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  1. ArrowTan

    Resource Polls Feature

    Hey so have you ever had a resource and couldn't think of what features to add in for the resource's future updates yet? Well this feature would be good, if you ever wanted to make a poll and make your buyers choose it would really be helpful as you know what exactly your buyers like! Maybe...
  2. BlueishTrashCan

    Favorite building styles

    I heard somewhere that building style fads are a thing, so now I'm curious; what are YOUR favorite styles of building?
  3. sock

    Email Services

    Hey everyone, I've been considering setting up an inbox/mail service that would work just like every other one on the market. The draw... I'd make it 100% ad-free with the options of the single inbox being completely free to use and for paid plans for businesses, teams, organizations, etc. If...
  4. InternetThing

    What is the best to use? Badlion / Labymod / Optifine

    Please fill out the poll :)
  5. P

    RAF or Army?

    Hey there! I am reaching my final year in school and looking to go into the army or the RAF. Just want a little poll and your thoughts
  6. fawny

    Why is that your name?

    Okay so, a lot of people have really obscure or unique online/account names. What’s your story? Why did you choose that and how long have you used it? How did you come up with it? I choose fawny years ago back when I use to play MC and I wanted something ‘short’ so I would be cool. I love deer...
  7. Guardian Master

    What Do You Think We Should Add To Our Server In The Future?

    Hello there. i would like to have your input on what to add to our server in advance. we are currently planning skyblock & factions (possibly with it's op varients). We would like to receive original new ideas how what should we do. Please suggest features or games below that you'd like. if...
  8. Mat


    Hey guys, long time since I've posted, but here goes. Current discussion in management in a current project for a server name, this is a practice server that will add custom factions soon. now bear in mind these are the only two options, so if you could please don't just suggest other names etc...
  9. Jinxed

    The RPG & MMORPG Server, The Players and Your Opinion

    For the last moth or so i'm thinking and having some ideas over these kind of servers, RPG & MMORPG. Brief description: Maps, Skills, Quests, Races/Classes and sub classes, Abilities, Bosses, Quest Regions, Player Side Regions (claim/build), Players Party Style Groping, Changed RPG Items...
  10. Chad Cochran

    Multicraft VS Pterodactyl

    Small post but: Without including the cost of the panels, which do you prefer to see a hosting company use? Pterodactyl or Multicraft? For whichever one you choose, provide a reason why. :)
  11. ghost_s1

    Poll on being anonymous online

    Hello users of McM, im writing an Op-Ed for an English class, and I need to gather data for a primary source. With that being said, if you feel like it, feel free to complete the poll down below. Thanks for you time. Note: Please refrain from profanity, as this is for a school report...
  12. CWTcreeper

    Which gamemode do you like better? Factions vs. HCF!

    Which gamemode do you like better? Factions vs. HCF! Vote here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ChristoGR

    Which Minecraft version are you playing on/prefer?

    Hey guys, Vote on the poll on which Minecraft version you prefer better. Personally, I like 1.7 better, however, since it is hard to find good servers with that version, I voted for 1.8. A bit similar, but just a minor change in PvP and a lot more blocks. For 1.9.x+, I personally hate it. It...
  14. Jkaay

    Show the total amount of votes on a poll

    Currently if you start a poll and users begin to vote on it, the results only show who voted for what, but I think it'd be helpful to show the total amount of votes on a poll. Example below (inspect element-ed)
  15. Croc

    Which species is best reptile?

  16. JustRayz

    PollMC Feedback

    Please post feedback on Feel free to use it, try it, do what ever. It's not going anywhere so if you would like use it as a poll service for your server :) A plugin is coming soon.
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