodes including a whole new gamemode showcased only on PvPSchool called SkyRangers. There will be payouts...
  8. DCTRz

    🕹️ArcadeHub Recruiting Admins🕹️

    ArcadeHub Admin Recruitment Hello! My name is AhhElliot and I represent ArcadeHub. We are currently looking for new Admins to help us establish our staff team. We have a list of requirements that all applicants must meet in order to be considered an Admin candidate: Age - must be at least 15...
  9. Andrew D

    LF a Developer for a NEW SMP for a streamers community

    Hello, I am a fairly new streamer (2 weeks) and rapidly growing reaching at least 200 views each Twitch stream, I currently own a semi vanilla SMP with an average 12 players (without even advertising the server outside of Twitch). I’ve recently purchased a pre-made SMP that I seem to really...
  10. I

    A Minecraft Oppertunity - Server Development and Ownership

    Hey Everyone, my name is Iodine. I have an idea i would like to reach out with all my aussie fellows. What if, a group of us created, owned, developed, released and ran a Minecraft server. A minecraft server we could say we are PROUD to own. I think it would be a task that would give us...
  11. D

    Hiring all positions | New server!

    Hi, I am DoctorMcwho or Doc for short! I am running a server with my friend Coulson, and we are trying to create something different and unique with our server! We are trying to push a new idea for SMP's. A server where youtubers, big or small, can come in and hang out on our private server or...
  12. Ajeas

    ArcadeHub Recruiting Admins

    Hey there! I’m Ajeas and I am an Owner and the Staff Coordinator at Arcadehub. We are planning to open a custom minigames server and we are looking for staff. Our server is being fully built from the ground up meaning that we do not have a Community Discord yet., this will be made but for now...
  13. AwimbaWeh

    TwisterMC | Java & Bedrock Minecraft Server needs staff

    Hello.My name Is Krists and I'm owner of TwisterMC.I have been trying to start a Minecraft Server and now My Server is here!.But I dont have any much staff so we need ur help! We have been trying to get staff and we need these positions: Staff positions: Manager: Open Head Developer...
  14. AwimbaWeh

    SolanCrafting is seeking for staff!Our gamemodes: Smp,KitPvP,SkyBlock and more!

    Hello Player! We are SolanCrafting , a newly fantasy project. We are seeking staff join our team! Our server is very big thing becuse were not just only minecraft server becuse we will be hosting events and so much more! Our values as a server. We value community, Player fun with many many...
  15. Syrm

    ⛅️ CubedMC - Looking for Helpers, Moderators and possibly Managers

    Hello MC-Market viewers! INTRODUCTION My name is Syrm, and I am one of the Founders of an upcoming multi game mode network called CubedMC which will be starting off with a Survival server targeting the 1.16.5 Minecraft version, and will be allowing higher versions to join. We're currently...
  16. M

    [SkyBlock] MinotaurMC looking for ALL staff NO experience needed (moderation/ beta testers/ players)

    About: The server is a new release, and we are looking for people to fill positions within the server to make sure it becomes enjoyable for everyone. Currently, we have a functional SkyBlock gamemode in version 1.16.5; however, if that goes well will plan to release future games modes as well...
  17. AwimbaWeh

    GothamMC Needs all kinda staff.

    Helo!im co owner of GothamMC.We need all staff List: General Manager Staff Manager Developers Builders Admins Mods Helpers If u wanna apply join discord server and dm owner!
  18. Z

    Looking for Staff

    Hey there everyone! My name is Blaze and I'm the Owner of a server that's about to be started and we are looking to hire some amazing new staff! The Server The server has been named as Dragon Realms and we have an amazing sponsor who is funding us a server to create it! The aim for Dragon...
  19. 1tzEmerald 7

    Staff | Xiled Kingdom !!

    INTRODUCTION TO XILED KINGDOM Hello! Xiled Kingdom was designed to offer players and fans of Minecraft an environment to meet friends, discuss gaming, and have fun. All while offering a safe gaming environment for players to ask questions, receive feedback, and improve their skills. Xiled...
  20. Larvvy


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