1. Goldeneas

    Cosmic Mining | Cosmic Prisons Inspired v1.1.4

    INFO CosmicMining is a minecraft plugin that aims to replicate CosmicPrisons' features, such as its unique mining, enchant, item and cell system. It aims to do so by implementing them using modern techniques, reducing lag and providing a better experience overall. The systems currently...
  2. R

    Copper Armors and Tools v1.0

    Includes: Helmet Icon Chestplate Icon Leggings Icon Boots Icon Sword Icon Pickaxe Icon Axe Icon Shovel Icon Hoe Icon Armor layer 1 Texture Armor layer 2 Texutre
  3. Belka_

    Mine furniture pack v1.0

    Mine furniture pack This collection contains - 30 mine furnitures models ! (ores, pickaxe, cart, structure, box, barrels...) Included Oraxen configuration (drag and drop) ItemAdder configuration (drag and drop)
  4. bambusovite

    minecraft model of basic pickaxe v1.0

    This is nice basic PICKAXE model :) (with texture, of course) THANKS FOR BUYING!
  5. RubberYet

    Festive Tools & Weapons Set v1.0

    🎁 TIS THE SEASON! We present you our gorgeous Christmas themed tools & weapons pack for your server! 🎁 SET INCLUDES Sword Pickaxe Axe Shovel Hoe 🎁 FILE CONTENT Festive-Tools-Weapons.zip 🎁 TERMS & CONDITIONS No refunds will be provided under any circumstance You cannot resell/redistribute...
  6. G

    demon corrupted pack v1.0

    This pack has been created for those who want to give their server a unique experience when showing off their events, I hope you like it! - Sword: Sword used by the corrupt demons of hell - Pickaxe: Pickaxe used by corrupt humans in hell
  7. Diekieboy

    Mincustom Pickaxe Texture pack v1.0

  8. N

    Armor and Weapons - Mark v1.0

    Stunning armor set of Mark ready to suit you Included: • Mark Helmet • Mark Chestplate • Mark Leggings • Mark Boots • Mark Sword • Mark Pickaxe • Mark Shovel • Mark Axe • Mark Hoe DOWNLOAD you'll receive a .zip with:
  9. Tap_Slap

    Copper Tools v1.0

    Embrace the spirit of craftsmanship and style as you embark on your next Minecraft adventure with the 'Copper Tools' Textures. - 5 Tools Textures - Copper Sword - Copper Axe - Copper Pickaxe - Copper Shovel - Copper Hoe
  10. LynxX

    BuyCraft | Tebex Pickaxe Icon V2 v1.0

    BuyCraft | Tebex Icons
  11. LynxX

    BuyCraft | Tebex Pickaxe Icon v1.0

    BuyCraft | Tebex Icons
  12. sheduxdev

    pStone - A functionalized form of stone v0.0.1

  13. BreadBuilds

    Guardian Set v1.0

    Product information: Stunning armor set of Guardian ready to suit you Guardian Helmet Guardian Chestplate Guardian Leggings Guardian Boots Guardian Sword Guardian Pickaxe Guardian Shovel Guardian Hoe Guardian Axe Guardian Bow Download: Configurations: • ItemsAdder • Oraxen Also included...
  14. PixelMine

    Premium Tool Icons v1.0

    34 high quality tool icons for any Minecraft server, use them all or just a selection.
  15. RivalDevelopment

    Rival Pickaxes v1.0

    Test Server IP: test.rivaldev.xyz
  16. BreadBuilds

    Nether Piglin Set v1.0

    Product information: Stunning armor set of Nether Piglin ready to suit you Nether Piglin Helmet Nether Piglin Chestplate Nether Piglin Leggings Nether Piglin Boots Nether Piglin Sword Nether Piglin Pickaxe Nether Piglin Shovel Nether Piglin Hoe Nether Piglin Axe Nether Piglin Bow Download...
  17. Minelc Builds

    Pickaxes Ores Buycraft | MINELCBUILDS v1.0

    DESIGN INFORMATION Image Size ➔2000x2000 FIle Format ➔ .zip with 4 png files inside
  18. NitroSetups

    ToolSkins Configuration v1.3.1

    Are you looking for something new and unique? ToolSkins is a unique NitroSetups configuration. Players can change the skin of their current Diamond or Netherite tool by clicking in a menu. This creates a fun element to the game as players can collect different skins and you as an owner can sell...
  19. LunarStudios

    LunarStudios | Pickaxe Pack v1.0

    Pickaxe Pack Content: Prismarine Pickaxe Phoenix Pickaxe Bone Pickaxe Included Configurations: No Plugins (Vanilla Resourcepack) ItemsAdder Configuration Oraxen Configuration Also In the Pack: ReadME on how to install using vanilla or IA methods DISCLAIMER: ItemsAdder & Oraxen is in no way...
  20. jBlade_

    OceanusMC OP Prison (Established Server - NEW!) | Need Staff & Players!

    Introducing OceanusMC! Server IP: play.oceanusmc.com (Releasing soon!) Server Discord: Join Here! Staff Application link is posted in the Discord. For any further inquiries, please contact TigritoPlaysMC#1013 or joelnickel#1499. OceanusMC is an OP Prison server unlike any other server you've...
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